Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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Meteru's Local Talk Extended Fork
Modification: Gameplay Tweak
Compatibility: Must be run on Server
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Dec 24, 2020 @ 10:39am
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Meteru's Local Talk Extended Fork

Mod ID: 8B09F28C

Notice to server operators:

This mod now requires Shine's basecommands plugin to be loaded.

What is this?

A mod that allows all players to talk to players in their proximity.

There's lots of mods like this on the workshop, although none are as
complete and as bug-free as this.


- Team-only proximity/local voice chat
- Non-team-only proximity/local voice chat
- Proximity voice chat works spectator, dead player, commander, etc., but with restrictions
- Static voice chat bar placement, so that the bar of a player does not move around constantly
- Different color for each voice channel (team-only, non-team-only, global)
- Customization of proximity/local voice chat colors through NS2+ (bottom of HUD menu)

Bugs fixed compared to competitors
- Spectators not being always able to hear proximity/local voice chat when in first person mode

How to use this?

First you have to set your keybindings in Options -> Mods -> Local Talk Extended.
Once you've set your keybindings, you can use proximity/local voice chat
on any server that has this mod enabled.

Voice chat restrictions

Spectators can not use local voice.

Commanders can only use team-only local voice chat, and can not hear voice chat
from enemies that he can not see either (obviously).
The reason for the team-only restriction is due to technical limitations.