The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Mods to use in Skyrim in the future
Because I can't subscribe to too many mods this collection will keep them in one place.
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Become a Bard Anduniel Expansion
Created by Anduniel
This mod adds the songs played by Anduniel of Anduniel Companion mod[] and Anna NPCs 3.0[],
written and performed by Anna Castiglioni.
Call of Trainwiz
Created by Trainwiz
People have often asked me "Trainwiz, if you are a wizard, and a train wizard, what train spells do you know?"
So, to show those people, I created this mod. It adds a shout that, when used, will create an effect similar to Alduin's meteor shower spell. Ex...
Calyps' Razor Assassin Armor
Created by calyps
An assassin armor in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. Part of my "I hate darkbrotherhood default armors" mod series. Also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just u...
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
Created by The Northern Ranger
This is an amazing little portable camping mod that gives control over setting up your campsite exactly how you want.
It comes with two types of tents, many extra features, and includes custom models for setting up the camp.

Camping Lite
Created by McGuffin
Camping lite is a simple, streamlined, camping mod.

There are few other camping mods, but I made this one for people (like me) who want to keep the idea simple and who want an easier and faster method to set up a Camp through an ability (power).
It's ...
Created by guicool



I had th...
Castle Grey
Created by Holth2004
An enormous castle set high atop a mountain and overlooking the waterfalls and rivers flowing past Dragonbridge. Castle Grey has been designed to have everything a player could want; spectacular views, a bright sumptious interior and storage in abundance....
Castle Ragnar
Created by ThordTV
Castle Ragnar

REQUIREMENTS: Dawnguard and Hearthfires

A medium sized castle situated on the outskirts of Rorikstead. Guards, Servants, all crafting facilities and of course Ragnar the Red! I should point out this is the grandson of Ragnar the Red as ...
Castle Strunmah
Created by yevic
Hey guys, Yevic here, just wanted you to know that I've read through some of your comments and will be working on an update in the next few days that should help fix some of the issues you're all experiencing

Castle Volkihar Redux - A Player Home
Created by DiGiTaL CLeaNeR
Castle Volkihar Redux Skyrim Special Edition IS NOW LIVE on Bethesda's new Mod site!

Now the size of a city, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate vampire kingdom for the true overlord of ...
Castle Volkihar Revamped
Created by FuriousSimian
Castle Volkihar Revamped
Please Rate it if you like it!
This mod is no longer being updated.
This mod requires the Dawnguard expansion.

This m...
Cattle Herd
Created by Fallhammer
Cattle Herd is a simple mod that adds several cows, a cattle herder named Harvey LeBeouf, and his two trusty herding dogs. There is also a tent and campfire to to keep Harvey dry and warm.
I created this mod as a compliment to:[URL=http://www.nexusmods.c...
Chain Daedric Chestplate! (My first custom texture!)
Created by Wrecky >.>
This mod is to show those who want custom sephiroth model and sword that I now have the potential to do it now, and they can look forward to it hopefully soon!

Look for my armor piece in the Drunken Huntsman, steal it (makes it more fun), and enjoy!

Character Creation Overhaul - Diverse Races and Genders
Created by Syclonix
This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

Vanilla Skyrim allowed any st...
Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
Created by Syclonix

Character Creation Overhaul finally brings back birthsigns, classes, specializations, favored attributes, and...
Chateau Le Dragonborne (Player Home)
Chateau Le Dragonborne (Player Home in Solstheim, Dragonborn Expansion/DLC).

North Solstheism - follow the trapdoor to the cave, then find the key. Enter the hidden region where you will discover the Chateau Le Dragonborne, a new player home for the Do...
Cheat spells
My other Mods

The mod contains 24 spells

1. Disappear
This spell can targets disappear and appear after 60 seconds. Works not for guards or dragons.

Chickens are Gold Coins
Created by Dafini
This mod replaces ALL Gold coins with Chickens. Trust me, its funnier this way.

Child followers
Created by Beric Dondarrion
This mod does well what else this mod adds child followers this version adds 2 child followers

Bargoth a male child with a sword and alot of hp and 100 1handed skill
Elena a female child with a deadric battleaxe and 100 2handed skill and alot of hp
Civil War Cleanup
Created by joeThinkStudios
It always bothered me that the cities remained damaged after completing the civil war.

The people of Skyrim need to rebuild after the civil war. This mod does just that.

Whiterun has been repaired to a nice exterior for the large tree; the houses th...
Clothing and Smithing Pack
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod adds many clothing and armor sets based on unatainable (and unbranded) faction specific sets and adds new smithing options. These new varieties are renamed in a lore-friendly fashion and DO NOT change the originals.


- Armor a...
Clouded Assasin Armor - Dawnguard
Created by JamboKitty
****I took my mods down for awhile beacuse I had no time too work on them and I still dont :P but I figured that I would bring them back but they will remain AS IS until I have time to come back to modding. Enjoy what they are so far and thanks fro subscri...
Created by Dafini
This mod is so you can have a weapon purely based off of household items, or any sort of clutter you might end up finding.

So far this includes:
+Small Cast Iron Pots
+Wooden Ladles
+Chair (smackdown lol)
ColloseusX's Return of The Dwemer
This is a mod i am working on that will repopulate the Dwemer ruins with actual Dwemer, I am also working on a fictional story for the return of the Dwemer, including a custom quest that is in development. You will also now be able to find notes and books ...
Comfortable Island House
Created by Dr Popor
The idea is just to have all in one small place: alchemy lab, forge, enchant, lots of chests, cooking, two merchants 8one buy stolen goods), talos statue and a bed.

No big palaces, no small houses with no space, just a confortable house with everything ...
Conan Hyborian Age

-------------------------- Dedicated to All Conan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans --------------------------------------

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

Conan The barbarian Outfits
This is my attempt at recreating the Conan the Barbarian and The Destroyer Outfits with totally made from scratch meshes ( only the female version of the Hyborian uses a small portion of the female vanilla ancient nord armor due to it's similarity and dual...
Crab Shelter
Created by HavocAngel
It's a small house in a giant crab shell surveying Eastmarch from the Waterfalls of the Darkwater river.

Fit for a hunter, it has a cooking place, a bedroll, a tanning rack, a alchemy table, a small Kynareth shrine and ample containers. Two weapon racks...
Craftable Everything
Created by Astrignis
The Mod Adds A Wide Variety Of Playable, Enchantable, Upgradeable, Craftable Items Such As:
Including swords to train every skill. (meaning, ex, kill draugr with one handed sword and doing so train your alteration skill instead of the one handed weapons s...
Craftable Hearthfire Gifts
Created by SorenBC
Are you tired of chasing after Khajeet caravans to find the pefect gift for your kid?
If yes, then this mod is for you. It allows you to craft all the available gifts that came with Hearthfire, the doll, the wooden sword and all the dresses and outfits.
Craftable Vampire Armors
Created by Jan

Don't forget to rate!

This mod makes the gray, light gray, red, and royal vampire armors ALL craftable / improvable at a workbench (the Vampire Royal Armor is NOT enchanted). Vampire boots, guantlets, and now hoods are also cra...
Crafting Longhouse
Created by Robobison
Crafting Longhouse:

-Smithing area with smelter in basement 2 non respawning chests

-Alchemy room with some ingredients and potions and 2 non respawn chests

-Enchanting room with some soul gems and clothing and 2 non respawn chests

-Cooking st...
Create your own Mansion-Interior Design
Create your own Mansion-Interior Design Mod
by: M7


Build your own Mansion Interior!


(Player Home)


Ahhotep Mansion is in Solitude City near the ...
Crick's Hideout
Created by The Vindicator
This is a very nice Hideout for the player.
The atmosphere is Relaxing and Calm, with a
Merchant, a bar, secret area, and much much more.
Enjoy the Hideout and if you lik...
Custom Family Home
Created by WitchRiser

This mod gives you the possibility to move your entire family (children
& spouse) to any home you want: be it a house from a mod, a house
you made yourself or any place of the game. They will have a normal AI
(they will do what they always do and ...
Cycle of the Silencer
Created by WitchRiser
Otherwise, you will miss an important part of the content of this mod.

A Silencer is a professional ghost hunter. There are five Silencers in Tamriel, and each time one of them dies t...
D'arethLaird Island - A Lost Dwemer Island <WIP>
Created by hishikiroda

Currently I have suspended work on this project to pursue other work. I may pick it up again in the future, but for the moment consider this module inactive.

The purpose of this upload is to allow ...
Created by Stalins Gulag Child
This mod adds a new sword to the game called Deathblade it is easily crafted

also this is my first mod...
Daedric Crossbow
Created by DJjojo
Dawnguard ist benötigt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wenn man die Mod ohne Dawnguard installiert stürzt das Spiel im Hauptmenü ab.

Dawnguard is required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you don't have Dawnguard you get a crash in the main menu.


Daggers of the Sun
Created by Ebony Maw
This mod adds three daggers to the game. They are in jarls quarters in Dragonsreach. Since its in Dragonreach, you have to steal them. I thought they were to good to get easily, so I put them there.

I have based this mod off of the Blades of the Eleme...
Dark Brotherhood: Shrouded Cowl Fix
Created by Aronfel
About the Mod
This is just a small mod that fixes the missing mask on the Shrouded Cowl of the Shrouded Armor set that you get from the Dark Brotherhood. It always bothered me that both the Shrouded Cowl and the S...
Darkspur the White Stag
Created by Kyzer
Darkspur is a White Stag follower.
This gentlemen is essential.
Levels with player (given a higher ratio because Elk are weak, but he is not)

Darkspur is eating grass at the entrance of Riverwood, by the small camp....
Darkwater Home
Created by Lubs
The first time I came out of Darkwater Pass I knew I had to build my home there. A large secluded grounds surrounded by waterfalls centrally located between Windhelm, Whiterun, Ivarstead and Riften the Darkwater Home has all the amenities you need without ...
Darkwood Retreat
Created by aetherswift
A fully-equipped, beautiful house mod designed with the player in mind.

Darkwood Retreat comes with:

- Your very own blacksmith vendor
- A beautiful cave full of alchemy reagents from all over Skyrim and an alchemy table
- A deck with a gorgeou...
Darth Revan and Star Killer
Created by Kryptonian

Darth Revan & Sith Stalker Armor (A.K.A. StarKiller)

Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith D...
Darth Vader in Skyrim
Created by Kryptonian
"He's more machine now than man. Twisted and evil."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, speaking of Darth Vader

Darth Vader's armor, or serial number: E-3778Q-1

This is Darth Vader's entire Armor Custom Set
Craftable at any forge in the Imperial Category ...
Dawnguard Sentries
Created by rms827
After many days of work I'm proud to bring you all the evolution of Dawnguard Sentries This mod adds Dawnguard vampire hunters as extra guards to all the hold capitals in Skyrim, as well as some towns. In those towns, you'll see Vigilants of Stendarr wor...
Dawnguard Smithing 2.0
Created by Buckles
This mod requires the Dawnguard DLC.

I recommend using all three of my smithing mods. They're kinda ment to go together.
Created by Idrias
Skyrim saw the mod Time of Day, where you could change how long days take. Now it got worse. It got worse, I got even more creative. This time, there is another lever!

With this mod you'll be able to change date, either to a exact date or by an amount o...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Swords
Created by Deacon
Because this thread is starting to get unnessecarily beligerent I have a request. Before you post an angry comment, or an obvious observation that has already been posted and replied to, check out my horsey mod.
Deacon's Shadowy Shadowmere
Created by Deacon
By popular demand an actually black Shadowmere.

Just as Frost was one a palomino instead of a white Stallion (fixed that too: ) so to was A horse with Shadow in the name once brown.

