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Comprehensive and Detailed Achievement Guide
A FULL Comprehensive 100% Achievement Guide for OMORI. With videos, descriptions, tips, strategies, and screenshots provided. OBVIOUS SPOILERS.

Been working with some of the members of the discord to put together this comprehensive guide of all the achievements in OMORI.
Started on a new save aside from some specific points (Hiki run, Boss Fights, Continuous Daily Achievements, etc.)
I've reached 100% personally, no save editing.

This guide goes over all of the achievements (in progress) that you can get in OMORI.
My goal is to help you get 100% with ease and more direction than you probably need.
Thorough descriptions, easy access, and finding which specific ones and the requirements.

You will have to start new playthroughs to get the specific routes (Hikikomori and Normal) as well as keep consistent with the achievements that you have to do DAILY in the real world.

Thank you to everyone who helped me on this. Truly the best of helpers: Abyssal, ITR, Mikkan, Tavioli, Gilbert, Oog, and anyone I missed I apologize but you're awesome too.
Story Given/Unavoidable Achievements
Everything that involves the story and anything that is unavoidable that gives an achievement is here.

Good Morning!


Power of Friendship!


See you, Space Boyfriend...


Buy high, sell low.

When I flex, I feel my best!

Slime Time is Over!

Whale Done.
There are 4 total achievements regarding endings (3 of which are directly related to getting an ending). I will explain the basic understanding on how to reach these endings.

One more day...

After waking up in Basil’s House, Confront Basil, Select yes to retry the fight against Omori.
(BONUS If you water Basil’s flowers 3 times you get a special cutscene after the good ending.)
Green Thumb

Can be achieved on any run. Just return to Basil's garden and pick up the watering can and water any withered flowers you see.

Close your eyes...

Give up during your fight with Omori.

There's something behind you...

Hikikomori Route or after you wake up in Basil's house, don't confront basil just go back to sleep.


Optional General Gameplay Related Achievements (Part 1)
All of these achievements are available on a fresh run of the game. I got lazy on adding the images of the achievements. Go to the Google doc for those or just CTRL + F to find what you're looking for.

So majestic… so beautiful…

Fly the BUTT CERTIFICATE in Cattail Field.
Do Berly’s quest to find the lost tetherball. (Located down the Train Station path across a small bridge.) Follow up with Berly to teach Aubrey HEADBUTT. When you climb Otherworld’s ladder, Kel puts up the certificate as a flag.


Defeat ???.
When first arriving at Otherworld, Pluto stands behind a tree. Defeat him to get this achievement.
Recommend saving right before in case you mess up the fight. Pretty hard fight. CAN BE MISSED DO NOT FIGHT THE DOWNLOAD WINDOW AS THAT WILL ACTIVATE THE CUTSCENE WHEN LEAVING THE JUNKYARD.


Make your way and talk to LONE MOLE.
In Otherworld, Cut all the cones and talk to the Lone Mole.

Goodbye, World!

Go Into Cpt. Spaceboy’s Planetarium, Interact with Earth. FIGHT. It’s a moderately hard fight.

One for the Road

Use the BREAD SLICE skill as the final move in any fight to defeat an enemy.

You think you’re clever, huh…

Enter code: haveadollariguess at for $1.00 off.
When naming the boy, name him “OMOCAT”

Perfect Weather Conditions

Defeat Kite Kid
An optional boss found east of the 4 way in Vast Forest inside of the region dubbed "Pinwheel Forest." There is a ladder in the North East section of that area that leads to an island in the sky.
Fight KITE KID. Pretty hard fight early on. Suggest working through Otherworld and coming back here after you've leveled up a bit.

Christmas Crusher

Ruin Christmas.
In the Sprout Mole Colony, on the second floor head down a ladder to see a mole with a Christmas Tree. Interact his Christmas tree as Omori and choose to cut it down.

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter Sympathizer
In the Mole Village, these moles can be found. Choosing to side with one of them unlocks these. Recommend saving before so you can save scum these. Gives special respective items.

Kill the first SOUS CHEF.
Simply bake the cake with anything but the right ingredients the first Sous Chef gives you. He’s a terrible cook.

Everyone’s a critic.

Watch all the movies in SWEETHEART’S “throne room”.
Sit and watch the movies located in the “Throne Room” located on the south west side of the map when coming out of the dungeon at Sweetheart's Castle. There’s a couple and they repeat so just hop in hop out until the achievement is awarded.

As expected from professionals!

