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Billbonty's Guide To Magic
By billbonty
This is the most complete and up to date guide to magic there is for Mortal Online. My guide has helped many people figure out the game and how/where to learn magic. This took me over a year to put together and has a story behind it worthy of its own book. From betrayal and escape, to following rumors, trying new things, taking good deals, and making questionable allies... This is the end result. A guide for the masses full of secrets and memories of a game long forgotten by most, but close to my heart.

MANA will also be returning for MO2. Magic users only. Feel free to pm me here or in discord if interested billbonty#6444.
I will be working on a guide for magic in MO2 as well don't worry. :)
Playstyles And Strengths
  • Ecumenical magic is for everyone and hybrids looking to provide heals for themselves or others. This school should always be picked up by the aspiring mage.

  • Spiritism is for adventurers and people with a more hit and run playstyle. Being unpredictable is key to surviving a fight with spiritism magic. It can be casted from horseback so that’s a plus but cannot be qued like ecumenical. Ether portal allows for some interesting travel and you can capture spirits for money wherever and whenever you want.

  • Necromancy should honestly have three categories since there are multiple ways to play this magic school. The first would be your aggressive death handing sprinters or hybrids that are just using it for the heavy damage/lesser heal and crawling handing the loot. The second is less common but viable. This is your summoner casting skeletons/zombies/mummies with sacrificial eruption and sacrificial healing using dark orders to attack and blowing them up for big damage if things get sour or healing yourself instead. It is kind of dangerous playing this way and doesn’t always work, but it is effective for farming when you know you won’t have aggro constantly. The third playstyle is of course the beloved death knight which requires animal magnetism to be learned and is by far the best and most effective use for this school of magic but requires lores in the carcasses of choice (primary skill points) to summon them very well. The dk can be used both offensively and defensively. It just does great at both.

  • Elementalism is often talked down on. Let those people talk down on it while you meteor storm them in battles or keep them from running and get them killed with ice shield. This is mostly a utility/defensive school of magic due to the long casting times and sometimes long setup casting spells to change the weather just to use the good stuff. Invaluable in sieges though or whenever you have friends with you, but less valuable whenever you are in a cave since they don’t allow weather effects. Light is great though as well as breathing sphere for adventuring and exploring. Takes some strategy and knowledge of your spells to use effectively, but never underestimate yourself. Elementalists can change how battles play out at any time. Super fun to use!

Below is the original spellbook for Mortal Online posted by the developers many years ago. I've managed to find it saved somewhere and labeled it for the future with MO2.
Character builds
Fat Mage:
Race: Oghmir pure
Age: 62
Stats: All in int
Size: minimum
Notes: prioritizes psyche and int. Gain a lot of weight and stay mounted in combat!

Dex Mage:
Race: Sheevra pure or Veela pure
Age: 35
Stats: All in int (faster book reading)
Size: minimum
Notes: be fast on foot! Max out your dex and get your int high!

Balanced: (BillMagnus build)
Race: Sheevra pure
Age: 35
Stats: All in int
Size: minimum
Min str, max dex, 112 weight, max int, 80 psy, 91 con
These are the stats you want to TRAIN to not the stats AFTER the weight buffs/debuffs
Books to read / Skills you need
  • Concentration 3 - 30s from Tindremic Librarian
  • Magic schools - tutorial completion (also 10s from Tindremic Librarian)
  • Mental Focus - 2g 50s from a vendor at the mage tower
  • Mental Offense - 50s from Tindremic Librarian
  • Elementalism Book - 10g from elementalism trainer
  • Necromancy Book - 10g from necro cave in the jungle
  • Ecumenical Spells - 10s from Tindremic Librarian
  • Vitalism - 50s from Tindremic Librarian (easy to max)
  • Mana regeneration - Easy to max by just playing the game. No book recommended
  • Ritualist carcass when burned in a furnace produces unholy ash. Required furnace operation and shinaria lores. Max 100 per stack.
  • Ritual blood found from killing ritualists (age of ritualist matters).
  • Oxygen crystals are found in caves (meduli graveyard is good enough usually and all caves in sarducca)
  • Sulfur is now available at reagent vendors! It is also found in a few places to the far north east and in the tindrem sewers as well as some places in the jungle and can be extracted from saburra rocks. Refer to the Mortal Online Emulator:
  • Nitre crystal is now available at reagent vendors! It is also picked up between Ttindrem and Meduli right before the peak of the big hill with the springboks. Also found east of Meduli just past the ramp that leads north to the belbuses past the bat cave (about a 3 minute walk so not very far). Nitre Flingers also carry small amounts of Nitre which will pile up when killing them in large amounts.
  • Calamine, Ichor, and Rock oil are all found at reagent vendors. Calamine is also found in the sheevra cave and mino cave on the ground. These can also be extracted from certain mining processes. Refer to the Mortal Online emulator:
  • Spirit boxes are bought from utility vendors for 2g each. 30/60 boxes sells for 2g 40s. 60/60 boxes sell for 4g 80s. Recommended to sell 60/60 on broker instead of vendors though (usually 10-12g/box). Very hot seller.
  • Emalj/bone tissue can be found from butchering walker carcasses (other carcasses work too but these are very cheap and easy to find reagents)
  • Molarium is obtained from extracting certain carcasses such as belbus and dire wolf.
  • Incisium is obtained from extracting certain carcasses such as compodons, molvas, and terror birds.
  • Gold and silver are best found from shipwrecks or from extracting certain rocks.
  • Jadeite is best obtained from extracting certain rocks. Refer to the Mortal Online Emulator:
  • Nyx can be obtained purely from certain spire shaped rocks near the glass furnace or from extracting certain rocks. Refer to the Mortal Online Emulator:
  • Cuprum is easily obtained in large quantities from extracting certain rocks and is very important. Also found in shipwrecks.
Spell Casting
ALL spells use reagents even when they miss or fumble, so don’t mess it up!

