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Project NEX
Mar 9, 2014 @ 1:40am
Oct 10, 2014 @ 12:04pm
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Project Nex needs your help!
Release date: Early 2015
Greetings fellow Arena FPS fans! Welcome to the Steam Greenlight page for Project Nex. The Arena FPS genre has been stagnant for some time, and we are just as excited to play a new Arena FPS game as you are. Please read the information below about our game and its features, but please keep in mind that the game is still in development and this information is subject to change as we build the game. Please visit our community at for the latest updates and we will do our best to keep this Greenlight page up to date as well.

Our goal with Project Nex is to put a new and refreshing spin on the Arena FPS genre. The game will stay true to the core Arena FPS features that all fans of the genre love: familiar weapons, action packed movement, and high speed combat. Project Nex provides high risk game-play where players can combine wall running and sliding to dodge the enemy while picking off opponents from a distance with accurate railgun shots, plasma rockets, or the lightning gun. We have also added several of our own features and weapons to enhance the experience. Project Nex takes place in a lore rich universe with unique playable alien characters, dynamic maps, and exciting weaponry.

Play against human-like bots in single player mode, or go online and challenge others in multiplayer. Multiplayer is a core feature of Project Nex and provides an environment for all gamers, no matter the experience level. The game will feature an ELO ranking system where newcomers and hardcore Arena FPS veterans can enjoy casual multiplayer and competitive matches respectively. Project Nex has game-modes such as Duel (1v1), Capture the Flag (4v4), Free For All and more. Challenging Steam Achievements will also be available for players to complete and collect.

The game will be free to play with all future updates free as well. We refuse to split our community with paid downloadable content. Instead, players have the option to pay for pre-order bundles that will include things like: exclusive character and weapon skins, special forum access, and exclusive icons - these items will be unobtainable any other way and exclusive to the players who purchase them before launch. Our bundles will vary in price and rewards so players have the flexibility to find the bundle that works best for them. The details of these bundles are still being worked out internally, so please stay tuned for updates.

The game will also include an online store that will contain optional cosmetic content such as weapon skins, voice packages, and new player models that players can pay for. All players will be awarded free in game currency, Dark Manna Points (DMP), by playing both casual or ranked multiplayer matches which they can spend on in-game content as well. We promise you we will avoid “pay to win” at all costs! We also plan to release all maps for free so players can experience the game in its entirety. We also plan to release all maps for free so players can experience the game in its entirety and we plan to support a Steam Workshop so players can also create for Project Nex.

Key Features:
• A handful of familiar weapons to unleash on your enemy including the railgun, the rocket launcher and the lightning gun.
• Intelligent and challenging bots you can fight against in offline mode.
• Multiple unique maps will be available at release (exact number to be announced later), as well as a later update that will include ready made tools for fan made mapping. All future map packs will be released for free as well.
• A fluid movement system that includes: wall sliding, dodge mechanics, wall jump, and will cling abilities.
• Earn unlockable multiplayer avatars.
• Steam Achievements.
• Steam Workshop Support.
• An ELO based ranking system.
• Windows / Mac / Linux cross-platform support.
• An online cosmetic store where players can buy unique in-game content.
• Built in the Unity 3D engine, allowing for easy access for modders to create new and exciting content for Project Nex.

About Us:
Dark Manna Digital is a small but talented group of passionate FPS gamers, AAA game developers and E-Sports enthusiasts. We want to breathe some new life into the Arena FPS genre, adding our own ideas into the genre that we grew up playing. We hope to appeal to the new generation of gamer and create a truly captivating experience for old and new Arena FPS gamers alike. As gamers ourselves, we know what a great Arena FPS game should be and we are confident Project Nex will be the game to take the genre to the next level.
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I REEEEALLY want to play this. I don't care, send me a code for it. It looks amazing. Have it unfinished and 20 FPS, I still want to play this game.
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no money my money were buy the gift for my girlfriend :steamsad:
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Here's what happend to Project NEX:

What happened to Project Nex, from a dev.
swat37 Oct 27, 2016 @ 12:29am 
I was really hoping that I would be able to play this. RIP
Hannah Bayker246 Sep 8, 2016 @ 7:17am 
FiB. Muleke_Trairao Aug 4, 2016 @ 8:33am 
Not even telling the community that you stopped working on the game is complete bullshit.
That's how you communicate with your fans... Well done.