Perfectly train the SPROUT MOLE choir.
When conducting Sweetheart’s Sprout Mole choir, keep them all awake and you’ll get this achievement. The strat is either watch for which ones are about to sleep and throw a tomato at them (You can tell because their eyes go -.- instead of o.o) or just run left and right spamming the tomatoes. You'll know you're in the clear when you get the angelic harmony sound at the very end. Recommend save scumming in case you mess up the first time.


Commission ROCOCO.
Pay ROCOCO to paint for you. Underneath Sweetcastle’s Stage after the fight. it costs 1,000 clams.

Hope and Vigor!
Complete ORANGE JOE'S quest.
Orange Joe is found at the top of the map in Orange Oasis. Find his brother in the second level of Dino Dig.

The Chosen One
Turn the valve to the right in RAIN TOWN.
In Orange Oasis, there is a shimmer inside of the orange lake where Mari's picnic is. Interact to go to Rain Town and do as the achievement says. BE CAREFUL, IF YOU TURN IT LEFT, IT LOCKS THE AREA PREVENTING "Anytime is good for a picnic!" FROM BEING ACHIEVED ON A HIKIKOMORI RUN.

Defeat Unbread Twins.
In Dino Dig, there is an Ancient Code in the north western part of the map surrounded by three breads, image included. Not necessary to the quest, as it can be done without it but still fun to find regardless. Getting this code and heading to the east side of the map to a piano roll prompts you to hit the bottom four notes left to right. This brings you down to a mole that guards a ritual circle. Fight all summons, enter the code, and it brings you to this achievement. FYI The picnic here counts towards Anytime is good for a picnic so recover health here. Pretty hard boss fight come prepared (at least lvl 30 IMO)

Ain't nobody here but us chickens.
Defeat the CHICKEN? at the top of DINO'S DIG.
Be at a high enough level or speed through Dino Dig and try to reach level 4. Kel's speed or anyone's must be at 120 (I've been told making OMORI happy and using Lucky slice also works) to prevent the chicken from running during battle. Save before just in case it runs away.

The currency of the future...
Trade CLAMS for CLEMS.
After beating Sweetheart, returning to the castle doors in the Mole Colony gives you a quest of finding Pessi's thing. Finish that quest and the shady mole will reappear after completing Last Resort. Trade your clams for clems and get awarded this achievement. You will be at 0 clams but shady mole can be found behind some cones in the Deep Well on the most eastern side of the area behind said cones.

Ghost Party!
Have a ghost party.
After completing Last Resort, going to the pool outside of Last Resort on the right side and talking to the ghost prompts you with a quest to find 6 of his friends for the party.
4F of the Last Resort. Door before the construction area. Has glasses and a mustache.
Orange Oasis wearing a Beard. Right of entrance in a construction zone.
In Sweetheart’s Castle, Art Gallery, wearing a Crown.
Atop Kite Kid’s spot wearing a Rainbow Hat. Behind some bushes you have to cut.
In Otherworld Junkyard, past the puzzle Hero solves wears Glasses.
In the Otherworld Snowcone area next to Mari, Wears a Straw Hat.

Good Dog?
Pet all the creatures in MARINA'S sector in Humphrey.
Pet all the creatures in Marina’s Sector inside Humphrey.
Note: One of these creatures floats away if you poke them, so ONLY pet them to get this achievement the first go.

Read all the tombstones in the dev room...
Find the dev room. Not sure what triggers this. Personally, I ran randomly on the endless highway until a black car appeared.
Can also reach in Black Space (random chance).

Reaching this room in the Black Doors run around and find this tombstone.
Interacting brings you to the room. Read all the tombstones
Optional General Gameplay Achievements (Part 2)
Bunny Exterminator
Defeat 100 BUNNIES.
As simple as that just kick the ♥♥♥♥ out of 100 bunnies. Can be done with or without Leafie's quest.
Best option, running through Vast Forest near the end of a run and just holding Z during any battle with a bunny. (Recommend Cheat Engine for speeding up the game at least 5x)

Squizzard Exterminator
Defeat 100 Squizzards.
Again, simply stomp out some squizzards. 8 spawn every time you enter and exit the barn. Rarely will you have 2 spawn in a battle. Do this about 12 times. Holding Z through battle (assuming you can deal a lot more damage than you take.) Shouldn't be too hard just time consuming. After defeating 8 go back in the barn, reheal, and go back out.

