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Dec 16, 2020 @ 6:02am
May 8 @ 11:46pm
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More Ship Sections

Did you just get fighter tech, but cruisers are still a long way off? Or railguns but the generators aren't yet big enough to power that destroyer gunship?

We've got a solution for you! This mod adds several new ship sections to address those problems and more:

  • Small unarmed ship for scouting and surveillance that's easy on the wallet
  • Refueling and resupply tanker for a long range fighter wing

  • Fighter escourt stern
  • Missile Array bow and stern
  • Improved Destroyer Hulls (Destroyer tech 2)
    • Gunship stern with an extra generator slot for power-hungry weapons & shields
    • Interceptor stern with an extra thruster slot for high speed interceptors
  • Advanced Destroyer Hulls (Destroyer tech 3)
    • Gunship stern with shield/armor as well as extra generator/thruster
    • Interceptor stern with shield/armor as well as extra generator/thruster

  • Hanger bay core for fighter compliment
  • Missile Array bow, core and stern
  • Gun battery bow and core for close quarters combat

  • Dedicated Broadside bow and core sections with medium weapons only
  • Missile Array bow, core and stern
  • Gun Battery bow, core and stern sections with small weapons only
  • Fighter Launch bay core

AI preferences included.
Not Achievements compatible, as it changes gameplay by adding new ship sections.
NSC2 compatible; there are a couple similar hull sections, and you can pick whichever you like.
Design philosophy: 1 spinal = 2 large = 4 medium = 8 small = 16 point defense

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Dec 22, 2020 @ 8:08pm
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Beast-Storm Oct 9 @ 4:49pm 
When can we expect an update?
azure_wolf_22 Oct 7 @ 8:55pm 
perhapse the next best thing since NSC2 has gone belly-up. Thank you for your dedication, as it seems such a thing is a dying art
Biały Chomik Oct 1 @ 4:44am 
I downloaded this mod only for the cool look of that third battleship front section but it won t show up, any ideas why?
Does anyone check this out? It's still working or nah?
malthric Jul 1 @ 7:25am 
what about the titans
For some reason Dedicated Broadside, Close Quarters and Missile Array bows looks like Broadside bow, not how they look on screenshots.
AngleWyrm  [author] May 24 @ 1:17am 
The size (and thus the power) of hangers was chosen by the community to be worth one medium weapon slot. Currently the votes stand at about 2/3 for Medium and 1/3 for Large.

You are welcome to add your vote to the general consensus []
erik.vale May 23 @ 4:20am 
Hey, just noting that Hanger Corveties are rediculously op, particularly if combined with NSC computers to make them hang back. (I would say you can't balance for every mod, but you mention this one explicitly). It might be worth removing the picket mount on them, so that other ships have a chance of touching them with missiles at least.
AngleWyrm  [author] May 8 @ 11:57pm 
Weapon mount emplacements updated
AstartesFanboy Apr 28 @ 8:48pm 
hey is it possible to have the turrets show up? Cause as of now they dont