The Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory

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Hand of Glory - Walkthrough (Part 2)
By TheDeluxeTux
This is a full walkthrough for the second part of the game, which was released in early December, 2020. It mentions how to get some of the Steam achievements, but not all of them.
Beginning of Part 2 - Lars Investigates the Count (1)
Part 2 begins with Lars and Alice on a plane to Europe. They plan to split up - Lars is going to go track down an ancient occultist, and Alice will find a professor in Rome and speak to him.

We start as Lars, in a plaza. Take the TIRE WITH CHEWING GUM from the flask of the green dart and speak to the tour guide here.

Next, head into the library and speak with the man by the shelves, as well as the young librarian. We get a BROCHURE to read. You can also read the NEWSPAPER here. Reading the brochure gives us a new map location to check out, so head on over there.

Heading into this new location, speak with the security guard and have a look around. Note the sign with all of the coats of arms, and the chain mail in the corner, which Lars remarks is very rough. Reading one of the signs gives us a new lead. Head back to the PLAZA to find a new character here, having a meal. Speak to him, and after that, exhaust all of the dialogue with the man in the shop window.

We have a new map location, Sancti Leonis. If you head there, the cranky security guard will not let you in. We need to get a permit to visit De Vilta's castle. Head back to the library. Speak to the priest and the librarian again.

We need to distract Gaia to get the information we need. Ask Father Carlo for his library card. Use your BADGE on the nearby NAIL to remove your portrait. Head outside and soak the TIRE in the puddle of gasoline to remove the GUM. Combine the gum, your picture, and the library card to make a convincing FAKE card. Give this to Gaia. You get a phone number for De Vilta.

Head outside and slap the TRACKING BRACELET to the vintage car. Head back in and call De Vilta. After a short scene, we switch to Alice.
Alice in Rome (1)
As Alice, we cannot do anything but buzz the intercom and head inside. We need an internet connection.

Examine the laptop and take the SCISSORS. Click the internet in the lower right hand corner of Alice's desktop, but we need a password. Marie does not know the password. Head outside.

Speak to the man washing his car, and enter the door to automatically go upstairs. The source of the WiFi is through the shutter. We cannot lift the shutter. Note the vent that leads to the outside.

Back downstairs, attempt to use the HOSE on the icky fumes coming out of the sewers. Ask Beniamino about his hose, but he is too into washing his car to let us borrow it. We need to trick him. Examine him with your observational powers.

We need to ruin his good time. Examine the No Parking sign and attempt to move it, but it is not movable. Take the TICKET from the car across the street and head back inside.

Under the sink, take the metal TRAY and also try to take the WRENCH. In order to get the wrench, we need to plug the leak. Examine all of the MASKS here for an achievement, but one mask in particular has a thick mane of hair. Cut off some hair with the scissors. This alone is not enough to plug the leak.

Ask Marie for some sticky dough. Marie will not give us any of her dough, so we need to trick her. Nuke your metal tray in the microwave. Dip your hair into the dough, and use your new gooey mess to replace the WRENCH.

Also, make sure to run your TICKET through the scanner by the computer. You get a FORGED TICKET.

Back outside, use the wrench to flip the sign, ticket the car, and you can finally use the hose on the sewer. Upstairs, connect the other end of the hose to the vent, and you can now peek in the window for the WiFi password. Armed with this new info, go enable the tracker. We switch back to Lars.
Lars Investigates the Count (2)
Leave the library and oh no! Green dart has a boot!

Oliviero promises to help if we can help him hook up with the cute librarian. Head inside and speak to her. Note the book she is reading, and ask her about it. With this new information, return to Oliviero. It is time for a flower-picking sidequest!

Ask Oliviero for a boost up to the tree. Click the branch, and Lars pushes it down. Ask Olive to use the lowered branch. Get FLOWER.

Back at the Plaza, use the Green Dart to visit De Vilta's house. It is protected with a code. Look at the TV. The glare is too strong to see the photo. Turn off the TV with your REMOTE. Examine the Photo.

