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The Double Agent
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Feb 28, 2014 @ 10:04am
Aug 19, 2018 @ 6:23am
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The Double Agent

The Double Agent is a new custom class focusing on close combat and tanking. Nobody knows who the Double Agent works for, as he fits the role of a honest duelist as well as that of a dastardly lowlife, when he's not a sword for hire.

The Double Agent does not have a charge bar. Instead, he has a fatigue bar, indicating how much he's straining his body. If the fatigue bar fills to his max, the Double Agent becomes exhausted, moving and attacking very slowly, and unable to perform most skills. To avoid this, the Double Agent has three skills that empty the fatigue bar completely and confer him temporary buffs, proportioned to the amount of fatigue consumed in the process. The more he's willing to risk, the greater the rewards.

The skills trees are as follows:

1 - Duelist
A duelist knows all the techniques needed to slice any enemy in his field of view, regardless of range or armor. Even if it's not a fair one-on-one the Double Agent always has the right skill for any situation.

2 - Mercenary
When someone needs a bodyguard, no one's better than the Double Agent. Shield and armor are brothers in arms and greatly enhance his survivability, but the Double Agent is also crafty and knows a thing or two about alchemy, making the most of all the metal he carries on his shoulders.

3 - Bandit
Don't expect the Double Agent to break his neck just because there are monsters around. He knows some of the most dastardly tricks you could learn in a poorly-lit back alley and he somehow manages to become filthy rich with the least possible effort.

Note on passive effects:

While vanilla Berserkers and Engineers receive 25% less damage by default, the Double Agent only receives 15% less damage. But, to make up for this, he also has a 15% permanent physical armor bonus so having the best physical defense at all times is top priority when playing this class.


This mod adds the following items:
30 new skills
All new particle effects for said skills
Textures for said particle effects
30 new skill icons
Various UI elements
New class icons
New textures for the basic look of the class when no armor is equipped.
3 unique item sets restricted to the Double Agent Class with new textures
1 unique sword with new textures

Usually the fatigue bar takes at least 8-9 seconds to fill even in the worst scenario, But some users reported that their bar fills up in 5 seconds or less. So far I've been unable to replicate the bug even using the best equipment and skills available to the class. To fix these issues I need the exact list of equipment/skills/stats of your characters and the list of mods you're using. If you want to upload your save file somewhere and link it to me that also helps a lot.

My other mods:

The Preacher
A punch-and-magic monk class for close combat and multiplayer assist.

Generic Rewards
Adds standard quest rewards to improve compatibility between classmods.
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Lone Wolf McQuade Jun 30, 2018 @ 6:06am 
First off let me just say this mod is awesome and I think you're the best class modder for this game. I'm not sure if you're interested in updating this anymore, but I went through each skill and noticed a few problems, most of them easy to fix.

1. The Tier 3 bonus for Void Bubble, where the bubbles are supposed to ricochet, doesn't seem to work.

2. The Prismatic Armor affix levels don't scale properly. This is because each of the Affixes 2-15 are missing <BOOL>NOGRAPH:true in each of the Armor Bonus effects (first affix has this). Also the percentages are off for each skill level description.

3. Level 4 for Skull Crusher is bugged because there's no duration set for AFFIX:DUELIST_BONK_NO_KNOCKBACK, making the character always resistant to Knock Back. Also Level 15 is supposed to bypass Stun resistances, but I think that's not working because you made it a second Event Trigger in order to hide its stats, but its being overwritten by the first Event Trigger in the skill.
mrz361tallyman Apr 26, 2018 @ 5:03pm 
So this is probably my current favorite class thematically in this workshop, Just for the fact that for the most part it's just a "Rough and Tumble" Fighter type rather than a spellcaster. The fact that it's reflected in Fatigue (The Double agent has to actually pace himself so as to not tire out, reflecting on how it's all just fighting skills rather than any type of extra power) and it's also good to get people to practice "meter watching". I did have a bit of trouble recently (Only in the second act sorry to say) But that's more a general problem of misallocating points (something I've had trouble with in these kinds of games sadly) and after bumping up my passives and making sure I had the cutting edge armor and weapons I ended up in a much better state.
Either way, great job, playing it in the Variant modpack now but I'm still subbed to the standalone.
Xaade Jul 20, 2017 @ 9:39pm 
Most of the skills don't seem to scale with anything. Even focus won't scale the damage. I'm confused.
doudley Apr 25, 2017 @ 6:45pm 
On behalf of my fellow modder, Viz []

I asked kindly for your attention and to inform you that your brilliant mod have been included in a class mod compilation entitled Variant .

If you have objection or any opinion on the matter, we will take it with great respect and we will abide to your wishes.

Thank you and best regards!
phongn1 Oct 15, 2016 @ 12:49pm 
Mirtai Jul 18, 2016 @ 8:57am 
I'm running this with the Synergies mod on elite difficulty and I have to say:

Really nice class. I love how you actually have to pay attention to your charge bar, you completely turned the mechanic around giving a totally new experience. Thank you a lot for your work! :steamhappy:
airwall Jul 8, 2016 @ 7:21am 
The way the fatique bar is set up is interesting, but the character itself is useless on anything higher than normal. He's a melee character with absolutly no survivability. Kind of terrible in my honest opinion.
Desasterkidd Apr 17, 2016 @ 8:24am 
ican i run this mod in synergis?
Adonan Oct 16, 2015 @ 3:42am 
I really like the fatigue bar. Usually I just let the charge bar do it's thing and forget about it, but with this class you actually have to pay attention to the bar. Especially since some of the skills get a boost based on the current level of the bar. That coupled with the fact that there are a lot of interesting and fun (and brand new) skills makes this one of the best class mods out there in my opinion.
nuova_redazione_suxx Jun 19, 2015 @ 11:35am 
This is the only classes mod I'm running. You made an awesome job Dark Star, hope you can fix all the little bugs this still has! Wonderful addition to an already good game