BUT NO ...
Deadpool Follower
Created by JP Doctor

READ: Make sure you have no followers recruited when you speak to Deadpool or he won't follow you. If he still won't then quick save and load while standing in front of him.
Death Comes For All of Us - Non Essential NPC's
Created by Vultrae


Death Grip Magic (WoW)
Created by SexyBlueTiger
Pull those enemies that are far away close to you!

Hi everyone, this is my first mod and it is by no means finished. Plan to update and modify the spell as I get better with Papyrus and the creation kit in general. I welcome constructive criticism and i...
Decapitation Spell and Raise Skull Minions
Created by J3X
This mod adds two new spells; one that decapitates the target on death and tears away their skull. The other spell lets you raise any skull into a minion that will fight for during 60 seconds. You can have any number of skull minions.

Decapitation Spell...
Declutter: Ruins
Created by Team Vladof
A simple "declutter / remover" mod that's expanded to cover draugr / nordic / dwemer dungeons & ruins. Gets rid of:

* Broken urn pieces
* Random pots & metal pole/stands that get kicked around
* That white napkin/rag on every table
* Floor runners / ...
Demon Werewolf Replacer
Created by Dogtown1
this mod replaces the skyrim werewolf with a winged demon

the demon has double attack power, custom sounds, and in place of summoning a wolf, he can summon a demon dog

do not install th...
Demonic Home - Demonic Sanctum Preview
Created by MontyX
This is my gift to all my friends, followers & supporters.
Also has Custom Music!

3 Songs by Rammstein
Feuer Frei!, Bück dich & Spielt mit mir

I made this on Day one of my current mod, I found the file in my back-up f...
Demonic Race Improved - Demonic Sanctum Preview
Created by MontyX
This has been updated, with Vampire fix, an ability fix, half the health ReGeneration,
you can now choose wings & a Demon follower.
This has been tested with the whole Dawnguard Vampire Questline.

This is The Demonic Rac...
Detailed Mine Map Markers
Created by Boom
Adds and labels all Mine Map Markers to display the main material it yields.

This will not automatically reveal Mine locations to you. You must still find them yourself.

Goes well with:
- Lighter Tools Mod (
Disguise your Crimes
Created by rmbackslash
*** Similar to Gray Foxes Cowl - The enchantment can be learned from this hood and put on any headgear of your choice
Put on the Disguise and do your dirty work. Stealing, pillaging, causing havoc... just flee the scene and remove your disuise. Anyon...
Domaine Alucard - English
Created by Steve Lo
Update: 09 May 2014
This is not a mod update, rather it is an update for me and this mod in general. I will no longer continue to work on this mod for a few reasons.
First - I do believe Disciplus has left Steam, Nexus, and I have not heard or see...
Double Damage Hunting Bow
Created by MACHINESofGOD777
This was my learning mod. Updated 42 times. At first this mod was just a double damage hunting bow. I couldn't find any mods on the workshop that had a slightly better hunting bow. I was subscribed to one mod, and non player characters had them also, the n...
Doughnut Dollars
Created by Dafini
Coins are now InEdible! But don't fret, they have value.


This is one of the few files of min...
DovahCluck - Chicken Dragons
Created by Dafini
A new evil has arisen
Far, far greater than the previous dragons such as Alduin

Chickens are now in place of Dragons, awesome huh? NO, ITS BETTER THAN AWESOME...
Dovahkiin Bunker
Created by K13RAN64
Dovahkiin Bunker - Adds a medium sized lore friendly black dwemer themed player home to the outskirts of Riverwood. Access is available after you purchase the Dovahkiin Bunker Lexicon Cube from Lucan Valerius at the Riverwood trader. Two extra Lexicon cube...
Dovahkiin Hideout
Created by shawkab
This adds a very large basement connecting all houses in the game. You can enter the Hideout from any house in the game by opening the hatch found on in your house. Key in a Box of Locks lacated beside the Hatch.

- Library
- Armory
- Bedroom
- Dunge...
Dovahkiin Hideout - Compact Edition
Created by shawkab

This is a more compact version of the Dovahkiin's Hideout. The Hideout includes doors to all major city houses including Breezehome, Honeyside and the rest. Inside your house you will find...
Dovahkiin Mountain Retreat 4.0
Created by Observe
You have inherited Dovahkiin Mountain Retreat; overlooking the major city of Riften.

This is a unique custom house containing all the amenities a Dragonborn could ask for. Compact, 3-level design makes everything easily accessible.

The house comes co...
Dovahkiin Retreat
Created by shawkab
Donate to Support the Retreat:

This is Dovakiin Retreat. It gives you a nice smaller house beside a waterfall/river. With our other mod The Dovahkiin Hideout installed it will give you an exterior entrance to the ...
Dovahkiin Sanctuary
Created by iadamzx
The Dovahkiin Sanctuary

This playerhome was designed with the intention being a fairytale/fantasy style home. With all the necessities that the Dovahkiin needs. The entrance to The Sanctuary can be found at Clearspring Tarn in th...
Dovahkiin's Kitchen Nightmares
Created by PaDoChriBenTV
26 New Cooking Recipes combining Food and Alchemy ingredients to create gameplay specific Buff Food and to make cooking a little more worthwhile. For those not interested in cooking but interested in the Food Buffs you can buy them from Chef Jorden Ramsey ...
Dovahwood Treehouse
Created by hawkeyea32
Dovahwood tree house is a player house mod that can be found outside of riverwood near the bridge. There are two levels to the tree house the first is for crafting tables, grindstones, and other tempering stations. The second level contains the living area...
Downreach 1.8.1
Created by Nord Carbon
Version 1.8.1

- Fixed small errors in some items positioning and entrance ground leveling

* * * * * * * * * *

Version 1.8

- Fixed some lightning and shading issues

- Added chandeliers to storage area and library

- Added several new contai...
Dragon Age Series Weapons Pack 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Pack 1
Pack 3

Poly counts range from 1k to 8.5...
Dragon Bone Weapon Pack
Created by EvilPeanut
A pack which adds various craftable Dragon Bone Weapons to Skyrim with the stats of thoose from the Dragon Bone Weapons in Dawnguard.


Weapons in this pack:
- Sword
- Axe
- Mace
- Greatsword
- BattleAxe
- WarHammer
- Dagger...
Dragon Bone and Scale Smelting
Created by barry
After doing some dragon smithing, I ended up with a plethora of dragon scales and a dearth of bones. With the Dawnguard DLC I can use the bones to make Dragon Bone arrows for the rest of the game. But after my initial crafting and improvements, I really ...
Dragon Cliff Manor
Created by Spartan
Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World mountain. Probably the easiest way to get to the house is start at Hillgrund's Tomb and go South East up the mountain face. You should encounter a log bridged over a wat...
Dragon Falls Manor
Created by Mattcm919

New House Mod Released: The Asteria - Dwemer Airship

Check It Out!


Dragon Form Non Replacer
Created by DooM
new Update makes this mod Require Dawnguard!!
Added a new power to Dragonman form The Shadow winged dragon
Calls a Dragon for your protection for 120 seconds and gives you an cloak effect+the ability to walk in the air

This is a Standalone Formch...
Dragon Heartscales: Armor & Alchemy
Created by jjb-54
Dragon Heartscales have Value!

UPDATE: 12/072013 Version 1.2

Kindly Endorse if you use this mod in your game, please. Thanks!!

This is my first mod, and a very BIG thanks to Sir Edhelsereg!! I mean it, we've gotten to be good frie...
Dragon Hunting Set
Created by lagrie
dragon hunting Set
- dragon Hunting helmet
- dragon Hunting Cuirass
- dragon Hunting Boots
- Dragon Hunting Gloves
- Dragon Hunting Hammer 2h
- Chest: bone Chest
Dragon Knowledge Spell
Created by Eckss
Convert Excess Dragon Souls Into Perk Points with the Dragon Knowledge Spell. Allowing you to tap into the Vast Knowledge possessed by the Dragons you’ve slain and to convert it into useful Skill Perks. Configurable and Compatible and requiring no third pa...
Dragon Museum v1.1
Created by Arwencire
Museum as Storage Place.
This the Updated Stand-Alone version from v1.0 with more storage, named bookcases and some estetic changes.
Also door/entrance problems should be fixed.

Location: Over Dragonbridge from town on the right.
Old Info from v1.0 ...
Dragon Rock Manor
Created by Necros
Dragon Rock Manor is a player home located by whiterun. no quest for key the key will be located in a bowl next to the talos statue by the house. all self bulid, interior is one of a kind! any issue let me know and i will try to fix them i hope you like it...
Dragon Vault
Created by G20
Dragon Vault is An Arena style Dungeon,
Heaps of Treasure, Dragon souls, Dragon fights and Mayhem to be had.
Voiced Khajiit Guardian to give you the story line.
Located near Whiterun with map marker.
Striking exterior on the landcape.

This is the Le...
Dragon-God Armor (ENG)
Created by GeniusST97

FIRST: I'm very bad at english, so forgive me grammar and spelling mistakes ;)

This mod will add a new armor to skyrim, wich is called "Dragon-God"-Set.
I retexture some objects, who already exist in Skyrim, but t...
DragonBorn House - Casa del Sangre de Dragon
Created by dario
Hey guys this is my first mod in skyrim soo.. there a couple bugs(SHELTER, STORAGES, NAV MESH but i will be updaten the mod. The house is in riverwood in front of sleeping giant close to alvor's house i hope you like it.

Next Update
Dragonborn Smithing 2.0
Created by Buckles
This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC.

I recommend using all three of my smithing mods. They're kinda ment to go together.
Dragonborns Peace (English Version)
Created by BitChecker
This Mod adds a Player home in a Small World which you can find on the other side of the River.
I was always searching for a house to easily go to, drop my goods and go my way again.
But mostly it takes time to sort everything in the right containers and...
Dragonheart Sanctuary
Created by rcrandall85
*Now on Skyrim Nexus!!!
*Requires Dawnguard!

Welcome back to the Night Land of Skyrim - Sovngarde. Emperor Tiber Septim commissioned a stonemason to build him a Sanctuary in a world somewhere between Sovngarde and Skyrim. At the en...
Dragonhide Robes
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Dragonhide Robes' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor, light armor, or cloth set for all genders and races. One of the main focuses of Skyrim is the slaying of dragons. Now mages can wear their dragon trophies too!

ll - ...
Dragonlord Castle 2.4
Created by eve.nacona
This is my a castle fit for a Dragon Lord!

I am constantly adding new content! Check out the change log :)

***Designed for use with the "Unlimited Bookshelf" Mod to use the storage room effectively****

Current Features:
- Massive Main Hall with 5...
Created by Brommers
Adds an enchanted, 1h sword just outside High Hrothgar inside one of the dragon shrines. The enchantment is damage dragon 5 and does +40 +10 damge dragon. Maybe a little overpowering but it is intended. Also added a white gold ingot which can be smelted us...
Dragons, Giants, Mammoths and Trolls Drop Skulls
Created by sp0ckrates
When I was playing Skyrim for the first time, I kept track of how many trolls my character slayed. After seeing troll skulls scattered throughout the game world, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if every troll dropped a skull?" The idea for Drop Skulls ...
Created by shadow_jigg
This is a one handed super sword its just like my greatsword but you can duel weild this and you can create this with
2 dedra hearts 5 ebony ignots and 5 leather strips i am needing to try it out but let me know what you think...
Dragonsreach: Fixed
Created by Idrias
This little mod just fixes a flickering-conflict between two objects in Dragonsreach (Whiterun). No big words to say here. Just seemed very odd, just went to Creation Kit, just shared to get Skyrim even better. Take a look to see where I improved something...
Drakelord Manor
Created by K-face
Welcome to Drakelord Manor.

