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Garry's Mod

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Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:12am
Mar 3, 2014 @ 6:19pm
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This map is inspired by gas stations. Putrid, filthy places where only the most desperate or the most depraved dare take a dump. Are hot dogs supposed to be this shiny and wrinkly? Is it safe to eat a can of corn that expired during the Carter administration? They still make Benson & Hedges cigarettes? These are the questions you will have, and this map will do nothing to help answer them.

This map has no game requirements. As long as you have Garry's Mod, you will be fine.

This map supports up to 24 players, with the intention of supporting 32 players in the near future.

Visit us on the |nBg| low-grav Prop Hunt server!

Current Version: RC7



- Many static props like vehicles and some stuff in the bathroom were causing hunters to take damage. This has been fixed.
- You can once again get underneath the gas truck.
- Awnings were changed to eliminate a lighting error.
- The Rascal Fandango Country Hot Dogs(tm) now have fixed collision models.
- Replaced the bulbs in the Flacc Pale Ale sign.
- Called an arborist.
- Made the wind more....windy.


-Fixed a lot of third-person camera issues (As a prop, losing sight of your model when near walls)
-Fixed being able to get underneath the fences.
-No longer able to get behind newspaper dispenser. (STUNT.)
-No longer able to get underneath the gas truck. (May change back, testing)
-Props no longer clip on vents.
-Added glass to car and box truck.
-Raised light level in fridge area.
-Added grenades, combine assault rifle and RPG.


- Bathrooms now have walls
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