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Fortress of Terror
Type: Game
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 1
Play Time: 60 minutes
Assets: Dice, Cards
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Jan 2 @ 3:36pm
Jan 4 @ 5:57pm
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Fortress of Terror

A roll-and-write adventure game in which YOU are the hero!

Your small hamlet of Felwort is threatened by a dark, foreboding tower
emanating a mysterious evil power. Legend says that an evil warlord
once lived in the tower, terrorizing the realm. There are whispers that
this warlord, known as Bram, has somehow returned. The people of
Felwort have chosen YOU to go to the tower and stop this threat. It is
said that within the garden outside Bram’s Tower lies the key to stopping
him - the ORB of ICE. If you can navigate the eerie crypt beyond the
garden and find a way to enter Bram’s Tower, you may be able to save
your town. But those who enter the Fortress of Terror never return...

FORTRESS of TERROR is a solitaire roll-and-write adventure game in which you, a simple peasant, become the humble hero sent by your village to enter the terrifying fortress of the evil warlord Bram in order to stop him from terrorizing the realm. You do this by making your way through four chapters, or sections, of the game. Each chapter places you in a maze that you must explore and escape from, collecting powerful Relics and other goals that you must achieve to win. You move around each maze using a pool of dice that are rolled each round. However, you can never retrace your steps, as Bram has cursed the earth and floors of the fortress to crumble beneath your every step. If you manage to fulfill the chapter objective and escape the maze, you will advance to the next chapter, until you reach the final battle with Bram himself.

This is designed to be a roll-and-write tabletop game, requiring the need to write on the maze maps with a pencil. For this digital implementation, you will need to use drawing feature in TTS to draw the lines on your Game Sheets and write on your Hero sheets.

This game is currently in a public playtesting phase, and requires feedback from the tabletop gaming community. Helpful, respectful feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave any helpful feedback below in the comments. If you see aspects of the game that are weak or could be better ("negative comments"), that's fine, but please be specific as to what problem you see, and what your suggestion would be to make it better.

The art and graphic design in this version are "prototype quality", and are not necessarily representative of what the final artwork and layout will be. With this in mind, feel free to still make suggestions that may help guide the development of the final artwork and graphic design.

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jbaileymusic  [author] Jan 4 @ 6:03pm 
Updated to version 1.1. The issues mentioned in the last 2 posts have been corrected.
jbaileymusic  [author] Jan 3 @ 6:24pm 
One more small (yet impactful) clarification: During Chapter Four, Bram's Chambers, the Doom Die is ROLLED each round during the Terror Grows Phase, not rotated up. Therefore, Bram's location is randomized each round. I will make this clearer in the rules and update.
jbaileymusic  [author] Jan 3 @ 3:44pm 
I discovered 1 major issue with the Hero Sheet #2: the formula to compute your Fortitude says to add your score from Chapter 1 3 times...this is an error. It should say "Ch 1 + Ch2 + Ch 3 scores = Fortitude". I will edit the file and upload a corrected version, but for now, please note this error on the sheet and just compute using the above correction.

Also, please note that, according to the rules, your Relic deck begins with 5 of the Relic cards removed. I will remove the ones added on Chapters 2 and 3 from the starting deck and set them aside as part of the default setup on the next version of the module.

These two aforementioned issues are easy to manage in the time being, I just wanted to bring your attention to them. Thanks for playing!