This mod aims to bring a player house into the game, that has everything. No matter which style you play, or how you set your character up, this mod has something for you.

The house and estate is located south of Solitude...
Dream House
Created by N.W.O








No need ask permission
work in progre...
Dwarven dungeon house
Created by jk20001 ☠
The house in the Dwarven style with everything you need: the alchemist, blacksmith workshop, etc. Enter under the bridge at the outlet of Whiterun...
Dwemer Aquarium
Created by B0T lary
Dwemer Aquarium ver1.0

by Blary

I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not unders...
Dwemer Armory
Created by rnfesig
Do you like to collect things in Skyrim? Do you throw them all over your house? No? Do you have everything in a few chests, and then feel like moving in Skyrim is almost as painful as moving IRL? If so, the Dwemer Armory is for you!

With 300 individuall...
Dwemer Spectres
Created by Trainwiz
Throughout Morrowind, they walked, the shades of a once great race. These dwemer spectres haunted ruins all across Vvardenfell forever guarding their puzzles and treasures. Yet, curiously, their presence was absent from Skyrim. But no more. Once again, the...
Dwemer Weapons Pack
Created by Kryptonian
Skyrim Dwemer Weapons

Ever wonder why you can not pick up those pieces of Dwemer scraps and make something with them well now you can introducing the Dwemer scrap weapons. Now exploring Dwemer ruins will be more fun as you can use those random pieces of...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins
EMP SMITHING (Smithing Perk tree Enhancment)

(EMP Smithing DLC Version with all this mods contents included now ready
to download,please check my other mods)

NO DLC Required
EMP SMITHING FINAL is a mod that lets you make...
East Empire Company Armor
Created by tygabor
Adds a new armor made specifically for the East Empire Trading Company. You will be given this armor by Orthus Endario after completing the Rise In The East quest, just come back to the Windhelm offices to pick it up. Of course I'm sure that a skilled thie...
Easter Egg Hunt! - 2013 Edition
Created by Voodu
Happy Easter 2013!!!

This mod adds 250 Easter Eggs to the Nine Holds. 45 more than last year's version. See how many you can find!

**News- I have added two new mods just for the sake of amusment. Check out Rotten Easter Eggs and Explosive Easter Eg...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Ebony Warmage Set
Created by Eli
This Mod adds a new Ebony Warmage Armor Set and a Warmageblade.They can be crafted at the forge under Ebony section except for the hood it can be crafted under the Misc section.

Hope you like my mod.
Elder Scroll On Back
Created by JertsuPelaa
I liked it very much when Serena had the Elder Scroll on her back, so I made this mod which allows you to do the same. This mod includes 5 unique Elder Scrolls. This mod doesn't require Dawnguard.

Elder Scroll(Magic) - will fortify all of your magic ski...
Elven Races Enhanced
Created by MontyX
Requires Dawnguard
Please Note, this mod is not the Elven Races Mod, which has been shown in screenshots on my profile.

Custom body textures with Tatoo art. Will suit UNP and CBBE body mods
The Tatoos will Darken and Glow, depending on the direction...
Emo Dummies - Train your skills!
Created by Blimmy
This mod adds XP rewards when you hit combat dummies. You can configure the base XP rewards on a per dummy basis by inspecting the dummy in question.

The actual XP reward is derived from two values; the base reward and the multiplier (Base * Multiplier ...
Enchantable Guild Master Armor - Heavy Edition
Created by DraeneiXirena
It was brought to my attention by another member that the Guild Master's armor I made might be just a little bit OP. I did make it to where you had to have ebony smithing to take advantage of the perks, but thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and make...
Enchanting Supplies
Created by Mad Tod

NOTICE: I am no longer supporting my mods here on Steam, if you want the updated versions ...
Encyclopeadia Alchemica
Created by Altbert

The Encyclopeadia Alchemica is a six volume work that covers potions and poisons that can be made at an alchemy lab, descriptions of all ingredients (alchemy reagents) found in Skyrim (including new ingredients ad...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Enhanced Hotpools
Created by jakhajay
Enhanced Hotpools by Ja-Kha'jay

Ever wanted to kick back and relax in the hotpools in Eastmarch? Now you can! This mod enhances the hotpool camp so your Dovahkiin can sit down and simmer.

Adds a few partially hidden rock chairs around the hotpool edg...
Enhanced Ring of Endless Stamina V1.01
Created by KruhlSentru
This ring fortifies stamina regeneration by 10,000%, and additionally adds 1,000 stamina. The ring itself can be found in Helgen Keep on a table next to a dead rebel where you get into your first real fight. A second copy of the ring can be found in the Ri...
Enhanced Soundtrack (Part 1 - Explore)
Created by Enigmus
This mod adds (adds! old tracks still here) tons of feetable music tracks to the game. I dont know what else to say, just test it, it's great!

This part contain explore sounds.

All credits goes to Tribalx13
Erin Sworn Protector V.1 Base File
In order to use The better version of this mod, you might need this base file. I don't know if this works, but I have both this AND the other one downloaded, so maybe this is the key to getting her to show up. I hope this works! Let me know if it doesn't! ...
Erin: Your Sworn Protector

This is my first mod, so I hope you enjoy! And since this is my first mod, I could not complete a quest or back story...yet. Here is the story as ...
Escherion Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Escherion Boots
- Escherion Robes
- Escherion Gloves
- Escherion Helmet
- Escherion Visage
- Escherion Demonic Horns
- Hammer of Escherion 2h
- Demonic...
Essential Player Character
Created by ItsMeRyanB
Allows the player to become essential, just like essential NPCs.
Current Revision - 1

This mod will grant you a lesser power called "Essentiality Toggle" which can be found under Magic->Powers. Casting this spell will allow you to become "essential." ...
Estate Agents
Created by Fallhammer
Estate Agents by Fall Hammer

I am a huge fan of Mod Houses, Estates, Castles etc. but with most of these, you can not purchase.
I often play as poor peasant working their way to buying a nice property, and when I find that perfect house mod, most often...
ExtendedOST Vol 1 W/ Dawnguard & Dragonborn Support
Created by TheDeadbird
Tired of Skyrim's limited soundtrack? Want a variety of music for your adventures, but don't want the hassle of editing and converting songs? Well then this mod is the one for you! SquirrelQueen's ExtendedOST adds lore friendly songs to your Skyrim adven...
EzE's - Artifact Disenchanting -
Created by EzE
Changed some of the artifacts and unique weapons in Skyrim so that you can now disenchant them, and learn their effects, allowing you to place artifact enchantments on normal weapons.
An example would be disenchanting Mehrunes' Razor, then placing the Meh...
Falcon Rise Player Home
You inherited this tiny Island off the coast of Dawnstar, complete with a small Castle and its furnishings. Falcon Rise is your beachfront home, and it comes with Dwarven Elf technology: internal heating. Explore your new abode - take a swim in the heated...
Falkreath Estate House
Created by armymen115
Version 1.4:

- Fixed breezehome door crash!
- Fixed Edwards voice
- Fixed gray heads
- Fixed minor things
- Added Khajiit follower

Version 1.3:

- Removed grass clipping
- Moved some weapon plaques
- Renamed some containers
- Removed a few g...
Falkreath Farmhouse
Created by Ryuku
My first Skyrim mod, introducing the Falkreath Farmhouse! This mod was born from my need of a smaller sized player without thousands of ammenities. Just north of Half-Moon Mill in Falkreath Hold, this house includes:

- A Small Farm
- Blacksmithing Tool...
Falkreath Hill Shack
Created by Goonzy
A small open shack on top of a hill overlooking Falkreath available to the player to live in. Starting a new play through, I decided to make a place for my character to stay in, therefore it suits my character's personality and needs. The area surrounding ...
Falkreath Home: Mountainside Den
Created by jjungles16
I know we all wanted home in Falkreath, now there is! There's a cave entrance & front door, not to mention a map marker for fast travel and all crafting/enchanting/etc. tables you need! Hope you guys enjoy it, and please leave feedback!

There's also a f...
Falkreath Tree House
Created by Puppeteer

Near the town of Falkreath stands one of the most ancient trees in all of Tamriel. Upon it is built an elaborate tree house, which is thought to have belonged to the guardian of the forests around Falkreath. It lays empty now, ...
Fall House
Created by WarriorNorse9030
Ok so this mod was inspired by Build Your Own Home by SupernastyPants* and a no load screan tree house** mod I seen once when I was browsing around the workshop. This mod adds a house to Skyrim just up the waterfall from Darkwater Pass called Fall House. I...
Farm Life
Created by biowolves
Ever wanted to run your very own medieval farm? If so then Farm Life is the mod for you.

Farm Life adds a hole new farming mechanic to the world of Skyrim allowing you to grow a variety of different crops and maintain livestock. This providing you with ...
Fast Respawns And Rich Merchants
Created by HardKoreG
Mod is now available on The Nexus:

Reduces time for cells to respawn and dead bodies to be removed. Also reduces the time for vendors to respawn their inventory and increase their gold by 10x.

Fast Travel From Homes: DRAGONBORN ADD-ON
Created by mbrmchll
If you would like a version with all of the DLC visit my workshop page :D

Allows player to fast travel from inside frequently visited places, like homes. In Oblivion you were able to fast travel from inside homes, so I thought, why not Skyrim, too? I a...
FastTravel AnyWhere (Legendary Edition)
Created by MuserGaming
This Mod allows you too FastTravel In any interior
for the mod you have to have all the DLC's: DragonBorn, HearthFire and Dawnguard
if you like this mod please rate and Fave
thanks i...
Female Nightingale Assassin/Thief Armor
Created by DRAGONREND73
Created by KataPUMB
You may be wondering what the hell is this mod... or maybe not...
How do fish go into business?…They start on a small scale.

The idea of the mod came to me one day that i was... nobody cares what i was doing that day, it just cam...
Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
Flyable Broomstick
Created by J3X
Flyable Broomstick 0.4: This mods adds a flyable broomstick and a levitation spell. You can fly around everywhere with it and it will not clip into the terrain. It can also be used as a weapon, shooting deadly bolts of lighting.

You must fight a witch i...
Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO
If you like this mod, please join this group! Protest the monetization of modding!

Follower Sonic the Hedgehog
Created by Dafini
You can now have Sonic as a companion!

This follower can be found at the first Archway into Riverood....
Follower: Susan Freecark
Created by Ivrenis
I made this character in hopes of getting more people to look at my other mod that compliments Susan very nicely.

Things about Susan:

*Susan Freecark is a female.
*Is in Dragon Bridge Inn
*Works well with my other mod
*Is wearing Full Dragons...
Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 2
Created by HamsterJuice
Check out Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 3! Get it right here, it's free!
This mod is posted on the Nexus,[] too!

Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 3
Created by HamsterJuice
Check out Spell Pack 4! It's the flying bug needle's knees!

Forest-Peak House - A simple player home
Created by mackam08
Update to version 1.3 - Final release for the foreseeable future. Greatly improved indoor navmesh, to allow followers to navigate better. Added new mushroom patch and torch sconce to Forest-Peak mines.
Update to version 1.2 - Tanning rack mo...
Forgotten Summit Playerhome
Created by iadamzx
Forgotten summit is a luxurious friendly player home located next to the Ritual stone in Whiterun. The home has great views of the mountains and offers a great loc...
Formal Legions
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
Do you dare oppose the might of the imperial legion!?

---------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION---------------------------------------

It always annoying that the Imperial Legion in skyrim wore Milkdrinker armo...
Fort Darkwater (Final Edition)
Created by iadamzx
This mod is NO LONGER a work in progress FINAL EDITION JUST RELEASED!!!

