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Star Wars Legion
Type: Game
Complexity: High Complexity
Number of Players: 2
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Jan 14 @ 3:41pm
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Star Wars Legion

The unofficial community mod for "Star Wars Legion". This mod is open source ( and completely run by unpaid volunteers!

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Decaf  [author] 3 minutes ago 
We unfortunately won't be following or updating point costs consistently, as we're not a regulation list builder and the work is better done by dedicated list builder apps like Tabletop Admiral or Legion HQ:
Godking333 15 hours ago 
thank for all your hard work. I wanted to let you know that unit card for republicans DC-15x Arc troopers, Critical 1 ability text: it shows a hit symbol and it should be a surge symbol. FYI the art work is also different compared to the actual card.
Longbombed 21 hours ago 
I went through the entire list changes from RRG 2.0
I'll post the few discrepancies here.

Galactic Empire:
Shoretroopers personnel is 13 should be 10

Rebel Alliance:
The Darksaber (Sabine Wren) is 25 should be 15
Bistan is 32 should be 28
MPL-57 Ion Trooper (Rebel Troopers) is 22 should be 18
Rebel Veteran personnel is 12 should be 9

So not many at all but these are just referencing the RRG changes, I haven't checked anything that isn't on that list. Thanks for the effort and appreciate the updates.