Head back to the LIBRARY to speak to Father Carlo, but he is gone. Gaia gives us a new location, the Church, to visit. Also, read the bulletin board here. We get a second new location, Tekla's house.

Pay Tekla a visit and get a blank PERMIT. Nothing else for us to do here now.

Pay the Church a visit. Carlo tells us that De Vilta was married on Nov 23, 1992. Back at De Vilta's house, use code 231192 to get inside.

Examine the CANVAS to see a signature. Use the Permit on the Canvas. Move the light behind the canvas to improve the transparency. Get Signed Permit. Now, we can head to Sancti Leonis for a series of scenes.
Alice in Rome (2)
As Alice, show the professor the MIRROR in your pocket. We need to solve a small puzzle where we need to rotate the tiles to show a picture. The solution is below:

Heading upstairs, examine the broken lift control unit. Back downstairs, take the voltage tester from the bag by the laptop and some strips of metal from the trashed microwave.

We need to repair the lift control by reaching the correct voltage level. To solve this puzzle, place the metal strips on the correct three wires: the wire in the lower left, the small wire at the top, and the longest of the three wires in the upper right. When this puzzle has been solved, the professor comes upstairs.
Alice in Rome (3) : The Safe Puzzle
We need to get into the professor's safe. Examine the safe. There are three numbers here corresponding to Rome, Egypt, and China. The key to each number is in the room.


Hint 1: Look at the picture above the bed. Note the items in the background; do they resemble anything?

Hint 2: They resemble roman numerals.

Solution: LXIII = 63.


Hint 1: Look at the painting above the professor. There are strange symbols in the upper right.

Hint 2: These symbols are Egyptian numbers.

Hint 3: This is a math problem. The number system works like this: The anthill shooting a laser at a lillypad is 1000, the coil of rope is 100, the horseshoe is 10, and the line is 1. The little feet represent addition and subtraction

Hint 4:The problem is 4622 + 2313 - 6880

Solution: The solution is 55


Hint 1: Use your observational powers on the professor for the first hint.

Hint 2: Look at the bookshelf. The titles are all related to Asian cultures. Examine all titles for an achievement.

Hint 3: When you look at a book, the professor reacts. Move in the direction indicated by his eyes until you locate a book that makes him smile.

Solution: He likes a book lying horizontally on the lower shelf. This book has 71 in its title. Our number is 71.

Use the three numbers to open the safe.

In this next section, we can do searches. I love this section. To pass this section, you are meant to complete searches in this order: INVINCIBLE FLEET -> JOHN DEE -> SCRYING MIRROR -> SIGILLUM EMETH -> HAND OF GLORY.

However, if you search for other terms, you can find a lot of extra information. Try also reading about Francis Drake, Edward Kelley, Red Mercury, The Book of Dunstan, Die Glocke, and the Philosopher's Stone, among other things.
Finding Scroll Piece 1
Head to the plaza to confront Oliviero. After some scenes, we learn we need to find three pieces of a scroll. Automatically get PICKAXE.

Start by going to the CLEARING. Head up to the cliff. Push over the small tree here, and take a step out onto the bridge. If you try to walk further, the bridge collapses and you die, so immediately head back, and you narrowly avoid disaster.

Back downstairs, click the trunk to move it into position. Jam your CLOTHES STICK into the hole, getting it permanently stuck. Use your PICKAXE on the rope to get it down.

Back up on the cliff, combine the pickaxe and rope to make a GRAPPLING HOOK, which you should use on the rocky outcrop. Swing across and try to grab the bag, but it falls.

Back downstairs, a strange bird is guarding the bag. We need some help to get rid of it. Go to TEKLA'S HOUSE.

Note the box of knockout drugs on her table, and hit the button on the wall for a morbid surprise.
Speak to Tekla about everything and get an ID form. Note that her father hates flowers.