Recycling is a concept
Get all rewards from the RECYCLING MACHINE.
Recycle until you get the UNIVERSAL REMOTE.
Took me around 40< cans to get here.
Advice: Play through the game until the end bit. Go back and recycle everything you’ve gathered. If not awarded, farm the junkyard for cans or Last Resort's barrels.

Mmm... SWEETHEART, I mean, TOFU.
Hold 99 Tofu.
Either in Sweetheart's dungeon or down the ladder in the stage area, buy 99 tofu. Shouldn't cost too much.

Get the LOL SWORD.
Available from the Weeping Willow person found at the beginning of Pyrefly Forest.
Personally, I've gotten the joke book in front of them and went to the Deep Well. The first constructions sight has a ladder leading up to a construction related joke. That one usually works.

Patron of the Arts
Commission all of Rococo's art.
Commissioning all of ROCOCO’s art and talking to him gets this achievement (cost just about 100,000 Clams so you best be carrying the big bucks buckaroo).
The fast strat would be to pay, leave the castle and sprout village through the ladder, come back, and the art should be done each time as fast as possible.

The First Law
Can be achieved after seeing ROBOHEART flying away and returning to puzzle room or during the Hikikomori Route.
Located in the puzzle room at the end of the worm teleported puzzle. (Red Teleporter)

They call me SCARETHROW.
Listen to MR. SCARETHROW's rant.
Where you find Scarethrow in the Junkyard, exhaust his dialogue. Takes some time. He has a long story.
Real World Related Achievements
Almost every achievement related to the Real World. Some are not included because I wanted to do a seperate section as those achievements need extra explanation.

Up high...
High-five KEL.

Too slow!
Don't high-five KEL.

Down Low…
On each day, KEL prompts you to high-five. Give the brother some dap.

Lose to Vance and Kim.
Just take the L. Different dialogue. Doesn't matter.

Against all odds...
Get a perfect score delivering PIZZA.
Just don’t mess up the pizza job. You can always retry. Good luck reading his handwriting.

That can't be good for business.
Quit in the middle of a part-time job.
Quit your job. Who needs em’?
(Works on either the Fish Market, the Fix-It job, or the Pizza Delivery. Interact with the clerk or the bike depending on which job you're on.)

Math Whiz
Complete the math worksheet correctly.
Grammar Whiz
Complete the grammar worksheet correctly.
Day 1. After Hobbbez, go to the north west section of the main supermarket. There are two JOB posters each pertaining to a different subject that Sunny can tutor. Don’t get the wrong answer.
These jobs are REQUIRED for the Universally Loved achievement. Get them out of the way and return on Day 2 to help them out again.

It's honest work.
Complete all part-time jobs once.
There are 5 total jobs. Tutoring counts as 2 separate both Math and English. Pizza Delivery, Fish Market fly swatting, and Fix-It organizing job.

Good Company
Go to SEAN and KAREN'S housewarming party.
Day 1 there is a couple in Fix-It discussing wall paint.
Talk to them and you’ll get an invite for Day 3.
Day 3, go to their house in the morning after getting the whole gang and help cook. Once it reaches sunset, head over and party!
The cooking portion on Day 3 is REQUIRED for Universally Loved achievement.

I'll just take that...
Take $20 from KEL'S wardrobe.
When you first enter Kel’s room, snag that clean $20 right under his nose. (or from inside the wardrobe north west of the room)

The Art of Self-Defense
Defeat with PEPPER SPRAY.
After having the conversation with Polly about Basil missing, go into the dining room and search through Kel’s Mom’s purse. You’ll find PEPPER SPRAY. Use it during the HOOLIGANS fight. Make them cry.

Battle the "bees".
Day 2. I came here before the Hero interaction but after getting the groceries for Kel's mom. Easy fight just spam attack.

The Very Best
Defeat the PET ROCK champion.
Buy a PET ROCK from the Hobbbez store owner. Go around CLASHING with other players. Some found in the park, some are spread around some in the different stores, another inside of an old woman’s house. After doing so, return to the shopkeeper and he'll tell you about the Four Veterans. One in FIX-IT, one in the Candy Store, one in the Pizza Parlor, and the Hobbbez store owner himself.
After, go to the fish store cashier and challenge her. Win after some fat L’s. Get the achievement.

