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Monster Train

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Sweetkin Clan
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Dec 27, 2020 @ 8:49am
Aug 12 @ 10:43am
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Sweetkin Clan

'Welcome dear friends! We are the Sweetkin. I have been informed that you may need help. Am I wrong?'
Recruit the Sweetkins to your cause!

This clan allows this sweet capitalist clan to join your forces of hell. These units are real treats, Literally! With their twist on the keyword "eaten". These forces from Hell will support the different clans, which will allow the lesser tactics to shine more easily.

See you on that cruise along the Rails of the Covenant.

Current Content
* 2 Heroes!
* 34 Cards!
* 6 Relics
* Mod updated for "The last Divinity"

Future Updates
1# Illustrations for Cards!

Known Problems
* From the menu, exiting the logbook and returning to it causes high loading times.
* Reloading a saved game and selecting the "Sweetkin banner" can cause a softlock (the game goes into a dead end)
* Card rarity at start of the run is random, you can start with 3 rare card added to your deck for example.

Unit card's background by Jade

Banner's background by BearBuddies

Coding help and Fixes
Dusk from the Balance mod!

"Dove-livery"'s card art by BlueBrim on Discord

Chinese tranlation by Iostone on discord
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Exas4000  [author] Oct 15 @ 5:26am 
@iddypiper Most Sweetkins provide buffet, something that mostly synergises with themselves. Only a few units actually provide a trigger effect. Spice cook, ice cream buttler and the Pyre-tatoe are all such example.

In the case that you would see no essences at all that would be one very odd bug. Mostly since a fellow content creator (Rising Dusk, creator of the unofficial balance patch) is currently going through the mod with no issues regarding essences.
iddypiper Oct 14 @ 11:44pm 
I am enjoying the clan but it seems that sweetkin units don't provide any infusion benefits?
Is this a tooltip issue or a design choice? Odd if its the latter, and would love some feedback on this!
Exas4000  [author] Aug 10 @ 4:42am 
Trainwork should be fixed! Today this morning! So we can enjoy the mod again! It does include a new bug, but nothing worrysome.

Random starter card rarity can make some wonderfully nice runs!
Exas4000  [author] Aug 9 @ 4:09pm 
Well, i did help a bit the one of the person that made a part of the fix(essence shop fix by lilleypad13) and did my best to try and stir the people concerned with trainwork in order to get the ball going. Some info do go through the grape vines in the discord.

As off now, lilley did some improvement on their code for the fix and sent them to chronometric (Arcadian's creator and one of the person who made trainwork). The rawsome has the other part of the fix, some initial code that allows modded clans to run at all in the last divinity. Both fixes together would fix thelower maintenance mods like mine and other to come.

I have zero clues when the fix will be done, but i can hope that we get it by the end of the week. If it were only me, the fix maybe would have been rushed... we can hope that the time it takes to properly release will prevent unwanted bugs.
pandereeeee Aug 9 @ 2:31pm 
Looks fun, cant wait to try it when trainwork is back, btw how do you know its only going to be a few more days? I will come back with my thoughts on this when mods are working again!
Exas4000  [author] Aug 7 @ 8:13am 
New small Content update ready for when trainwork finally updates! I can't wait!
Exas4000  [author] Aug 5 @ 12:00pm 
We just got to hang on a few more days :D
Exas4000  [author] Aug 5 @ 11:59am 
It should be. The major issues were DLC specific. Hopefully, there shouldn't be more issues. Worst case scenario from trainwork being back online: random rarities on the starter cards.
aloojawa Aug 5 @ 7:20am 
I don't have the last divinity DLC purchased yet. Will this be compatible with my game?
Exas4000  [author] Jul 23 @ 3:51pm 
Someone successfully coded a patch for the essence shop, as soon as trainwork is updated, the sweetkin will be available again.