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Heroic Commander Adventure (Demo Version)
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Dec 9, 2020 @ 10:22pm
Jun 27, 2022 @ 8:14pm
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Heroic Commander Adventure (Demo Version)

Heroic Commander Adventure is a cooperative Role Playing Game designed for 2 to 5 players. A Hero Party of up to 4 players is led through an Adventure Campaign by an Adventure Master. Heroes will choose a Class, as well as associated skills, talents, and equipment. They will then set off on an adventure, exploring the world and unique locations, as well as engaging in exciting skill-based combat with a variety of enemies, all with unique skills of their own.

Heroic Commander Adventure utilizes a unique reactive single die combat system that makes combat more engaging and skill-based, with less reliance on random die rolls.

This Demo Version of the game will give players a chance to experience a portion of what Heroic Commander Adventure has to offer. Players will have access to a portion of the Adventure Campaign, including the World Board Map, a limited number of Quests and Events, and 2 different Adventure Board scenarios. Players will have access to all Classes, but will only be able to reach Level 3 (out of a maximum of 4 Levels) and acquire skills, talents, and equipment up to Level 3. Players will engage in combat with a limited number of enemies, each with their own unique skills.

The Full Version of the game contains the full Adventure Campaign, complete with the World Board Map, many Quests and Events, 6 different Adventure Board scenarios, all skills, talents, and equipment up to Level 4, and many different enemies and Bosses to engage in combat.


Be sure to read the included Note, Notebook rules, Rule Book, and Adventure Guide before playing the game.

The videos included here on our Steam Workshop page and on our Youtube channel will provide helpful tips on setting up and playing the game as well.

All Heroic Commander Adventure content is Copyrighted and Registered Trademarked by Curtis Castro.

Character illustrations created by Mad Boogie Creations.