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Black Ice
Mar 15, 2014 @ 12:01pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Black Ice version 0.3 update is out!
  • All items now scale with Item Level, which is determined by the Hack Difficulty of the building the item dropped from. Any level of rarity can be found at any item level
  • Difficulty Settings - You can now raise the difficulty of single or multiplayer games. This increases the hack levels of servers on the map, which makes the loot better and the enemies harder. Denoted by [+X] in the game browser
  • Mod Support! All of the item stats can be modded. See here[] for a guide.
  • New Music from V-Axys - Two new tracks and improvements to several old ones
  • Hack Radius Grace Period - You now have 5 seconds to get back into the hack radius if you leave
  • EMP - A new weapon which stuns and damages enemies close to the player
  • 1990 Mode - A fun option to make the game look low-rez
  • CRT Mode - A fun option to make the game look like it’s on an old monitor
  • Comparison Tooltips - Hold shift in the inventory menu to “grab” an item’s tooltip, so that you can compare it to another item
  • Camera Shake - Explosions and being knocked back or damaged now cause the camera to shake. This can be turned down in the options menu
  • Recoil - Weapons now have quite a kick to them (Thanks Hoodie!)
  • Damage Direction Indicators - See where you’re being attacked from
  • Intro Video from Alon Karmi

Because of all the changes, the price of the game has gone up to $6. Remember, the game will be $20 on release.

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Demo Available!

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Release date: Beta is out! Full Release ~Q4'14
Black Ice is a cyberpunk first person shooter (FPS) with strong RPG elements. Think Borderlands meets Tron. Jack into cyberspace and make hacking runs on megacorp servers, but watch out for the dangerous Black Ice defending them!

Available for purchase now![]
  • Steam Key will be granted once the game is greenlit
  • Available on Humble, Desura,, and IndieGameStand

Demo Available!

  • Fast-paced first person combat
  • Billions of randomly generated items - Railguns! Rocket shotguns! Jetpacks!
  • Seamless online multiplayer
  • A beautiful, procedurally-generated neon world
  • Extremely open development
  • A wonderful original soundtrack by experienced composer V-Axys
  • Award-winning, addictive gameplay with high replay value
  • Photosensitive Mode

Originally posted by Alice O'Connor, Rock Paper Shotgun:
It tickles your cyberfancy.
Originally posted by Chris Priestman, Warp Door:
Sometimes, you just need to shoot lasers at neon spiders.
Originally posted by Dan Pearce, BAFTA winner, 10 Second Ninja:
Suitably cool and cyberpunky and cool.
Originally posted by Bonnie "Squeaky" B, personality:
An energetic game that's easy to grasp, and easier to get lost in - love the photosensitive build!
Originally posted by Steam User Nicholas Cage:
Just a few minutes, it got me hooked.

The Promise:
  • Every update for free
  • Zero microtransactions. This game will only ever cost you money once
  • Zero DRM
  • No copyright takedowns on Let's Play videos
  • Bug fixes will always be high priority

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