The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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NEW ITEM: Filthy Dagger ft. Sepsis
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Dec 28, 2020 @ 3:32pm
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NEW ITEM: Filthy Dagger ft. Sepsis

I might add more mechanics to this item, stay tuned:
- synergies with oder items
- make the item reward not completly random, e.g. if you kill champions, higher chance od devil item drop
- compatibility with true co-op and external item description mod (done)

Vague Description which probably won't help you much

you want to know what this is? well..

This item likes blood..
give it blood..
yours..and you enemy's..
he will reward you with disease and prosperity;)

What it does (Spoilers ahead)

Filthy Dagger

This item gives you stuff, depending on the number of enemies you kill in the room of use.

There are 4 reward tiers:
- Poop
- Consumables (Coin,Key or Bomb)
- Chest or Trinket
- Item

Every usage costs 1 full red heart or if there is no red hearts 1 full soul heart.

This item can kill you!

Upon usage there is a chance, that the player will suffer from Sepsis.
There is an increasing chance sepsis will be healed with every new room you enter


This item slows you down and increases your tears rate. You will take half a red heart of damage every time you enter a new room.
These effects will vanish, once you are healed

Shoutout to Sacrificial Dagger and Book of the Dead

This is my first mod, have mercy, thank you