In the game this place is incredibly small and underrated, is decided to change this. I have added walls, guard towers, merchant...
Fort Morncall
Created by Tleno
Fort Morncall is a new, lore-friendly player home with everything adventurer may need.

It's located west from Riften and north from Hearthwood Mill. The fast travel marker is available from begining, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

Fort Mor...
Fourtuna Ship Player Home
Created by Northernwyvern
Creates a player home in a ship called Fourtuna, just west of the college of Winterhold.

NOTE: No longer being updated. I give permission for any to take this and update it.. Just PM me ok? And if you do, please keep me updated as to how it goes.

Fox Armor from Blade & Souls
Created by Aria
Its for the CBBE body it can be found in Riverwood look at the Screen shot
if u need CBBE i think Caliente has it on the workshop or u can get it from the Nexus.. enjoy
please rate =D if u like it thank you
Friendly Fire Protection
Created by Buckles
Adds an ability that will permanently make your followers immune to your damage while in combat. This way you can use your weapons, spells and shouts freely without harming your allies.

*The Follower Protection Ability wil...
Frosgar's Cave
Created by GhillieForce
Frosgar's Cave
This lore-friendly mod adds a small dungeon across the river from Riverwood that is inhabited by a mage named Frosgar. It is designed to be a low-level dungeon with some loot specifically for magic or alchemy based characters....
Frostfall Cottage - Player Home [Family Friendly]
Created by Overlordnim
[THIS MOD IS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED. I haven't gotten any messages about it not working currently in game with the newer versions of skyrim, but remember you download and install at your own risk. The worse it could possibly do is not work, it should not ...
Full_Shops 1.0.
Created by Vendorayne
Shops are unlocked
The shops are full...

Other links :
Fur Hoods HD
Created by Northborn
Brave the harsh Skyrim weather and keep warm with your trusty fur hood.

1.5b now released. To craft your hoods, read the instructions below!

Now wearable with circlets and available in all armor types, three different colors, with and without scarve...
Fus Ro Dah - Realistic Unrelenting Force
Created by 🎼ԁouglasаdams
Fus Ro Dah - Realistic Unrelenting Force


Have you ever felt powerless although you're Dragonborn? Have you ever felt enemies just won't get any damage from the mighty Fus Ro Dah?
Don't Worry, This mod mak...
Created by T O A S T Y
Hailing from the Caves of Garbondar of northern Morrowind, the Garbon evolved themselves and their culture to live in darkness. Despite their efforts to remain hidden, the Dunmer ultimately found their homeland and slaughtered most of their people. They ha...
Garrett's Retreat v.2
Proffesional Modeler/Texture Artist


General fixes to followers
Created by Remnant
Makes the invisible re spawning bow on some followers visible, and prevents it from randomly
re spawning. (though it may still re spawn when you fire them) allows you to make your follower were what you want. (See Notes for details) Removes the guard fac...
Get Rich
Created by halitrid
There are four chests in Dragonsreach near the stairs with a decent amount of gold in each.

Sorry for the multiple sets of gold. Creation Kit sets high amounts to 65535.

For those who have thought of player.additem 000000f (amount), it's a just for f...
Ghost Rider Follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, The Spirit Of Vengeance, The Rider!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a spellsword, he...
Giant Argonian Follower -Tusken the Destruction
Created by Kyzer
Tusken the Destruction is a polite, gentle, fifteen foot tall Argonian companion. Your loyal Tusken will charge into battle wherever it may be. He crushes all opposition, and stands by your side until dismissed.

He patiently awaits your arrival in Whit...
Gilly's 2013 Mod Box! (Near Dragonstones)
Created by Morbo the Diddly-Do
Adds a few items in the world, mainly near the dragonstones.

At the dragonstones it adds

A Katana (embedded into the sand next to a chest)
A pair of boots - brown
Inside the chest
- Monk Robes 1
- Enchanted Leather Armor for Sneak - Disenchant ...
Gilly's Reworked Starter Box
Created by Morbo the Diddly-Do
Gilly's Reworked Starter Box + Crafting mats.
Places a chest beside the river just outside of Riverwood as you're headed there from the three initial blessing stones. Beside the fallen tree / stump.

Contains 200 of every ingot, alchemy material, and bl...
Gleaming River Overlook - Player Home
Created by Jaffa

- NEW EXTERIOR - now fits the theme of the house better, retains anvil, workbench and grindstone!

- Added some clutter to the interior to make it look better

- New lighting for the fireplace for a warmer effect

- Some fixes to the interior...
Glorious Ravine
Created by Countercruel
Hi!, Welcome to Glorious Ravine!

if you wish to donate to my modding cause as it takes alot of time to make these creations, then please Donate to: via paypal

A hand crafted/non loading screen abode mod with a glorious view of ...
God Sword
Created by Ebony Maw
This mod adds a super-powered daedric sword. It has increased damage, range and speed. It does not have an enchantment so you can choose what other power it has.

Please remember to favourite and thumbs up if you like the mod

Goddess follower 1.6
Created by jackGa
The mod is Prefect on Skyrim SE!!!

English ver

++Due to skyrim bugs you will have to save/load game before you can actually hear the char new speech.

Change Log:
She can change other outfit now

Goddesses of Skyrim
Created by The Final Foe
This mod add's 6 sexy follower's to the game.
A new goddess can be found in Riverwood,ENJOY!

With out the hair the game will crash,the link for it can be found below.
This mod also work's with UFO and any other foll...
Green House (Hearthfire/Dragonborn required)
Created by Lala

I'm not working on this mod anymore!

First thing: Sorry if there are some mistakes in my english. I'm not the best ;)

I made this mod, because I thought there's not enough space to grow all plants which...
Greenburrow - An Alchemist Player Home
Created by ArcadeParty
Ever thought to yourself, ''I would really enjoy living in a ruined house inside a cave, surrounded by all of my favourite alchemy ingredients.''?

Strangely enough, i did... and a few moments later this mod was born.

I welcome you to Greenburrow! ...
Gregor's Keep
Created by nyctophile
This mod includes a small player home and a small cave. I created this house with a more realistic vision. It seems like all of the player home mods available are all huge and outrageous. This one is very basic but useful, especially if you are just starti...
Grey Ledge Manor - No Load Doors
Created by wreznor
While building a large outdoor greenhouse for my other home -- Dragonius Tower -- I wanted to see if I could make a much larger building that would exist in the Skyrim worldspace and not need interior cells or portals or load doors. This is the result--
Greystone Castle
Created by Crim5on Duck
Note: If by some chance you have any missing exterior wall pieces this is a creation kit bug due to be fixed by bethesda in the future. Fast travelling fixes the issue temporarily! The greyface bug will also be fixed by bethesda in due time, and if you do ...
HD Armored Circlets
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!

If you want a Higher Quality version, visit Steam won't allow for me to upl...
HQ snow texture
Created by Erik1988
There is a new version for Special Edition available here (Nexus):

Make sure to check it out!


I was hoping to get a more crystallized look on the snow and make it feel more cold.
Halls Of The Dovahkiin
Created by walt619
Halls of the dovahkiin is a player home that covers all your crafting and storage needs.
This mod Does not give any armor, weapons,potions etc. it is just a player home with all the crafting needs covered and plenty storage. probably to much storage if im...
Halls of Dovahndor
Created by Okiir
(see Nexus page)

Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir


Hamerok: An Orc Stronghold for a Dovahkiin
Created by G20
Orc or not, you can own this stronghold with thirty Orc followers, merchants and trainers of all types, Player owned Longhouse, mine, bar, armory, torture vics and more! But, first you must defeat the three leveled Trolls which seige the city and retreave ...
Handheld Potato Device
Created by Buckles
Presenting the Aperture Science Handheld Potato Device!

With it, you can create your own potatoes.

These intra-dimensional potatoes have proven to be completely safe.

The explosion they cause, however, has not.

Now you can test the device and a...
Created by Pope Canuckovitch
This mod alters many basic tools and household items found in Skyrim so that they can be used as weapons. Stab a mudcrab with a fork! Smash a skeever with a clothes iron!

Items included:
* Clothes Irons
* Shovels (2 types)
* Hoes
* Blacksmith's Hamm...
Haven -Player Home-
Created by Pazy
A big thank you goes out to Moerascowboy for making a video of my mod!!

**UPDATE 24/02/2012**

-Fixed the NPC following issue, they will now follow you all over Haven!
-Adjusted the lighting to be less oran...
Haytham Kenway's Apparel
Created by BongHeed
Haytham Kenway apparel pack with coat & hat from Assassins Creed 3

The kit can be forged in the "Misc" section from any blacksmithing point.

Light Armor
Grandmaster Coat requires: 3 Leather Strips & 4 Leather
ID: xx000D66

Grandmaster Hat require...
HearthFire: Windstad Manor - Fortified and Upgradable -by OH
Created by [266a2e]Kermit
Quick Update (3/24/2014) .. So, have some fantastic news. With some help, I was able to recover my last in progress version of this mod which contained some significant improvements! The next update Will not only be available sooner, but will be a signif...
Hearthfire Supplies
Created by Mad Tod

NOTICE: I am no longer supporting my mods here on Steam, if you want the updated versions ...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dawnguard Addon
Created by PrivateEye
For people who are confused: this is an upgraded version of the old Heavy Armory Dawnguard edition. The old version is now outdated and won't be updated anymore. Check out th...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dragonborn Edition
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Heavy Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor as it appears in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Heavy Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovaki...
Heavy Mithril Armor & Weapons - Standalone, Craftable
Created by ljames
Standalone, craftable Heavy Mithril Armor (Male and Female) and Weapons. I made this using the Ebony base meshes, so essentially the armor is just a retexture of Ebony, with crafting changes and stat changes. Currently the only stat that is different is it...
Heavy Snow Elf Armor - Ancient Falmer variant
Created by Deck Chairs™
** Dawnguard IS requried

** Description **

I loved the aesthetics of the Ancient Falmer armor I found in Dawnguard, but wanted a heavy armor version as that is what I use for my current character. I felt like sharing it as well.

The crafting recip...
Helgen [abandoned]
Created by H_U_S_K_Y
Helgen (alpha v0.6)

This mod turns Helgen to a very beautiful little town with a wonderful atmosphere. All remnants of the dragon attack are removed. My aim is it to make Helgen to a town as every other one in Skyrim.

At the moment it is only an earl...
Helgen Farm
Created by Rray
Helgen Farm is a small farm just outside of Helgen. To be more exact, it's down the path from where you first exit Helgen's cave.


The farm consists of one cow, two goats, and three chic...
Heljarchen Farm
Created by Skvindt

Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold!

Heljarchen Farm is a player-owned farm that allows you to rebuild a once-abandoned property into a functional farming business. Restoring the farm to its former glory w...
Hell Engulfs Whiterun
Created by Kyzer

Hellfire has been flung on Whiterun! All the people have undergone mutations, but still intend to carry out their lives. Some have been changed for the better, others for the worse. Are there any who aren...
Herman the Mad (fully voiced!)
Created by Jaerv
Adds Herman the Mad as follower. With fully voiced dialogue!

NEW FEATURE: New 'Summon Herman' spell !

NEW FEATURES: -Even in defeat, Herman now keeps on fighting for you in his skeleton form!
Watch the new video!

UPDATE: Herman made the campfi...
Hero Plate Armor
Created by Krotion
This is the Plate Armor recreated from the game Fable from Lionhead Studios

This armor can be crafted at any forge. The player must obtain Steel Smithing to craft the standard Plate Armor. Daedric Smithing is required to craft the Dark/Bright Plate set....
Hero's Respite Home Version 2.0
Created by hishikiroda
Welcome to Hero’s Respite!