Back at the clearing, use the FORM on the bird. You need to correctly ID the bird. Here is a larger picture of the bird to assist you:

If you have done it correctly, the item Tekla gives you will scare the bird away. Retrieve the bag and bring it back to her for the first SCROLL PIECE.
Finding Scroll Piece 2
Head to the church and speak to Carlo. He will not let us into the ossuary.

Enter the confessional and confess your sins. We have the perfect opportunity to knock him out while in the confessional.

Head to De Vilta's house and grab his SPRAY BOTTLE.

Head to Tekla's house and try to pin your FLOWER to her father. (He hates flowers, remember?). Your ruse does not work, we need more time.

Go to the CLEARING and slather the FLOWER in sticky resin. Repeat the process, and shut Tekla inside the niche. Grab two bottles of ANESTHETIC.

Put some anesthetic inside your spray bottle and confess your sins again. At the right moment, use the spray bottle to knock out Carlo. Grab his key and head into the ossuary.

Inside the ossuary, it is dark. We can pull the chain to let in some light, but it is not quite long enough to reach the anchor. Fortunately, our TRACKING BRACELET can serve as an extra link in the chain, letting us see. Examine the memorials, but there is no reference to eagle wings.

Next, head back to fortress San Leo, and examine the coats of arms. One of the symbols resembles an eagle in flight. This is our man. While you are here, take the SYRINGE from the open med kit. Examine the newspaper for an achievement, if you have read everything else up to this point.

Back at the ossuary, locate our guy. Unfortunately, there are some rivets here that we need some help with.

Back at the SQUARE, automatically get a HANDKERCHIEF. Let Olive know that you are close to the second piece. He will whip up some ACID for you, but he needs some CFCs. They are dangerous to handle.

Head to Tekla's house. Melt your RUBBER TIRE in the fire. Combine this with the SYRINGE to get an INSULATED SYRINGE.

Head to De Vilta's house. Try to get some CFCs with the SYRINGE. We need the ladder to help us, but it's stuck. We can FINALLY use some of the BALM from part 1, which we need to loosen the wheels. Grab some CFCs from the AC unit and return to Oliviero. Get ACID. Use this on the RIVETS in the ossuary for SCROLL PIECE 2. We get our TRACKING BRACELET back automatically.
Finding Scroll Piece 3
At De Vilta's house, ask him about the situation.

Visit the castle for a scene. Talk to the guard here. For the scroll piece, we will need a key to the castle and a code for the door.

It seems like both cigarettes and licorice will be useful items for us. We can get both of these things from Oliviero, so immediately turn around and go get them.

Back at the castle, put some balm on the slippery stairs. Hand the cigarettes to the guard. Automatically get KEYS.

Head upstairs and visit Walter. Ask him about everything. Note his book to your left, and also note that when you ask him about the view, he looks away. Our licorice is no good to us in its current form.

Visit the Fortress and grate the licorice on the really rough chainmail.

Return to Walter's office, and poison his drink with the licorice powder. While he chokes, sneak a peek inside his book. If this is your third scroll piece, the scene will jump to night outside the castle. If you are still missing the other pieces, you will have to get those first.
Raiding the Castle of San Leo
Open the door with your key that you stole from Lake.

Enter the code from the green book. If you have forgotten it is is in your journal. the code is 8154.

Look around the small room.

Note that when you stand directly in front of the wall, your scarf flutters around a bit.

Examine your scarf a few times, and you will open a hole in the wall. A man with a gun assaults you!

When the screen goes dark, QUICKLY click the hotspot for the long pole to knock the firearm away.

Lars gives chase. In this action sequence, you need to place your mouse over the pedals of the bike and rapidly click to approach the fleeing car. When you get close enough, jump onto the roof of the vehicle. Use the HANDKERCHIEF on the windshield to get through the sequence.
Finding the Treasure
The next morning, examine all bits of the scroll. You are taken to a tower to solve a puzzle.

Examine all points of interest for an achievement. When you are ready to solve the puzzle, the Lion is the castle of San Leo to the northeast, the Snake is the road leading into town, and the Fire is the monastery in the middle of the screen.