Tummy Full of Fish
Feed the STRAY CAT every day and sunset.
Finding and feeding this Stray Cat (the orange tabby) twice a day is expensive - you need to buy six Fish from the supermarket in total. The following are the locations where you'll find it.
Images are still to be included on the Google Doc. I'm too lazy to add it here.
Day 1: Atop the Monkey Bars in the playground (Morning), atop Basil's house (evening sunset)
Day 2: Atop Sunny's House (morning), in a tree outside of the supermarket (evening sunest)
Day 3: In the gang's old hangout spot (morning), Next to Mari's grave (evening sunset)
NOTE: These interactions with the cat are REQUIRED for Music Connoisseur of Sorts

When she was here...

Buy flowers from the Fix-It store clerk. On Day 3, go to the Church with the whole gang and interact with Mari's Grave

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
Defeat the Recyclepath
On Day 1, make sure to talk to the lady who sent her son to buy a lamp. Find her son and follow through with the task of buying the lamp and finishing the day.
On Day 2, On the left-most side of the park, there is a man with the recycultists talk to him and exhaust dialogue then finish the day.
On Day 3, there is a gigantic trash heap in the old hideout behind the park. Heading here and heading inside starts a real world dungeon where you are able to tag and solve puzzles and fight cultists.
NOTE: Stock up on First-Aid Kits and have an open save slot that doesn't overwrite your real world save in case you need to back out.
Hikikomori Route ONLY.
Keep in mind, most of the "general gameplay" achievements can be achieved on a Hikiko run. Just not Real World achievements.

I'll cherish you all forever.
Get the FLOWER CROWN from Basil.
If the HIKI Route is done correctly, the flower crown is sitting on the stairs at the Church where you encounter Basil. Pick it up, Save Basil, Do the scene, Get the achievement.

Good Boy
Complete your TO-DO LIST.
After waking up on the HIKI route, Don’t open the door and this allows you to inspect this list in SUNNY’s room on any of the three days. Clean up time.

The Brightest Stars
After returning to Cpt. Spaceboy’s house and talking to his dad, Go into the planetarium and walk until you see Pluto. Talk, then fight.
Not that hard of a fight, IMO.

Take Me to the River!
Let the plastic fish finish its song.
Getting the batteries from Cpt. Spaceboy’s Dad and heading to the igloo in Otherworld allows you to play this fish, opening Snowglobe Mountain in the process.

Welcome Home
Take the KEEPER OF THE CASTLE'S power.
Heading back to the Keeper’s location AFTER fighting FEAR monsters gets this achievement. BE CAREFUL. YOU CAN ACTIVATE BEFORE FEARS FIGHT ESSENTIALLY LOCKING THE NEXT FEW ACHIEVEMENTS.

A Bit Less Lonely
Commission all of GATOR GUY's statues

In the Hikikomori route, return to Mr.Jawson's office and speak with him. After that interaction, head to the construction site (If I remember it's on Floor 4, the first door when you enter the hallway) and talk to the Gator next to the hero statue. He'll start building a new statue but will only finish when you leave last resort and return. Keep doing it until you get the achievement.

Defeat every SOMETHING at the bottom of LOST LIBRARY.
After obtaining all the BLACK KEYS and activating The Abyss, 3 Sheet Music is scattered throughout the DEEPER WELL. Get All Three, Return to Sweetheart’s Stage, Fall through the hole, go to the piano room at the bottom of the stairs on the left. Place the sheet music on the piano and get ready to fight. Not very hard. A little creepy.

See you, Space Husband...
Going up Snowglobe Mountain leads you to SPACE EX-HUSBAND.
There are two optional routes (One may have been a bug and patched in the last update)
1st Strategy: stock up heals and constantly heal just releasing energy after your bar hits 10 every time.
2nd Strategy, Emotional Overload: It seems using emotion toys or skills on SPACE EX-HUSBAND over a certain number of terms drops his defense to the point where he can be attacked for big damage. Use emotions until he drops his guard, then just go ham on a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Visiting Humphrey sends you on another quest to return to Mr. Jawson and receive a BIG CHECK. If done, you can enter both Humphrey and a different version of Last Resort to explore to get these achievements.

Defeat Mutantheart
Found through the bridge behind PERFECTHEART.
She’s adorable. I felt horrible fighting her.
Her fight is kinda like a simon says. If she says an emotion, you must be in that emotional state or you will die.
TIP: Go to the boss rush arena and stock up on at least 10-15 emotion toys of each kind that affect all of the gang; including the ones that effect one foe. Keep Omori and Aubrey as your main damage dealers and have Kel use the whole party toy while hero uses the one foe toy corresponding to whatever emotion she requests. If done correctly, this boss fight is a cake walk.
the hardest part is forgiving yourself for killing her. especially if you gave her a pat. you terrible person.