Due to time constraints and working on making a game myself I will not be changing or updating this mod any time in the near future. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and I hope you can enjoy the home as it is. :...
Herstellbarer Skelettschlüssel | Craftable Skeleton Key
Created by Sabaton4Ever

Ich glaube einige Leute kennen die Diebesgildenquest und den sehr nützlichen Skelettschlüssel, ein Dietrich der nie zerbricht, es gibt zwar einen Perk, dass Dietriche nicht kaputt gehen, jedoch sieht der Skelettschlüssel u...
Hidden Home - Under Whiterun
Created by SpoonComplex
This is just a house under whiterun that im building as i learn the creation kit. The real reason it is posted is so i can work on it at home and at work on my down time. Use the chests for storage at your own risk. Next pass will be more clutter, fixing...
High Hrothgar Express
Created by Toothcutter
Hey all!

I created this mod as I am frequently trying out new characters and build types. The climb up to the Grey Beards ass! If it is your first trip I encourage you to make the climb, otherwise this is the way to go!

Please l...
High-Hammer Castle
Created by Agent X506
-----Current Version: 0.98-----Changelog below! (Please note that I am not currently updating this mod anymore - However anyone is free to improve on/edit my mod however they wish.)-----
-----Some images are out of date, for example, the display room has ...
Hillside Trophy Hall
Created by Spoon
This is the third incarnation of this idea, but I have never published it before, but I thought other may like this.

Are you a collector?

If you are like me, then you collect everything as you go. Don’t ask me why I do it...
HjerimTNF - Hearthfire
Created by GoatlionST
======Farewell and License

After 1000 hours playtime and five mods published, I(author) am leaving SKYRIM.
Now, you are free to modify all my five TNF house mods; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and...
Home Construction and Decoration
Created by Carlzilla
- Build your home anywhere, not just in pre-determined locations.
- 14 Different house styles/layouts.
- Easy to use mouse based object placement coupled with dialog based fine adjustments.
- Easy to use clutter assistant. Lock an...
Horns Are Forever!
Created by Chilean Wolf
As of August 18th 2013:

-Added support for vanilla NPCs.
-Included Argonian Decapitation Fix.

As of July 6th 2012:

Horns on ...
Created by JZBai
by: JZBai
Version: 1.0

A simple mod that gives your horse an attack during its rear up and jump animations when you're riding it.

All you need to do while riding your ...
House Map Markers
Created by Diamonder
Have you ever felt like it's a drag running all the way from the entrance of Solitude to Proudspire Manor, or that it takes forever to get to Vlindrel Hall f...
House Mods
Created by Crepuscularity
A tastefully understated mod for your purchased houses. Cleans up some house decoration, lighting and arrangement concerns and adds lots of new, upgraded furniture and more realistic light. Aesthetically Pleasing (TM) or your money back.

UPDATE: My apol...
House for a Hero V4
Created by HappyOwl
Dragonborn Cottage is a new player house situated within the walls of Whiterun City in the Plains District on the normally vacant space near the south wall between Olava's House and Ysolda's House. It is awarded to the player as a ...
House: Auld Cottage (Riverwood)
Created by subterranean
Auld Cottage is a tiny player house situated behind the inn in Riverwood. Includes bed, cooking and safe storage. Companions can follow you inside. Does not require Dawnguard.

Data file name: CHRWShack
Ext cell: 6 -12

Any problems, please l...
Hunting & Gathering
Created by Altbert
“Hunting & Gathering” is a remake of my earlier mods “ Hunting Rebalanced”, “Barrels & Sacks”, "Ores, Ingots and Jewelry" and “Fence? No Fence!”. This mod covers all that is provided in these mods, but with lots of further enhancements.

REQUIRES: Skyrim...
I like mortars
Created by Decimis
Fun, powerful, and will send people flying. Meant to be used by aiming high and arcing the projectiles like mortars or artillery. No perks required and no magicka cost to use because it's just for fun. Learned from a spell tome on the table in Lund's Hut w...
Created by smartbluecat


Guys! If you're having issues - PLEASE GO TO HIS NEXUS SITE AND READ T
Ice Mountain Homestead (Player Home)
Created by JRC

This is as it says in the title; a Player owned home. It has all the must-haves; forge, tanning rack, workbench, smelter, grindstone, alchemy table, enchanting table, mannequins, weapon racks, display cases and plenty of storage.

The house is ...
Immersive Contrast Boost
Created by Aplestormy
Immersive Contrast Boost
By Aplestormy

  • No Performance Loss
  • Almost doubles game contrast, getting rid of the "Washed out" visuals
  • Compatible with nearly every Lighting Mod
  • Mak
Immersive Saturation Boost
Created by Aplestormy
Immersive Saturation Boost
By Aplestormy

  • No Performance Loss
  • Almost doubles game saturation, getting rid of the "Washed out" visuals
  • Compatible with nearly every Lighting Mod
Imperial Exchange Market
Created by cstevenson2014
Slightly north-east of Whiterun lies the Imperial Exchange, a fortified outpost of the East Empire Company full of wealthy merchants and treasures. To gain access, go to the Mistveil Keep and exit Riften by the door to the right of that castle. Travel down...
Imperial Robes
Created by GustavL
Do you like the College-style mage robes, but feel self-conscious about wearing blue in front of your crimson-clad comrades in the Imperial Legion? Here is the solution. Or, you know, a solution. Of sorts.



This mod adds six garments...
Improved Blacksmithing!
Created by Underman
Over 30 new blacksmithing recipies!
Craftable Arrows!
Brand new arrow types!
Craftable Lockpicks!
Craftable Staves!
New craftable weapons and armor! (Balanced)

Improved Dragon Loot
Created by Valtharen
Improved Dragon Loot is a small mod which improves the dragon loot and the way you use it.

Now, instead of a bunch of bones, you will find REAL bones, like skulls or legs. Also, you will find Dragon Blood, which grants you a major fire protection. Of co...
Improved Skill Books
Created by elGrecoLoco
Appends the skill improved to the name of every skill book, and loots skill books to your inventory without reading so you can save them for later.

By popular request, I added a script to every skill book that allows you to loot ...
Improved Vampire Armors
Created by Ujinty
If you don't have dawnguard you'll get a CTD or you'll appear naked when you equip any of this armor.

This does NOT overwrite the default armor versions, so you won't get armor equal to Dragonscale from killing your first vampire....
Increased loot in chests! More types, and better chances!
Created by The Solar Canine
This mod simply edits the loot tables within the chests in the game, I increased the chances of existing loot in the chests some, and added other types of loot to the chest, usually at a low chance such as enchanted weapons and armor in tables that did not...
Infinity Ring
Created by Fat Pig
This is a mod suggested by glenskip. This mod is a ring of infinite magicka, stamina, and health. You can also learn the enchantment by destructing the ring. The ring can be found in the Sleeping Giant Inn on the counter....
Ingot Smelting+
Created by Miraak
Smelting ingots will not require ores, and you get 100 ingots at one time. if you see any problems with this mod, be sure to tell me in the comments. ENJOYYY!!!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!...
Instant Merchant
Created by omgugly
Use the "Ring of Sales" to instantly summon traveling merchant Goonie! She always carries 20,000 gold and will even buy your *cough* stolen goods!

Easier to use than similar mods! Equip the "Ring of Sales" and Goonie will appear instantly. This specia...
Into the Deep "Atlantis"
Created by dj1994
Into the Deep “Atlantis”
By David M

Discover the unknown in one of the largest dungeons ever made, journey into the most dangerous place in Skyrim. A great evil lurks in the lost city; your ability will be tested.

Start your Journey on a ship righ...
Invisible Body Parts
Created by JoeyBeanz
This mod adds items to the game that you can wear which make your body parts invisible (but only to yourself)

The individual body parts are feet, hands, head, and body. So if you equip the items on your head, body, and feet, you will appear as a floatin...
Ironman's Assistance
I have noticed no one has made a FULL suit of ironman armor, just a helmet, so i went on the internet in search of one. i found one, but it was not on the nexus or on steam, and in game you had to enter a console command to get it, ...
Isabelle - Frostbite Spider Follower
Created by Snapdrgn
Isabelle can be found on the road to Helgen from Riverwood, just follow the road past the Guardian Stones. See the map with the marker for her location and the screen prints of the general area. She's up the hill.

I've included a couple of clips of Isab...
It Beats For Her
Created by Veliremus
It Beats For Her is a short mystery tale set in Falkreath. You receive a note from a stranger who recruits you in his quest to find and stop a dangerous predator. But is it really a simple monster hunt or is there more to the story?

It's Christmas in Skyrim
Created by Jijjy
Also on Skyrim Nexus -

Now with Snowberry wreath 'tinsel'

UPDATE - Actors near the christmas trees in and outside the blue palace in solitude are placed and move a bit awkwardly, i'm guessing this is because the...
Item Recycling
Created by robinsonadam83
The Item Recycling mod adds over 180 new recipes for crafting ingots at smelters. Virtually every metal item in Skyrim can now be melted down into an ingot. This mod is perfect for thieves and blacksmiths alike. Worthless items like goblets and silver plat...
Item Rewards For Bounties 1.11 - WG
I've always thought that bounty rewards were underwhelming - Item Rewards For Bounties makes bounty quest rewards much more interesting and unpredictable, while being level appropriate and balanced.

This mod adds a random leveled item as a reward upon q...
JG Monsters 3.0.5 Steam ver
Created by jackGa
Rate up!

Happy and Keroro deleted on the loot list.

English Version
Your Skyrim must updated
Never have nexus ver
No need any DLC support
Derivative work, Free for use

This mod adds some of new creatures to skyrim, fully integrated i...
JRPG style battle and town music replacer
Created by SinisterSlay
16 July 2015
Added town night music. Changed victory music to play only after dragon battles so it doesn't get as irritating. Added FF10 boss battle. Not sure why it was missing.

02 May 2015
Finally got around to getting the victory and...
Created by 3130
AS the title says i did this just for fun and i like the pretty colours, its called KEENING''S STING which means it can absorb stamina, magicka and health I have just put it onto two deadra swords which you find in Breezehome as soon as you walk in the doo...
Jaxonz Positioner
Created by Jaxonz
Move objects, furniture, mannequins, weapon plaques, and just about anything else with Jaxonz Positioner.
No more fumbling around! Positioner gives you fine motor skills to move things around with absolute accuracy.

Positioner i...
Jeean's Squeaky Toys!
Created by Jeean
Sheogorath was happy enough to share his Super Inflatable Squeaky Toy collection with us. When asked for a quote he replied, "Let the griefing begin!!"

The collection includes a Two-Handed Warhammer, 2 Inflatable Bats, a Heavy Shield and 2 special Stav...
Jewellery Smelting Recipes
Adds additional crafting recipes to forges and smelters that allow you to remove gemstones from jewelled rings and necklaces, smelt down plain silver/gold rings and necklaces back into ingots and "polish" gems into flawless gems.

I created this mod for ...
Julia: Orphaned Warrior
Hello all! For those of you who follow my mods, this is my 3rd and latest mod in my series/quest to create an amazing follower: Julia - The Orphaned Warrior. Here is the lore, followed by specs and location, and topped off with a little bit reminders for a...
Jump Height & Run Speed Changer v1.45
Created by splynter
Enables you to change your jump height and your run speed in game. The fall rate has been modified to prevent injury from a fall. You can jump off of mountain tops and not be injured.

This mod requires that you have SKSE (Skyrim Script Ex...
KA-BAR (dagger)
Created by Kyzer
This is a USMC KA-BAR styled dagger for Skyrim.
Obviously not lore friendly.
United States of Skyrim?
or..United States of Tamriel..?

