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Shadow Operations Manual
By Starg
Shadow Operations Manual

This is the official manual for members of the Shadow Operation Unit.
Details include: Ship Editor, Shadow Missions and Shadow Ranks

Welcome To The Shadow Operations Unit

Shadow Ops DLC is available on Steam for Win, Mac & Linux operatives
Click Here to Join Up!

The base fleet consists of 9 brand new ships, each with new handling, firing patterns and abilities

BRIEFING BRAVO - Construction
Demonstrate your design skills and create new ships for the Shadow Fleet

Download new ships created by other operatives and prove your skills by completing their missions

BRIEFING DELTA - Execute Shadow Missions
Complete Shadow Missions to gain promotions and gain access to more craft
WARNING: Destruction of ships will cause some or all of mission progress to be lost

BRIEFING ECHO - Domination
Each ship in the fleet has its own set of leader boards
Prove you are the best of the best, get to the top of those boards

Good Luck, Pilot
The Fleet
The Shadow Operations Fleet
The base fleet consists of 9 brand new ships, each with new handling, firing patterns and abilities.
The fleet can be expanded by downloading more ships from the Steam Workshop.

Highly focused firepower in a single tight beam.
This ship is like a scalpel, it delivers a massive amount of damage,
but requires speed and accuracy for that damage to be put to good use.

The most powerful ship in the hanger. It can deal more damage per second than any other ship.
However, this comes at a price as this ship is slow and heavy. Shoot first, move later!

Fast, small and nimble. Quick reactions and good flying skill will allow you to get out of difficult situations.

A very capable Auto-Aim ship with a good balance of firepower and manoeuvrability.

The smallest most agile ship in the game. If you can keep it under control you'll be able to punish the bad guys with its 3 beams of fire.

A large beast of a ship. Powerful engines make this ship fast, but its large mass makes it hard to change direction. High powered, but slow bullets, make an interesting combination.

An Auto-Aim ship the will hoover up all the pickups on screen. Large but reasonably agile, you should be able to clock up some big scores.

An Auto-Aim ship with a wide field of fire. An all-rounder good in most situations.

Hazards come from all directions, so this ship fires in all directions. If positioned well, you can safely get into the thick of the action and have no fear of incoming missiles.
The Ship Editor
All of your ships are now held in the Ship Hangar. Select the hangar from the main menu to see the details of each ship.
You can access each ship's leader boards from here.

Creating a New Ship
Select 'Create New Ship' from the Hangar menu to start work on your own creation.
The game will create a 'test' ship for you which you can then edit.
Each of the ships attributes can be altered using a simple menu system in game.

Creating a Ship Image
You will need to create a .png file that will represent the image of the ship in game.

Here is a zip file with ships, and ship parts, to help get you started:
Download File[]
You can use a paint program like Photoshop to create a .png image. Or you can download a free art program like gimp

You can also download some free ship graphics from here: (Please credit if you use them)

Ship Edit Points
Some aspects of the ship cost edit points. You have a number of points to spend on different elements of your ship. For example, increasing the fire power of your ship will cost points. You will need to balance and trade off these aspects against each other to create the ship you want.

Testing Your Ship
You can test your ship at any time from within the editor. This will drop you into chill-out mode with infinite lives.

Publishing Your Ship
If your ship is finished, you can publish the final version. This will upload the craft to the Steam Workshop, create unique leader boards and then lock the ship so you can no longer edit it.
If you are still working on your ship, you can publish a 'work in progress' version. Other players can download and test it, and you can continue editing it at a later time.

Naming and Description
The game will give your ship a temporary name and description. You can edit this on the Steam Workshop page.
Downloading New Ships
You can access the Beat Hazard workshop page here, or from the Ship Hangar in game.
'Subscribe' to a ship and it will be downloaded automatically and added to your hangar next time you run the game.
Simply 'Unsubscribe' to remove the ship from your hangar.

Work-In-Progress and Finished Ships
Ships that are not yet final will appear with the text 'Work-In-Progress'. You can still subscribe to, and play with, these craft, however they will not yet have their own leader boards. Leader boards will be created for each ship once the final version of the ship is published by its creator. Final versions can no longer be edited.

Shadow Missions
Execute Shadow Missions
Each ship has up to 3 Shadow Missions. The objective for the current mission can be seen in the Mission Bar in the Hangar.
Below, you can see that the Mosqutio's 2nd mission is to destroy 15 Spider Bosses.

Each mission is worth a number of stars. Completing missions earns stars and, in turn, Shadow Rank promotions.

Death Penalties
If you die during a shadow mission, you will lose some of your progress in that mission. Below are the types of mission and their penalties:

Destroy 'x' small ships of type 'y'
100% Progress Lost

Destroy 'x' big ships of type 'y'
Lose 2 Kills

Destroy 'x' bosses of type 'y'
Lose 1 Kill

Score 'x' points in 1 track
100% Progress Lost

Accumulate 'x' points
Lose 1 million points

Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty
Lose Current Track

Collect 'x' pickups of type 'y'
10% Progress Lost

Mission Restrictions
Shadow Missions have some restrictions. These are listed below.
In general, songs with the Shadow Ops Icon next to them are appropriate for the mission.

Tracks with the Shadow Ops Icon can be used to complete the current mission

Destroy 'x' small ships of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Destroy 'x' big ships of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Destroy 'x' bosses of type 'y'
Any mode. Tracks with Icon present

Score 'x' points in 1 track
Standard Mode Only

Accumulate 'x' points
Standard Mode Only

Complete 'x' tracks on 'y' difficulty
Standard Mode Only
The track must be longer than 3m:30s
You can play on higher difficulty if you wish

Collect 'x' pickups of type 'y'
Any mode. Any track

Disabling Shadow Missions
You can toggle Shadow Mission progress on and off in the 'Game Settings' screen. When disabled, you will not gain, nor lose, progress for that play through.
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Sn0w May 5 @ 12:32am 
Just posted my ship. Vigilance. Hand-drawn art. Hope everyone likes it!
Starg  [author] May 4 @ 2:26am 
You need to be Shadow Ops Elite
Sn0w May 3 @ 6:40am 
What level must you get to unloack ALL of the Ship Builder Customizations? I 100% the game and still need levels to unlock the Flares and Custom Engine Fire.
Kotyara Koteevich Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:44am 
What a discussion board? I don't understand
Starg  [author] Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:40am 
Can you post a comment to the discussion board? it'll be easier to talk there.
Kotyara Koteevich Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:37am 
Starg  [author] Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:36am 
I've just subscribed to it and it downloaded and appeared in the game.
Have you tried subscribing to other ships?
Kotyara Koteevich Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:26am 
Starg  [author] Jan 25, 2015 @ 3:25am 
Do you have the DLC?