Seriously, you're the coolest!
Beat the BOSS RUSH
Found in the bomb room left most pipe. It is recommended you have all 8 tentacle items to do the most damage. There is a save, healing station, and a mailbox to buy gear from. Stock up on Whole Chickens and keep that HEART and JUICE up through out the fight. The order of bosses go...
Big Sprout -> Download Window -> Space Ex-Boyfriend -> Giant Crawler -> All 3 Sir Maximus -> Life Jam Guy -> Sweetheart -> Mr. Jawsum -> Pluto (gives you the cooler trophy?) -> Slime Girls -> Humphrey

Minty Fresh
Brush your teeth every day.
Available easiest by going through the Hikikomori route, Brush your teeth every time you wake up. This is done by going to the left sink instead of looking at the mirror in the morning.
This category is for achievements either normal or Hikikomori route. These were harder to obtain to me, so they will contain more information and maybe a few hints on how to help. Images and Videos provided.

Minor Imperfection
Recommended Gear:
All 8 tentacle gears. (Can be done after all black keys are collected and defeating the creature at the bottom of the abyss.)
Video provided (ITR is an absolute UNIT)

Stock up on Whole Chickens and Sodas (can be bought endlessly in the BOSS RUSH room)
Level 50 all characters. (Best place to farm is in the Dino Dig pyramid they give 2k per enemy 5-7k if grouped in 2.)
Defeat all FEAR creatures beforehand.

My Recommended Strategy:
The first phase of the fight isn't as hard. Hit everyone with megaphone, use Red Hands, Beatdown, and heal with a whole chicken after every turn. (It might be a good idea to use Cripple first turn to lower Perfectheart's speed to be the last after every turn.) If a whole chicken isn't fully healing your team, have Kel use a full chicken along side Hero. Your main priority is to keep your health FULL before and during the SECOND PHASE.
So you got hit with a GIANT ♥♥♥ LASERBEAM and will continue to get hit by them the entire rest of the fight. PRIORITIZE Omori and Aubrey as your main damage dealers. Use Kel and Hero for heals and juice refills. Cripple to slow Perfectheart to 5th turn. Heal constantly, Juice up when needed. When your energy bar fills up to 10, feel free to skip the Red Hands attack and go full friendship mode. JUST KEEP YOUR HEALTH UP! If you're able to maintain health, juice, and a constant barrage of attacks from Aubrey and Omori, then you should whittle her health down just enough to defeat her.
ITR Fight Linked Below

Anytime is a good time for a picnic!
Only available on the Hikikomori Route. Does not refer to the dialogue options when coming to picnics rather, the action of recovering HEALTH and JUICE via the recovery foods found at Mari's picnics.

Images provided with all the locations required to get this achievement. (Thank you to Gilbert for helping find a few required ones!)
Picnic Achievement Screenshots []

The view is pretty nice…
We’ll always be there for you, OMORI
A telescope is located at every major region excluding the Junkyard, Last Resort, Pyrefly Forest, Sweetheart’s Castle, and Vast Forest.
Images and Descriptions given for each in the Imgur link provided here (ty Tavoli for locating some)
Mirrors and Telescopes Achievement []

Music Connoisseur Of Sorts
There is an achievable 13 CDs found throughout the three days.
5 achievable by buying them in Hobbbez ($10 each)
1 from Shopkeeper after beating him in Pet Rocks
1 from Vance and Kim's Dad (every day go to the Fix-it and talk to the man near the tools somewhere in the middle of the store)
1 from Recycle Lady (Every day pick up all the trash you can find and drop it off to this lady. Seems about 30 dollars worth until she gives you the disk.)
1 from all 3 Days feeding the cat (Locations provided in another section)
1 from pizza guy after working for him (Just need to activate the part time job)
1 from getting the arcade piece from the cat (If fed the day before and that morning, the cat should give an arcade piece. Giving it to the man inside of Gino's Pizza will prompt him to fix the machine and give you a disc.)
1 from the poster top right of the arcade place (can be interacted with Day 1)
1 from paying the musician $30 and going to his house on day 3 delivering the lunchbox. (Same house you tutored English in.)