Either way

Detailed mesh, detailed texture.
Used a couple different references, including images from Google and...
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress
Created by flatline42
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress - a Flatline Construct

Long ago, when the Red Mountain halls still echoed with the sound of Mer, there worked a great architect by the name of Kagrenac.
Kaldar Keep
Created by Crim5on Duck
Note: Please read the description before posting a comment as some questions have been covered. NPC's will not be added at this time. And don't forget to hit the thumbs up button to rate it if you like my work! Thank you!

==== KALDAR KEE...
Kalmere Island
Created by caleb68
Sorry Folks, Stopped working on this one. I've uploaded the files for it where I stopped working on the mod, so if you want to grab them to see what was being done, you can. The files are located on my server at:
Karth Lodge - Ranger House
Created by FuriousSimian
Karth Lodge is a modest player home located just South-East of Dragon Bridge. It is styled towards a hunter/ranger type character however it will suit any and all. It has basic amenities plus enchanting and alchemy tables. Within the house is a secret room...
Created by Xim
Kathjervakk: Khajiit Town

Work In Progress.

Please note that I will be updating this, But updates make take a long time. I am very busy at the moment and it takes a while to do the work ( for me anyway) , But I will update / work on it when I have ...
Katixa's Ciderhouse Restaurant
Created by Katixa
Allows you to run your own ciderhouse restaurant. Read further to get into details. It's not difficult once you know the basics, but content is complex and needs explanation and understanding.

Please check:
Kenti's Storage Room
Created by kenti.bengali
Kenti's Storage Room Mod (current mod v3.2 update / 19Jan14 / added DLC items into mod)

Hello everyone. I've been having a lot of trouble uploading to Steam, so...I give up. I will still make every attempt to answer comments here, but the mod will be u...
Killerkeo's Skimpy DawnGuard Replacer
Created by Killer Keo
This is a replacer for most of the Dawngaurd Armor.

Requires Caliente's CBBE body

Not Lore Friendly

Contains : Heavy Falmer, Ivory Falmer, Dawnguard , Vampire Clothes, Vampire Armor both variants


Also to help motivate me to keep making...
Killmove Control
Created by Mr. Domino
This mod adds a book to your inventory, simply open it to choose whether to enable or disable killmoves, as well as the frequency of their occurrence in percent.

If for some reason the book is not added to your inventory automatically, or it is somehow ...
Knapsack Backpacks
Created by Strange
Version 1.5
  • Added missing vampire races to backpack appearances.
Version 1.4
  • Added recipes that can use 'deerhide02' as well as 'deerhide', to avoid confusion over which deer hide can be u
Knee Joint + Arrow Weapon
Created by Dafini
The joke is bad
But the reality is still there
Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
Created by Sir Edhelsereg

    Ƭake a journey through time in the lost Dragon Priest stronghold, Revakheim. Unlock unique equipment and create armor not seen since the First Era.
Kratos Race
Created by TH3 GR8>



Kurgan Sword - Highlander
Created by Dafini
A weapon made via Request by the one behind this relating mod here, the Highlander Katana
This item is Referencing from a sword used in Highlander

It is crafted the same way a Steel Sword...
Kynesguard/Daedra Hunter Weapons & Armor
Created by Mars
Follow me on Twitter (@nujakujata)! If I get over 1k followers from this community, I'll create a Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit mod for Fallout 4!

Update: Added a few missing recipes, made the Temple more home-friendly, and added the 'Dark DH Armor'~...
Lady Brooksie
Created by blakdeth
This mod adds a follower named Lady Brooksie. She is an assassin and a member of the Dark Brotherhood faction. She can be found at Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath.

Latest Version: 1.0.0


- Uniq...
Lakeview Manor Expansion & Quest v 1.2.2
Created by sgtwinkler
This is my ninth mod and best to date. It adds:

- Several new buildings, vendors, and a dock near Lakeview Manor
- A massive dungeon quest with an element of mystery
- A teleportation spell directly to Lakeview Manor
- Over fifteen unique weapons a...
Lakeview Manor Upgrades (English)
Created by Ebony Maw

This plugin wil enhance your building options for Lakeview Manor with a whole wall encircling your estate.
Also there will be the opportunity to hire falkreath townguards to guard i...
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Created by manny_gt
Mannygt's Mods

the "All In One version" is here :)

Version 1.1


v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Remove unnecessary references in mod
- On the Nexus there are the ESM version and the 2x brighter too

* OVER...
Learn to Fly
Created by sgtwinkler
A simple mod.

With just one goal.

To be really flippin' fun.

Updated: Now adds two weapons, the Shiv of Mass Destruction and the Tines of Power. More goodness to obliterate your foes with!

Left Hand Rings
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz, version 1.5

Adds rings that are worn on the left hand. You can wear two rings at once, one on each hand. These rings can be crafted, enchanted, bought from merchants, and found randomly as treasure.

== How It Works ==
Left Hand Rings - Dawnguard
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz - Dawnguard addon, version 1.5

Adds a left-handed version of the Bone Hawk Ring.

This is not a standalone mod. You must first subscribe to Left Hand Rings...
Legend of the Eagles Nest
Created by Flaho Shi
Legend of the Eagles Nest
Eagles Nest is a lore friendly fortress, with passion for detail. It is located on the summit of a mountain between Riverwood and Whiterun.
The fortress is rather small, but the design offers everything you need.
Legendary Gauldur Amulet
Created by Sovereign
If you're anything like me, after reading the story of the Gauldur legend wherein three brothers discover immense power from mere fragments of an even more powerful amulet, you were a tiny bit disappointed with the reforged Gauldur Amulet.

Legionary Vanguard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Less Hypocritical Bathers
Created by tomensnaben
Ever run across a group of bathers in one of the hotsprings around Skyrim, only to have them call you indecent when you join them? This little mod gets rid of that little annoyance, by requiring characters to be wearing clothing themselves before they can ...
Lich King's Armor
Created by Sam Suphit

credit:meshes and texture Author: jojjo

-READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION. Maybe your answer is there.
-If you are disrespectful, I wil
Light Bonemold Armor - Fully Integrated
Created by JKalenad

Okay, yes. Before you start throwing full sujamma bottles at the computer screen, let me explain this mod.

My favorite armor in the Elder Scrolls is Bonemold Armor. The idea is brilliant, and when I found out that it was going t...
Light Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Light Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovakiin, male or f...
Light Mithril Armor & Weapons - Standalone, Craftable
Created by ljames
Standalone, craftable Light Mithril Armor (Male and Female) and Weapons. I made this using the Ebony base meshes, so essentially the armor is just a retexture of Ebony, with crafting changes and stat changes. Currently the only stats that are different are...
Lighter Tools
Created by Boom
Reduces the weight of Pickaxes and Woodcutting Axes to a more reasonable amount.

Goes well with:
- More Smithing Recipes ( )
- Detailed Mine Map Markers (
Lighthouse Glen Player House + Hunter's Rest Alchemist
Created by RobS
Small but fully functional player house with nearby merchant and arrow harvesting. Set in a scenic clearing in the forest between Half Moon Mill and Hunter's Rest, west of Lake Ilinalta in Falkreath Hold. There is a map marker for fast travel. The key can ...
Lightning during Thunder Storms.
Created by Minty
Main Lightning mod and COT patch mods are also available from Skyrim Nexus.
Please Rate or Favourite this mod if you like it ;o)

Works best along side the following mods:-

Real Rain:-
Lightning patch for Climates of Tamriel - Lite Version
Created by Minty
Lightning during Thunder Storms support for Climates Of Tamriel - Lite version,

This 'patch' mod requires Climates of Tamriel to already be installed via Steam Workshop

Enables the "Lightning during Thunder Storms" mod to detect the bad weat...
Lightweight Ingots/Ores
Created by Red Jay
Tired of crawling around to the smithing forge or smelter? Sick of giving all of your dragonbones and scales to Lydia because they weigh a ton? No longer will you have to leave precious loot lying on the ground! This is a simple mod designed to ease the bu...
Lightweight Potions and Poisons
Created by JustinOther
Drops the weights all of potions and poisons from 0.5 to 0.1.

Currently supports *only Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish Skyrim installations.

Revision 5: Added Czech support. Dawnguard potions reweighed ...
Lightweight Scrolls
Created by JustinOther
Drops the weights of all scrolls (including DLC and mod added if SKSE is installed) from 0.5 to 0.1.

Supports *only* Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish. If you'd like support for another language, please PM me...
Linear Blacksmith Tree
Created by xrydex
This is a simple mod that restructures the Smithing tree into 1 path which allows you to craft both Light and Heavy versions of all the basic armor types. (Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Glass, Ebony, Daedric) This mod does NOT add new meshes for the different li...
Linwe Armor Fix
Created by The Red Glow
you know that annoying glitch that makes your arms invisible from first person view? Well this mod fixes that problem, so if you loved this armor, but hated this annoying glitch then SUBSCRIBE

Screenshots taken in Ebonvale, a beautiful town mod!

Im n...
Lokgol Keep
Created by Gemini Man
Lokgol Keep
A highly detailed player home for the magically inclined
Version 1.0
A Skyrim Mod by Lord Gemini

A. Preface
B. Features
C. Obtaining Lokgol Keep
D. Notes and Warnings
E. Future Plans

A. Preface

In ...
Longer Nights
Created by Kreamalicious
QUESTION: If you're playing with the DAWNGUARD DLC please comment whether this mod still works or not


This mod lengthens the Skyrim night by a few hours. The sunrise is a little later and the sunset is a little earlier.

Sunrise is ...
Looting_Animals 1.0.
Created by Vendorayne
Sad to see gold coins on dead animals ?
This mod is for you !

Other link :
Lore Weapon Expansion - Daedric Crescent
Created by InsanitySorrow
Druid Gameworks - Project Dreamtime[]

Grab the Main Lore Weapon Expansion Release -


Lore W...
Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader
Created by InsanitySorrow
Druid Gameworks - Project Dreamtime[]

Grab the Main Lore Weapon Expansion Release -


Lore W...
Lucario the Apprentice (Follower)
Created by Dafini
Yes, Pokemon, Rejoice, for you are making your way into a brutal game named Skyrim!

Not the lot of Pokemon, that would be painful to set up.... but fun to play

Lucario has the powers of Ice, Steel, and can be found (FREE OF CHARGE) under the Riverwoo...
Lucario the Combatant (PlayerRace)
Created by Dafini
Lucario from the land of Pokemon and Team Rocket's Favorite TV Show is now fully under your own control
As a player race
With a readied Freezing Shout, Fury, and Ice Spike Spells
Also more of a Battle-mage style of attributes.
Enjoy! Both toward the mo...
Lydia - Get out of my Bedroom
Created by msViolet
Someone's been sitting in my chair, eating my bread, watching my bed... as I sleep in it.

Makes your bedroom in Breezehome more private, so an idling Lydia no longer passes her downtime sitting in your bedroom, like an incredibly creepy person.

Lydia is dragonborn
Looks like you have a twin sister in Skyrim now. Hooray!
Please leave feedback for ideas.


