Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Lakeside Modern House
Missions: Helicopter, Spawner
Environment Mods: Environment Mod
Tags: v1.1.13
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Lakeside Modern House

A modern house located next to a nice river, a forest and a valley. The house contains a garage, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and other cool features.

For the career folks:

The house cannot be spawned unless you have 10.000.000 dollars. But don't worry it's worth it: You get a helicopter a jeep and tons of diesel + a place to live! (Plus, it gives you back 75% of the money if you despawn it.)


You can use these if you enable the addon while creating a new world.

Keep in mind that these commands can only be used by server admins, to grant someone admin access type ?add_admin and their number.

  • ?buy modern house | Spawns the house if you have the specified amount above. (The price is 0 if you are not in carrier of course-)
  • ?refund modern house | Despawns the house.
  • ?show modern house marker | Shows the marker on the map.
  • ?hide modern house marker | Hides the marker on the map.

Useful Infos

Search for a little cross on the map (south sawyers), if you dont see it, go to: 1750.8, -10100.4.

Code for everything is 2482.

The alarm will most probably trigger on spawn, please reset it via the button located on the couch directly below the big screen.

The house is powered off of the solar panels at the front.

To launch the missiles first type in the coordinates and altitude (Z), then turn on the monitor, missile safety, and turn the key for the tube you want to launch, then wait until the launch button unlocks, and you are ready for launch!!

If the big screen shows that the battery is low on the perimeter fences, go to their locations and use an electrical hose from something to connect to it(connector directly below camera), then wait 5 minutes or so.

Known Bugs

  • Jeep cannot fit out of the garage. - Fix: Go full throttle to the door, it will go out eventually, same for going back in.


  • Lyam for the slot machine and for the plants.
  • RecklessFisheygan for the missile silo.
  • Lorgs for the Interior Decoration Pack.
  • Käsekuchen for the vending machine.
  • Optimistic for the code locks.
  • Woekin_up for the mission script.
  • Uran_Wind for the heli (edited).
  • Ampoulepin for the jeep. (Modified)

If I forgot to credit you please reach out to me on steam, I usually answer messages within 24hrs.

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