You are taken to a large tree, where you find yourself under attack! There are many ways to die in this location.

Click the Beast and note its reaction. Click Tekla and speak to her. She says your scarf angers the beast. Use your scarf against the rock. The beast hits its head, and Oliviero is saved. Next, ask Tekla to shoot the beast. Its movements slow down, and Tekla leaves. Move out in front of the tree, and QUICKLY dive back the way you came. The beast hits its head again, and some acorns drop. Toss three of the acorns to the beast for an achievement. Use the final acorn on the rock to crack it. Load the anesthetic into the syringe. Inject the acorn with it. Toss the drugged acorn to the beast. Finally, wait a few moments for a ROPE to appear and quickly grab it when it does.

Open the casket and take the BRACELET. Also, examine the wall. Use your KEY that you have been carrying since part 1, and take the MEDALLION. There is a short scene.

When you wake up, try to use the ACID on the lid. The straw in the acid cannot reach the liquid. Since the straw is metal, try to use the MAGNET to help. The Magnet is too large. Examine the alcove where you found the medallion. Use it to crush the MAGNET. Place the magnet chunks inside the ACID. Use the spray bottle to escape.
Speak to the undertaker. Lars and Alice split up.

As Alice, head left. Take a WIRE from the toolbox. Note the camera, and speak to the undertaker again. We need to distract her to see the footage.

Grab some DRY LEAVES from the screen to the right and put them in the ASH PILE. Enter the small booth and look at the cam footage.

Locate the car that belongs to the goons and use the WIRE to break in. Use the key on the sun visor to open the glove compartment to find a loaded GUN. Hit the parking brake when you are ready to go.

We switch to LARS. Talk to the bartender and order a drink. We get a COIN as change. Also, tell him it is dark and he will flip on the lights. Plug in Alice's laptop, and pop the coin in the jukebox. The circuit blows and we get an achievement.

Take the PISTACHIO and try to give it to everyone here in the bar and in the cemetery for another achievement as well.

Examine the GUN in the inventory for some bullets.

Head to the cemetery. Talk to everyone here. The maintenance guy will not let us use the candle or do anything else on this screen. We need to distract him. To do so, use the GUN on the tombstone and it will crack.

Report the damage to the handyman and he leaves. You can now climb the ladder. Get a RUBBER WIRE and a TAPE from the compartment. Blow out the CANDLE and take it.

Heading back to the entrance, knock over the tombstone by pulling out the wedge. Collect TAPE and a PINCER from the now-open toolbox.

Back at the bar, use the PINCER to extract gunpowder from the bullets and the candle on the MORTAR to make the wax easier to work with. Soak the CABLE in the GIN to make it flammable. Combine the gunpowder and handlebars, add the wax, and finally the fuse to make a bomb.

When you are ready, light the bomb with the sparks on the broken camera, yank the handbrake as Alice, and enjoy the conclusion of Hand of Glory!

There are a few times during the conclusion where you need to take some actions, but they are pretty straightforward. Mostly just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, and make sure to stick around through the credits for the post-credits scene.
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Open the safe using the number 63 for Rome, 55 for Egypt, and 71 for China.

After that, Alice need to do an internet search. The words you need to type are in the articles.

Type INVISIBLE FLEET and an article pops up.

In that article, it mentions John Dee. so search for JOHN DEE.

Then search for SCRYING MIRROR
then type HAND OF GLORY.

When you type the last one, the game should progress.
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Use the three numbers to open the safe.

In this next section, we can do searches. I love this section. To pass this section, you are meant to complete searches in this order: INVISIBLE FLEET -> JOHN DEE -> SCRYING MIRROR -> SIGILLUM EMETH -> HAND OF GLORY.

However, if you search for other terms, you can find a lot of extra information. Try also reading about Francis Drake, Edward Kelley, Red Mercury, The Book of Dunstan, Die Glocke, and the Philosopher's Stone, among other things.