Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Lakeside Mini Modern House
Vehicles: Creative
Missions: Spawner
Environment Mods: Environment Mod
Tags: v1.1.14
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Jan 12 @ 1:18pm
Mar 24 @ 1:34am
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Lakeside Mini Modern House

A modern mini house located next to a nice river, a forest and a valley. The house contains a parking lot with 2 jeeps, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and other cool features.

Also the house was made for the Maverick Tiny House challenge.

For the career folks:

The house cannot be spawned unless you have 3.000.000 dollars. But don't worry it's worth it: You get a helicopter a jeep and tons of diesel + a place to live! (Plus, it gives you back 75% of the money if you despawn it.)


Keep in mind that these commands can only be used by server admins, to grant someone admin access type ?add_admin and their number.

  • ?buy mini modern house | Spawns the house if you have the specified amount above. (The price is 0 if you are not in carrier of course.)
  • ?refund mini modern house | Despawns the house.
  • ?show mini modern house marker | Shows the marker on the map.
  • ?hide mini modern house marker | Hides the marker on the map.

Useful Info

Search for a little cross on the map (south sawyers), if you dont see it, go to: 1803.9, -10013.8.

Code for everything is 2482.

You can change the code in the bedroom, find the hidden keypad! ;)

You can refuel the jeeps at the left of their parking spot.

The house is powered off of the solar panel at the top.

Known Bugs

  • No bugs yet.


  • Lyam for the plants.
  • Lorgs for the Interior Decoration Pack.
  • Optimistic for the code locks.
  • Woekin_up for the mission script.
  • Puddle duck for the microwave.
  • Tajin for the fireplace.
  • Ampoulepin for the jeep. (Modified)

If I forgot to credit you please reach out to me on steam, I usually answer messages within 24hrs.

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james Apr 7 @ 9:34am 
where is the jeep and heli
shadow8017 Mar 28 @ 1:01pm 
please post a picture of the map circling the location of the home.
shadow8017 Mar 28 @ 11:36am 
Where does it spawn?
SIMPLE MARK  [author] Jan 18 @ 9:40pm 
Thanks for the feedback! Gonna fix it when I have time.
osama bin quifin Jan 18 @ 10:49am 
the back door is not linked to the key pad or the button
SIMPLE MARK  [author] Jan 16 @ 11:45am 
Woopsy, just noticed, thanks!
Special Jan 16 @ 9:41am 
You should probably say that you have to type "?buy mini maverick house" instead of "?buy maverick house"
TijsVsn Jan 15 @ 2:07am 
i know some one that can help you with a submarine
SIMPLE MARK  [author] Jan 14 @ 12:32pm 
Submarine is on my project list. And I like to do stationary things more tbh, but there will be more vehicles later.
swerve357 Jan 14 @ 11:25am 
@SIMPLE MARK what's with all of the house's? P.S. Can you make a submarine?