Foes Filed!
Complete the FOE FACTS! journal.
ONLY COMPLETED ON HIKIKOMORI ROUTE. Too many mobs to list so I will link a video from ITR instead. If you have any questions, the comments are open.
Universally Loved
There are exactly 16 total flowers, the final room should look like this…

1. Kel's is given by default.
2. Charlene's Family requires you to meet her Grandma and pick up some medicine for her. Her house can be found left street from Kel's and Sunny's house.
3. Daphne and Bowen has to be played with when The Maverick is standing outside of his house. Can be done afternoon of Day 2 when Hero joins the Party.
4. Hooligans is given by default.
5. Tutor Brent on the first and second day.
6. Tutor Joy on the first and second day.
7. Kim's Mom can be found on her driveway the first day. Talk to her to find her shears which are sitting on the sidewalk one house to the left. (relative to your screen)
8. The artist has three total interactions. 1st and 2nd is to give advice on the art and find her dog Lucas. Can be done on Day 1. Just go to her house before it turns evening (sunset). Found past Basil's house at the end of the road. 3rd interaction is on Day 3. Go to her house and she'll send you to find her little brother in the Hobbbez shop. Return later to talk to her and finish the questline.
9. During the evening (sunset) of the first day, go to Hobbbez and there is a man looking for a gift for his son. Help him out and return on the second day with Hero. Go to his House (beat up down one house from Basil's) and talk to him then go to his son's room and continue to interact with the door until it opens. Talk to him and begin to cry as you just reunited this father with his son.
10. Shopkeeper's questline is finished when you beat him in Pet Rocks.
11. Bebe's family. Day 2, after returning Basil home, Go two houses down a lady is standing in the yard. She sends you to go find her son in Fix-It. Find him, Buy the floor lamp, return to the lady and you're done.
12. Vance's dad can be done by interacting with him and going to his house every day. He tries to fix a pipe and constantly fails. Doing this three times grants you a Seashell as well as a CD and of course the flowers.
13. Sean and Karen. This couple can be found Day 1 in the Fix-It discussing wall paint. Talk to them, solve their issue, and you'll get an invite to their party on Day 3. Going with Hero and Aubrey to their house in the morning starts a cut-scene where you all cook. Finish and you get the flowers.
14. Sarah's Family. Day 1 evening (sunset), go into the house left of Aubrey's. A man will answer the door asking for help with something stuck in the sink. On Day 2, they can be found in Gino's Pizza and the Candy Shop. Speak to them each individually and solve their issues and you return to their home in the evening (sunset) to get awarded flowers.
15. Cris's Family. Going into Cris's house (Seashell girl) on Day 1, Day 2 evening (sunset), and Day 3 allows you to talk to Cris's Dad. He's lost his remote. Find it for him and you get the flowers.
16. HARDEST TO REMEMBER. MINCY. This artist needs inspiration so you must meet her every morning and afternoon to talk about her art.
DAY 1: She can be found in the park in the morning and the Fruit Isle in the evening (sunset).
DAY 2: She can be found in the Candy Shop in the morning and the Flower isle in Fix it in the evening (sunset)
DAY 3: She can be found in the Church in the morning and the bench at the park in the evening (sunset).
Successfully talk to her for all 3 days and you get awarded the flowers.

It's all a dream...
Unlock all achievements. Thank you for playing OMORI.
Congratulations. You've done it. Now just bathe in it till you miss the game.

and remember

T h e r e ' s S o m e t h i n g b e h i n d y o u...
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Mithrandir Jul 12 @ 6:41am 
10/10 made me realize how long it's gonna take :cleandino:
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Really helpful stuff, ty
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on the Reduce, reuse, and recycle! achievement, i dont think you can do the lamp quest on day one
POCKETS!  [author] Sep 12, 2021 @ 5:14am 
@Stoneblackdog I'm unsure but as long as the Hikikomori route is taken all picnics should be available at the new locations.

WORD OF WARNING: The only one you have to be careful about is the picnic in the Bread Twins fight. Rest before because once the fight is over, the picnic will be unavailable.
Stoneblackdog Sep 12, 2021 @ 1:05am 
After you reset headspace does the progression for the telescope/picnic/mirror achievements reset?
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@Rainā Buraun Thank you! hoping this can help some of the people invested in 100%!
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finding the dev room in black space is not random chance you can trigger it deliberately by interacting with the tombstones at the top of the doorbell area
POCKETS!  [author] Aug 7, 2021 @ 12:17am 
@u νεκρwμa

The artist's dog is always found on one of the blocks. You'll know when you get a short cut scene seeing their dog running off screen back towards the artists house. If the dog is there, and you fulfilled the inspiration requirement, it should be fine to continue.

I'll probably update the guide on each days and their different times in order to simplify the process!