Aren't you tired that you're the only Dragonborn in your age? Do you think some other Dragonborn should help you in your adventures? Well, this mo...
Created by Beric Dondarrion
This mod adds MXR from the skyrim mods weekly series to skyrim as a follower he can be found in the sleeping giant
inn he has a unique sword and has Dwarven armor ok i know he isint essential because i hate essential npc's because it take away immersion...
Magickal Ore Mining
Created by Gus
*Update: If you like this mod, try out "Mining Flames" by Vonwarr (Skyrim Nexus.) His mod has been around longer and allows you to mine using the "Flames" spell immediately available to all characters. I actually didn't know his mod existed before I made t...
Majoras Mask
Created by The Wrong Shark
The Mask is located on the Table in Breezehome in Whiterun, pick it up and have fun with it. I didn't enchant it so you can customize it yourself.
The Mask works now with all races but it looks a little bit off on Argonians.
Look at my Keaton Mask too:
Make them Slaves!
Created by DooM
for the english version

do not download the main version on Nexus !!! download it here since i cant update on nexus anymore !!! but you c...
Male&Female Black Robe Set
Created by amel
A retexture of the "Emperor's Robe", "Psiijic Hood" and "Farmer Gloves 3" to complete new clothes sets. It does not replace anything. It's in the same style as I did for Morrowind and Oblivion. Fur is darkened and a silk texture with regal pattern applied ...
Mammoth Hides
Created by Chocoratzi
This is a very simple mod which adds an item, Mammoth Pelt, to the mammoths that you encounter in Skyrim. The Mammoth Pelt can then be used at any tanning rack to create leather. The mammoth pelt uses the same object as "Cow Hide", but weighs 24lbs, is wor...
Markarth Abandoned House Cleaned - Updated
Created by psylvermom
Added a bath! The water turns off and on!

Also, added the ability to choose between the original Cyan bedding and a new Sovngarde bedding. There is a trip button behind the door entrance to the bedroom.

Let me know if you like it in the comments....
Markarth Undercity
Created by Bulkbu
"Markarth Undercity" adds several hours of quality playtime and is a mod of extensive addon-like size.

-Adds a huge network of areas under the city of Markarth
-Adds an epic main quest guiding you through the depths of Undercity
-Adds se...
Marked for Squee
Created by Snowraptor
Based on Marked for Death

This mod doesn't replace the existing Marked for Death but adds a new shout entirely. It behaves exactly like the shout and when a dragon soul is spent on one they will both level up. All this does is adds an alternative shout ...
Marriage Dynamic Outfits (Spouse redress, Hugging features)
Created by flexcreator
Please, read the FAQ before asking questions:

Have you ever wonder why your partner wear the same clothes all the time (if not a follower)?

Well, this mod let your spouse relax and wear different outfits every ...
Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
Created by joeThinkStudios
This mod is designed to enhance the current marriage system in Skyrim; specifically the Wedding Scene at the Temple of Mara, fix various marriage related bugs (potentially an ongoing effort), and add mechanics to remarry. Ultimately, the goal of this mod, ...
Mary J's Hideaway
Created by MontyX
Latest Update: 15 Jun 2013 @ 6:58pm

A new follower & home. Includes a safe for your storage needs.
Includes Custom textures & music,
To Vaes Dothrak, from Game Of Thrones.

An ideal place for when you're a bloodstarved Vampire,
& want to avoid con...
Mask of Sotha Sil
Created by Trainwiz
You've probably been playing Skyrim for a while now, and as you've shouted at dragons and killed Nazeem before reloading a save so you can kill Nazeem again, you've no doubt thought to yourself "You know, Skyrim is really missing Sotha Sil's mask. What a p...
Mastercraft (EN)
Created by Armitage
Plugin gives ability to smith arrows, armor, weapons, clothes, circlets, dinnerware and various luxury items, for the accomplishment of player's home.

( Русская версия: )

- Added abili...
Mastersword Normal+ Op + Shield
Created by Appa
Schreibt mir eure wünsche!!!

Hi werkel schon sehr lange an dem schwert rum habs endlich fertig gestellt ;)
Es ist das Meisterschwert aus Zelda wie man unschwer erkennen kann. ;)
Das Schwert ist OP! Hält sich bei niedrigerem LVL (bin24) noch in grenzen...
Maxwell from Scribblenauts
Created by Dafini
That Scribblenautical(spoiler) Child from the awesome Dictionary Destructor is now Playable, with a unique twist of his own!
Maxwell is a boy with a magic Notebook that brings any object written to life!
Which means he has a very unique ability in this g...
Created by sunne
This is a great mod if you are looking for a great Lore friendly experience. located in Riverwood this Home abode was dedicated to have ease of access to all your needs, so if your looking for a mansion your going to have to look else were. It also include...
Mead Crafting
Created by e4envy
So, with Frostfall and a Hunger/Thirst/Sleep mod installed, it's hard to wander through the wilderness and be able to survive without freezing to death/dying of hunger or thirst. Sometimes, while up in the Reach or travelling through the mountains, I ...
Mead Keg Backpack
Created by Strange
Who needs fancy magic or sneaking about when you can strap a keg of mead to your back and hit things with a big metal stick.

Version 1.2
  • Fix for Nord vampires.
Version 1.1
  • Now us
Megalodon Dragon
-Please Hate if you like this MOD.! I mean Please Rate if you like this MOD.!

-Alduin's Big Brother back for Revenge can you stop him or will he devour you and all of whiterun.?

-Megalodon is at bleakwind basin.

-He works Perfectly and is Supremel...
Metal and Weapon Recycling
Created by WoYo-Sensei
Hi everyone!
I would like to introduce you my recycling mod. What kind of features you have here? Well...
Have you ever wondered what to do with all these tons of useless stuff in your backpack? Simple - melt it for something useful. And now you can do t...
Mewtwo Follower
Created by Dafini
Psychic Cat thing from Pokemon has come to take all your animals!
He is under your control too...
Can be found at Riverwood's entrance.

Mainly uses fire spells, such as the flames spell. Also prefers onehander weapons if given such....
Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
Created by xilverbulet
The return of the Original Spell Mod for Oblivion and Skyrim. Midas Magic adds 80 new and unique spells with custom graphics and effects. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks and as summonable player house. And much more.

Midas Magic Evolved v17.1
Created by DaRealSlenderMan
Adds 250+ spells to midas magics system. Spells meshes are beams, custom creatures, scripted spells, custom effects, bolts, storms, and more! Spell Meshes are custom!!! :)
From tsunimas to walls of winds, or even burn your targets in brimstone or fire t...
MinerFriends - Minecraft
Created by poisu555
Add Mr.Minecraft and his house near the riverwood, and some Minecraft mobs around there.

How to download:
Will install and uninstall when you press the subscribe button.
Will be installed automatically when you start the Skyrim from Steam, Please not...
Mines of Skyrim
Created by Gábor


V1.1 - October 11th 2012


This mod adds a book to leveled li...
Mining Extended v3 - Final
Created by Donald Love
This mod changes mining by incorporating the smithing skill into it; the better you are at smithing, the better you are at mining.

The mod has been rewritten due to instability, the new pickaxes were a rather brutal means of accomplishing what I was aim...
Miravel Tel'Nar - The Rose of Valenwood
Created by ArchangelRising
=====**********STATUS UPDATE BELOW MY MOD INFORMATION!!!!!!!*********=====

Miravel is currently a "basic" companion with a unique class and combat AI suite. She mostly uses her bow, but also Dual Wields to devastating effect. This will eventually incl...
Missing Apprentices
Created by Kain-Xavier

This mod implements the unfinished Missing Apprentices quest for the College of Winterhold. The quest lives up to its namesake in that you will be searching for four students who have gone missing.

You can begin the quest after joini...
Mister Mudcrab, the ultimate companion!
Created by schmaloo,
You, a worshipper of Talos, regularly pray for his guidance in battle. Talos gave you a mudcrab.

This mod adds a new animal follower, Mister Mudcrab, to the temple of Talos. This mudcrab has a known habit of eating children, and will attack anyone as lo...
Monster Hunter 3 Mod V1.07
Created by Sionnach
Need more Monster Hunter in Skyrim?

This is a Monster hunter 3 Based mod implementing weapon and at a later date armor sets.

These weapons and armor are found by crafting at any forge.

Like our stuff? Please be sure to rate!

version 1.07 upda...
Moon and Star
Created by Gan Xingba

A mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, his trail dogged by hunters from Morrowind. However, there may be more at stake than it seems, and this criminal may be familiar...

A quest mod for vanilla...
More Decapitations!
Created by TyeBjorn
This mod changes the chance of decapitation from 40% to 60%! NOTE : You need Savage Strike perk for this to work. I Hope you enjoy

Alternate Version: 100% of chance , download here :
More Enemies 1.2
Created by Krezmick
Updated Finally! sorry about the wait, will be working on some more. Also I have another project that needs to be worked on.

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** i am not trying to copy any other creature or monster mod. I simply made this at my own free will. I th...
More People in Skyrim Part 2
Created by Helenii
This mod has just been uploaded to Nexus. Any further updates to this mod will be on Nexus.

Ever wonder why the largest cities in Skyrim have only 30 or 40 people in them? This mod aims to change that.

What the mod adds

Part 1
-Merchants in all ...
More Smelters!
Created by Zondac
Ever gotten tired of how the blacksmiths of Skyrim seem to conjure their ingots? Well, then look no further, cause this mod removes these shenanigans.

So far, it has added a smelter in Riverwood, a smelter in Solitude, a smelter in Falkeath and a smelte...
More Smelting Recipes 1.1
Created by Boom
Adds more recipes for various Ingots.

Goes well with:
- Arrow Crafting Mod ( )
- More Smithing Recipes ( )
- Lighter Tools Mod ( h...
More Uniques
Created by dreipfeil
Hey! It's my second mod, and I feel better about it. This mod adds more unique weapons around skyrim for you to find. Hopefully there will updates for this mod that will add more unique armors and weapons. So far, I have added: two elven weapons, three new...
More Village Animals
Created by Eidgenosse
AMore Village Animals is now divided into 3 ESP for better
Compatibility with other Mods and i have reworked all
places. Read the Installation how to update or install
More Village Animals.

Check my Channel for the other Additional Areas!

What i...
More perks and levels
Created by Toridan
More levels available, mainly for the purpose of having more perk points available. Also, the level requirements are deactivated to avoid having a lot of perk points that you can't spend.
Please send me the feedback.

x5 levels & perks (...
More smelting
Created by Mystery
This mod basicily makes it so you can turn plates and other random clutter into ingots/other stuff
its very simple and something that i wanted. if you have ideas or some clutter you want added let me know.

Current clutter added:
-Glazed clutter-> Coru...
Morrowinds Legendary Rings
Created by Trelares
This mod adds 8 legendary rings that where present in Morrowind to Skyrim.

These 8 rings are:

Mentors Ring
Increases Magicka and Magicka Regeneration by 50/50%.

Denstagmers Ring
Resist Frost/Fire/Shock +30%.

Phynasters Ring
Resist Magic/Pois...
Morrowloot 4.0
Created by Trainwiz
Also try downloading it on TES Alliance

I can't be the only one who loathes Oblivion and Skyrim's l...
My Mage Cottage
Created by mclinorama
I wanted a home that has a romantic ambience and would also fit my personality as a mage. Sure, I'm the Arch mage of the college, but I really don't want to live there. If you are looking for a beautiful, but simple home, this may be the mod for you! I was...
My little hatchling Ram-Ku(argonian boy)
Created by hl84(령)
Ram-Ku is….
He is young but also he is a traveler. He comes from the land called Black Marsh which is far far away from Skyrim. He could be “The Sea Squall” of crew in kindness of old man who was captain of the ship. The reason why he becomes traveler is ...
Mythical Creations - Weapons (Dawnguard Edition)
Created by Ferret287

Hey guys, got another mod for you. The mod duplicates over 90 different weapons and gives them the stats of dragonbone.


