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(SOUNDPACK) Thresh from League of Legends replaces Smoker
Created by Cerberus
Let your favorite/annoying support now be a Smoker in Left 4 Dead 2!

NOTE: If you hear static let me know, also when you hear it. I'll try my best to get it fixed right away.
Music coming soon, once it's being less of a bitch.

Credits goes to Riot f...
Alien Xenomorph Hunter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Hunter with an Alien Xenomorph Lurker from Aliens Colonial Marines
Also includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

(Yes I know the view model hands are crap, any help welcome, the hud icon is pretty awesome though :D)

You ma...
Alien Xenomorph Spitter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Spitter with an Alien Xenomorph Spitter from Aliens Colonial Marines
Now includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

You may encounter server consistency errors on some servers that are enforcing strict/pure consistency (to have...
axe custom
Created by Ground_Control
During an escape Francis lost his weapon, then the Bill (the old wolf) made him a new weapon, used a branch and a piece of rusty iron.

This addon replaces the crowbar.

Please let me know if you find any bug....
Batman (Beyond Style)
Created by Splinks2
Blood Sucker V2
Created by Splinks
Blood Sucker 1 was loosing it's touch you say, Well here's Blood Sucker number 2 with a tongue ready to put a pack of dogs in a peanut butter factory to shame. So Once again grab the guns and carry a pack of mints. Good luck ladies....
bulk biceps adrenaline sounds
Created by The Imperial Donut
bulk biceps yelling yea when you shoot yourself up...
Chain Mini Gun (M60)
Created by Zkeierea's Storage
Yes! This was made fo fun! The minigun has a handle in which the survivor can hold now! This thing is too fucking awesome! Thank Crowbait for this fun idea!

*****No it cannot spin like a regular chain gun, there is no mechanic in the game that would make ...
Coaches Twin Brother (Boomer)
King Koiroon: XD
homonucls, white with + to spear: nemlig
homonucls, white with + to spear: BonkCrazyGamerScout ツ 14 Feb @ 1:00pm
King Koiroon: lol
homonucls, white with + to spear: vil vædde med klokken var 1:01 pm da han ville lægge en kommenta...
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well, this is not of what i expect to be, well hello everyone, today i bring you the awp for the awp slot of course, well just to let people know, this weapon will not work on official servers and it only works for people that knows how to activate the CSS...
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Hello everyone, so, after working so hard i finally made it, the P90, this weapon uses its original animations, its own sounds and has a flashlight attachment, so i hope you guys like it or not and i see you next time.

This weapon will replace the SMG (...
Dante from DmC for Ellis
Created by Oachkatzlschwoaf™
This mod will replace your survivor Ellis with Dante from Devil May Cry

I don't take requests of doing a mod, every mod is a personal thing and I just share them with you
but you can post ideas and maybe I like it ;)

Known bu...
Dayum, DAYUM, DAYYUMM Explosion Sound
Created by ThatchyDylan2
Replaces the explosion sounds with "Dayum, DAYUM, DAYYUUMM!!", from the OH MY DAYUM song by schmoyoho.
*Now supports grenade launcher explosions*...
Dota 2 - Juggernaut
Created by Takashi Komuro
Juggernaut from Dota 2
Replace Nick

Model and Textures - Valve
Porting and Rigging by Me...
Fender Stratocaster (Black, Abalone Pickguard)
Created by miztaegg
Fender Stratocaster in all black, abalone pickguard

anabsoluteblast - original release on GMOD
Splinks - porting, rigging and tweaking
miztaegg - retextures, normal mapping and shaders...
Genki baseball bat [SR4]
Created by MARK2580
EN: Baseball bat from game Saints Row IV (skin). Replace baseball bat.
RU: Бейсбольная бита из игры Saints Row IV (скин). Заменяет бейсбольную биту....
Hellboy L4D
Created by Ti!3
replace survivor Fransic

+Face animation!...
Kitana from Mortal Kombat (Rochelle)
I give you her royal highness: Princess Kitana! After leaving Edenia, Kitana decided to help earthrealm in their war against the zombie virus! However, to take place, she suddenly replaced Rochelle (which was fine with everyone). Hope you enjoy her! Big bo...
Lightning Rochelle Replacement
Created by flarespire
If there are any bugs or invisibility with the addon in multiplayer it is because the server does not have a copy, make sure all players have the addon and that one of you is hosting the server instead of using a dedicated steam server.
Mars Attacks' Martians
Created by Splinks

Modern Warfare 2 Desert Eagle
Created by Fine
For COD fans and Not COD fans everywhere.

Full credits can be found here: http://l4d2.gamebanana.com/skins/download/113787...
Mushroom Medkit
Created by eyeonus <N-RQ>
Replaces Medkit with mushroom and plays the power up sound when healing.

Based on the 1UP mushroom with minor alterations.

(Mushroom likeness and power up sound ©Nintendo. Aut...
Pain Pills - bud lite
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
retextured can to look like bud lite
Mr Lankey model rigging/compile, original release
Splinks re-compile, fix
Urik_Kane can lid textures
K1CHWA pnt,overlay,vmt reedits
Resident Evil 2 Menu UI Cursor Sounds
Created by Simons
Replaces the original Left 4 Dead 2 cursor sounds with the good old Resident Evil 2 ones...
Satsuki Kiryuin Vending Machine
Created by qoznyyy 暁
Replaces Vending Machine texture with Satsuki Kiryuin picture from Kill la Kill anime.

Also taking some requests ;)...
Simple Scratched AK-47
Created by Bazziinga! 切腹
Just a scratched AK for those that dislike many modifications on the game....
Slender TV Gameover!
Created by The Soda Man
Replaces the TV's blank screen the gameover animation from Slender!...
Sparta Charger Sound + OST
Created by TheBoreZone
This is a sound mod replacing the sound when the charger "charges" (while running to his victim). What it will sound is the famous quote THIS IS SPARTA! from the movie 300.

Update 1.1
-In this update i have added the soundtrack "Submission" (The one that ...
Stalker's Hunting Knife
Created by PROFX5116
Replacement Frying Pan on Stalker's Hunting Knife...
Stay Puft (CI)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces all the common/uncommon infected with Stay Puft from Ghostbusters. He just popped in there....
Super Hordes - No Bonus - No Special - Super Lite
Created by Blackcat12951
Changing the Infected numbers to a maximum of 150 per wave, this version should have no lag and be suitable for multiplayer (Local Server only). This addon has none of the bonuses from some of my other addons, as well as removing all specials and bosses....
Uni Swimsuit (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
Well its Summer so i may as well start on a swimsuit pack, enjoy the first one.

Works on Multi
Replaces Bill
No Faceposing or Jigglebones

Alternate link:
[L4G2] Death Prophet Witch
Created by Peka
Part of the set Left for Gank 2, this mod will replace the Witch with the Dota 2 hero Death Prophet!

Check my workshop for more special infecteds!...
[L4G2] Spirit Breaker Charger
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Spirit Breaker as infected Charger!

Thanks to Splinks, you don't need the console to enjoy this mod!
Mod has been updated.

Check my workshop to get Undying Spitter and Death Prophet Witch!...