War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - Q4 2020
A collection of maps and campaigns from across the community. Hand chosen by the developers of War for the overworld.

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Battle Bugs
Created by Vodka
Dark Underdepths
Created by GirlyCat9001
In the deepest places of the underworld, lie these caverns of voe, war and blood. Many a battle has been fought over these cavern, many a Underlord has met their end here. Will you join the fallen, or exterminate your rivals?

No gold can be mined from til...
Ren of Life. v2.0. Skill Level : Above Average - Very High
Created by Green.Sliche
Map Version 2.0

What was in past is lost to you. The present is in haze and vague. Future is non-existant for you anymore. Can you regain every bit of yourself and ascend? Or will you crumble and fall into oblivion? Can you find the purpose again? What wi...
Sovereign Territories Version 1.03
Created by Groakknovdah
Four kingdoms fight in a small, underground cavern. Fight across narrow tunnels, and massive bridges connecting the map. Can you out-flank your opponents?
(EMPIRE UNITS ONLY) (I reccomend playing this map with either the Empire, Arcane, or Dwarven theme, f...
Korvek's Return - Community Collaboration Campaign
Created by Korvek
Korvek has returned, a fragmented shadow of what he once was. It is necessary for him to battle with both himself, and his fellow underlords, for supremacy. Levels begin easy and become progressively harder.

This campaign was made with the help of multipl...
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