This mod does not add 'God weapons', it simply gives duplicates of other weapons ...
NPC Carbon Copy Presets
Created by Caden
This Mod Requires DawnGuard so if you ask in a comment if it requires Dawnguard i will just Ignore your question

I am sure there are many mods out there that allow presets of certain characters and i am sure they did a great job, i created this fo...
Nadina - Custom Voiced Companion
Created by Anduniel
Nadina - Fully-Voiced Follower

National Skyrim [BETA & WIP]
Created by Dentrick
Will be done quite soon! If you favorite this mod, Please give it thumbs up too!


Nature Follower Pack (Seven in total)
Created by Kyzer
Seven total followers:
Spriggan Matron (Imsin the Matron)
Spriggan (Merta the Nimble)
Bite-sized mammoth (Forstaag the Great)
Fire Atronach (Aldi the Hot)
Frost Atronach (Norring the Cold)
Storm Atronach ...
Navi Companion
Created by DooM
hello there

find navi at the sleeping giant in riverwood

she can fight with many ways and got some special options to teleport you to hyrule .. near the point where you get in hyrule is a complete set of links armor and sword+ shield...
Nazeem The Beggar
Created by Buckles

When you became Thane of Whiterun your first order of business was to cut out Nazeem's tongue.

Then his wife left him and your second order of business was to award her the farm in the divorce.

Your third order of business was to hit on his ...
Nazgul Followers
Created by JP Doctor

PLEASE READ: Guys as much as I appreciate the shed load of ideas and suggestions for this mod, I'm afraid I just don't have the time currently to work on this anymore. A lot of the ideas, while sounding very cool, would take a lot more work than I thin...
Necromancer - Necromancy and Conjuration extended
Created by Black RL

My new mod is out:

Includes all the stuff from this mod and much mor


New Markarth Adventures
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"RISE OF THE FORSWORN"--------

This mod is just about to make Markarth and the Forsworn a bit more consistant...


- H...
New Smelting Recipies
Created by Searching...
This Mod adds Craftable Soul Gems, Lockpicks, and Gold Coins.This Mod also adds the option to smelt lockpicks into iron ingots or gold coins into gold ingots.
This Was a quick mod that I made in a couple of minuetes.If you want me to add anything else jus...
New Village *Woodhalt*
Add a whole new village near whiterun between Fort Greymoor and Redoran's Retreat. There are 19 houses (including playerhouse) and 20 new npc's.

Playerhouse = Huntermans House
You can find the key in Huntersmans corpse at Redoran's Retreat (last pic ab...
Niflheim - House of the Dark Mists
Created by hellcat5
8/22/2012 - NOTICE - ALL reported bugs fixed! UPDATED FOR DAWNGUARD COMPATIBILITY!

After the battle of Moesring, the Falmer took up refuge with the Dwemer. However, the Falmer sought to find something that they could use to get vengence for the Nords ...
Night Eye Blur Removal
Created by Jazko
There's already a couple addons that do this but package it up with rainbow colors or other fancy things. This one just removes the blur. Affects Werewolf, Khajiit, and Vampire Night Eye. Nobody wants to put on drunk goggles to see in caves. Should be comp...
Nightingale Crossbow
Created by DJjojo

Dawnguard wird benötigt!!!!!

Diese Mod fügt dem Spiel eine Nachtigallenarmbrust hinzu.

Bolzen kommen später.

Sie kann geschmiedet werden und man kann eine verbesserte version machen.


Dawnguard is required !!!!

This m...
Ninja Gaiden Armors & Weapons
Created by Kryptonian
The Hayabusa Ninja Clan was founded by the Dragon Ninja, warriors descended from the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Since ancient times the Dragon Ninja had inhabited Skyrim near the place where their ancestors had sealed away the Ancient Dragon Scrolls. The Dr...
Ninja Gaiden Hayabusa Clan Race
Created by Kryptonian
The Hayabusa Ninja Clan was founded by the Dragon Ninja, warriors descended from the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Since ancient times the Dragon Ninja had inhabited Skyrim near the place where their ancestors had sealed away the Ancient Dragon Scrolls. The Dr...
Ninja gear
This mod adds ninja gear in the River woodtraders top floor. The bonus are fortify sneak 12....
Njord's Ice Fishing Hut (Player Home)
Created by Olms Balmora
The first of its kind in Skyrim, Njord’s Ice Fishing Hut is the perfect getaway for any Dragonborn! Whether you already have a house of your own, or tend to be the wandering vagabond type, this is a perfect house for you. Take a break from the daily skull ...
No perk rank requirments
Created by MuserGaming
Tired of having to go through perks that you dont want just to get your faveourite one then look no furthur

this mod removes the conditions on perks so that you can get your faveourite perk right at the begining

this should work with all the dlc's ...
Nocturnal Robe and Hat
Created by Trudy
Craftable versions of Nocturnals Robe and Hat under leather category at the forge!

Added Light Armor version also craftable and upgradeable, both versions can be enchanted at the enchanter.

Also circlet can be worn with hood.

Nocturnal Robes
Created by Vampaerr
This mod makes Nocturnal Robes wearable.
The robes were created by compiling a series of mods already out there (thanks everyone who worked on those mods), then retextured by me.
Bonuses on the armor are pretty much like those in the Archmage's Robes:
Non-playable Armor
Created by gibbed
Removes the non-playable flag from the following armor:

(note that some armor, such as the Executioner gear, only works properly on male characters, others may only work properly on female characters, etc)

00016FFE DremoraRobesBlack Black Robes
Oakenfjord Farmhouse v1.0.2
Created by [CKW] Scouter

This my first mod for Skyrim. I was aiming to make a modest but useful playerhome. It features:

Vanilla Skyrim content only. No expansion/addons required.
4 No Respawn Large Chests
Multiple Bags and Barrels
Ocarina of Time
Created by Buckles
This mod adds The Ocarina of Time from the Zelda series to the game. Equipping the Ocarina grants access to several songs that all have a unique magical effect, visual effect and they play the actual songs from the game. You can find the songs under the Po...
Old Gastorot
Created by LeeDavis
12/13/12 Screenshot have now been added

Old Gastorot (gast' or' rot) is a Breten ruin in the upper reach territory. It was part of the brigade respnsible for defending the upper High Rock from any Nordic invasion. No history books record any even...
Old Hut
Created by Nyromath
"Keep away from the hut that is old but is new,
For many horrors are waiting for you.
Never go near it unless you are bold,
For you will be captured in eternal cold."

The Old Hut is a small Riften style hut just outside the borders of Riverwood, a sm...
One Handed Crossbows
Created by tygabor
Finally the mod you've been waiting for is here at last! That’s right one handed crossbows: you can dual wield them, use them with a shield, spell, or sword! this was a project being worked on by the dawnguard and the college of winterhold, a crossbow that...
Open Face Guard Helmets
Created by BlaQNYC
Always wondered what the guard complaining about an Arrow in their knee looks like? Now you can find out! This mod changes all of the Guard Helms and Stormcloak Helmets to open face versions, so now you can see their pretty face!

If you like it, please...
Orc Loremaster- A Playable Race
Created by TheGrandAdmiral
The people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains, Orc Loremasters are Orcs that have honed their abilities and are more learnéd than their brethren. As well as being skilled smiths and warriors they have an affinity for speechcraft too. They appear t...
Ore Extractor Spell
Created by Razzzze
Добавляет в игру заклинание - Извлечение руды. Тома с заклинанием можно найти у торговца в Ривервуде, либо у придворного мага в Вайтране. Изучите заклинание, кастуйте на рудную жилу и наслаждайтесь результатом.

Mod add a spell in the game - ore extracti...
Ore Extractor Spell for DragonBorn DLC
Created by Razzzze
Версия для DragonBorn\Version for DragonBorn

Добавляет в игру заклинание - Извлечение руды. Тома с заклинанием можно найти у торговца в Ривервуде, либо у придворного мага в Вайтране. Изучите заклинание, кастуйте на рудную жилу и наслаждайтесь результато...
Ores from Armor ( Resmelt Iron and Steel Weapons and Armor to Iron Ore. Amalgamation of Silver and Refining of Gold )
Created by Sam Fissure
Tired of useless iron/steel armor late game? Ever want to make mass gold/silver ingots without it being a game-breaker? Frustrated by the fact that Quicksilver is in-game and used at forges but CANNOT be used for the rather primitive task of Amalgamation...
Ores from Armor++ With Scrollcrafting, Junksmelting, Glovemaking and Staff Crafting (staffcraft not completed yet)
Created by Sam Fissure
Sick of the junk in the standard bandit den/NPC house?
Tired of useless iron/steel late game?
Frustrated by Quicksilver being in-game and used at smelters but CANNOT be used for the rather primitive task of Amalgamation (Mass Gold/Silver)?
Want to ...
Overlord Armor & Dungeon boss
Created by aodnagne(하회)

I converted Oblivion Overlord armor mod(made by Найхаан ) to Skyrim. and add some retexture, glowing effect.
Helmet was made by me.
Originate from Overlord 2 (pc game).

Two Armor sets for male. (This mod doesn't have female mesh, bu...
Overpowered Iron Dagger
Created by DELTARYZ
This is much like my last mod (Overpowered Daedric Sword), it majorly increases the attack speed and damage of the Iron Dagger, making you almost unbeatable when paired with good armor.

I'll make some overpowered armor mods if you'd want....
Overseer's House and Quest
Created by psylvermom
This beautiful home includes an all expense paid trip to Oblivion. Activate the portal, defeat the Daedra and help Uthastyr recover the stone. Requires Hearthfire and Dawn Guard.

This is my first quest so I expect there are several bugs I did not fi...
Created by splynter
A complete crafting and storage solution that you carry with you and deploy as needed.

A full crafting workshop that you can summon most anywhere, as long as you have enough space around you. It also contains access to pl...
Pacific Rim - Gypsy Danger: Balanced Edition
Created by Dafini
This is the Balanced and more fair version of the Gypsy Danger mod, for those wanting more of a challenge with it.
Gypsy Danger is the robotic thing on the front of Pacific Rim for the majority of the time.
You are bigger, hit harder, and can pretty mu...
Pacific Rim - Gypsy Danger: Jaeger Edition
Created by Dafini
This is the Overpowered version of the Gypsy Danger mod.
Gypsy Danger is the robotic thing on the front of Pacific Rim for the majority of the time.
You are bigger, hit harder, and can pretty much flatten a city.

A Boat Broadsword as seen in the Trail...
Painmod for Heimskr
Created by Beric Dondarrion
This mod gives the player a warhammer that does 0 damage but when you hit someone no one will care this mod is usefull for when you get mad at hiemskr you just keep waking him the warhammer is in dragonscreach on the ground...
Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Friendly) and more.
Created by G20
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one). DLC friendly but NO DLC necessary.
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items inside include playable giant clubs, greybeard, ...
Patamau - Recycle Items
Created by Maniac
Use the smelter or the tanning rack to recycle weapons and armors.

You'll get no more than half the quantity (rounded down to the nearest integer) of the original main material the item was made of. For example an iron sword will give you back ...
Path of the Divine
Created by Madrilous
When it comes to the Nine Divines in Skyrim, they are little overlooked in terms of their effects on game play. Beyond wearing an amulet and praying at a shrin...
Peaceful Valley
Created by Countercruel

Deep in the vall...
Pelts+ Vanilla
Created by Doublebug
No expansion packs are needed for this mod!

This is a simple mod aimed to give hunting a more satisfying outcome=) The prices for hides/meat has been increased and new kinds of hides/meat has been added such as Troll hides and wolf ribs and so on.

Created by Allosaurus
A small penthouse near Whiterun with everything you need to relax after a hard day of killing dragons. I basically wanted a house that had everything I needed but without having to run around lots of rooms.

Features include:
• Skills table: Smelter wit...
PerkPointLess Smithing
Created by Sarthes Arai
PerkPointLess Smithing makes great changes to the smithing skill. Y