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Explorers : Prologue
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Dec 18, 2020 @ 11:50am
Dec 20, 2020 @ 5:57am
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Explorers : Prologue

"SG-5 under Major Wilkin's command, is sent to P2X-53628 to establish a base camp and scout suitable locations for setting up a Naquadah mining station. Two weeks later, still on the planet, SG-5 missed their scheduled report to the SGC. A few hours later Sergeant Thorpe, a member of SG-5 comes through the gate nearly frozen to death, unable to report what has happened out there. And this is the point where the whole story begins...

Major Redding and his team are sent back to P2X-53628 to locate and bring back home the rest of the Wilkin's team . At this moment they still don't know that the new enemy threatens to seize the whole galaxy...."

During development we were focused to provide high quality scenario with complex story, full voice over, soundtrack, cutscenes and many more things which are necessary to bring you atmospheric gameplay experience.

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* puzzle part discussion down below

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(Have written permission from Raunhofer to use A3 ported version mentioned in required items)


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Dec 29, 2020 @ 3:46pm
Puzzle discussion or clue or solution (Spoiler)
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CERBER May 2 @ 3:31am 
To be continued?
Tammo_Korsai Apr 24 @ 2:32pm 
What a great mission! I really enjoyed the puzzle despite needing to look up the solution, but it's good to have an aspect of the mission that needs a bit of brainpower, just like the show itself. :)
76561198192726397 Apr 22 @ 11:09am 
this is probably the most amazing mission i have ever seen in any arma game. im blown away. i really hope that you make this into a full campaign.
Darkbelg Apr 3 @ 1:22pm 
- I do wonder how the jaffa kept warm in this snow storm. I know they have the Symbiote. But frost bite isn't something the body can really deal with. I mean if somebody is on fire they are on fire.
- Also no real dialogue or exploring of who the jaffa are. We just get a content dump at the end.
- I also missed some reasoning for the snow storm if it was natural or something else.
- We also kept hearing Death Gliders which was cool. But there was no pay off.
- There is mixed use of action keys and hold action keys. Try to keep that consistent. Hold action is supposed to be the better of the two.
So yeah it felt pretty solid. Didn't experience any bugs.
Darkbelg Apr 3 @ 1:21pm 
- the pacing was good. The horns were cool they could have been a bit louder. But i thought that was a very nice addition.
- the puzzle was cool. First impression was that i needed the arrow to point to the correct planet above my head. But instead it was the one across the table. For example you could make this better by lighting up all opposing planets and the selected one could have a different color.
- When is saw miller i had an urge to kill him. I honestly thought he was going to be a goa'uld.
- i liked how we went from miller to the cave and found some interesting objects. It was sad it didn't trigger some dialogue or a side objective.
Darkbelg Apr 3 @ 1:21pm 
I have played it. Overall i liked the experience.Here is some feedback.
- The beginning felt slow. We first had to go to the medic and then to the briefing room to hear the same thing again. It also seemed like there was a mystery how he got back. But this didn't turn into anything. Honestly i think you could get the sg-5 guy to stand in the briefing room in a military pose giving a debrief and it would have the same effect.
- The moaning about the cold seems dumb when you have gear on for this exact situation.
- Would have been interesting if we had to select or own gear based on info about the planet.
- Friendlies are immortal. This is great. One thing could be is that they could go down and then you have to revive them. So they seem immortal. This would help with the more on rail sections. Now it seems like the best strategy is to stay back and do nothing. While they kill everything.
Kony Feb 8 @ 7:21am 
it´s great, is there more content coming?
CERBER Feb 1 @ 7:03am 
To be continued?
Prababicka  [author] Dec 27, 2021 @ 4:30pm 
This is SP only
SanchezG137 Dec 26, 2021 @ 3:19pm 
idk how 2 get into a server lol im noob