Hold ALT while casting to target self.
Hitting Q will cast on self. E will cast on target.
  • All Ecumenical spells require a target even if the target is just you and can be charged from horseback. They also hold their charge for a short time.
  • Spiritism spells release upon completion of charge and cannot be held for later casting, but they can be used while on horseback. Some of the spells also only work properly in the ether.
  • Necromancy spells can be used while walking and running. They can also be used while on horseback. These spells also do not hold their charge for later use.
  • Elementalism spells cannot be used on horseback and you must be standing still. Also typically have longer charge times and the charge can not be held for later use.
  • PRO TIP - you can cast while holding down block!

Spell Combos

This is recent and mostly uncharted territory, so pm me with more info as it comes.

Known combos:
  • Cast spurt AFTER chain lightning to inflict double damage (we’re talking spurt damage, so instead of hitting for 8 you’d hit for 16)
Spiritism Magic
  • Ether Lore - Can be bought from Tindremine Librarian.
  • Multiverse Lore - Can be bought from spiritist vendor in exchange for a Portal Dimension Scroll which drops from the Minotaur Chieftain or the Ancient Guardian in the Sator dungeon.
  • Ether Portals - Can be bought from spiritst vendor in exchange for a Portal Dimension Scroll which drops from the Minotaur Chieftain or the Ancient Guardian in the Sator dungeon.
  • Spiritism - Can be bought from Spiritist Librarian for 2g 50s.

  • Transcendental Seance - Can be bought from Spiritist vendor.
  • Transcendental Awareness - Can be bought from Spiritist vendor.
  • Resurrect - Can be bought from Spiritist vendor.
  • Dispel Portal - Drop chance from killing Dal Roba. Drops from cultist dungeon (possibly requires loot luck trinket). Used to be a very rare drop from Sator Dungeon’s Guardian mob (known as pigs).
  • Ether Portal - Drop chance (25%) from the Cultist High Priest at the Cultist Dungeon in Sarducca. Cannot be solo'd, must have a strong group composition in order to beat the room.
  • Ether Barrier - Cultist Dungeon (rare) also from sator event
  • Ether Momentum - Cultist Dungeon (rare) requires loot luck trinket!
  • Mental Projectile - Tindrem garden/MK chest
  • Expel Spirit - Tindrem garden/MK chest and drop from Veteran Bandits
  • Kau Regeneration - Cultist Dungeon (rare) requires loot luck trinket!
  • Mental Healing - Tindrem garden/MK chest

Seal Keys:
  • Ether Barrier - Fairly common drop from the Risar Commanders in the Risar dungeon.
  • Dispel Portal - Can be bought from the Demonologist vendor for 6g worth of demon items.
  • Ether Momentum - Fairly common drop from the Guardian Minotaurs within the mino dungeon.
  • Mental Projectile - Rare drop from the Guardians (pigs) in the Sator Dungeon. Ancient Guardian has a higher drop chance.
  • Expel Spirit - Walkaria the Meek in Sarducca sells it for 20g worth of bug parts. (Located northeast of Belrim in the valleys and walks around a lot) REQUIRED TO KILL 10 AKREPS BEFOREHAND
  • Kau Regeneration - Rare drop from the Dal Roba mages and Dev Murah in Sarducca.
  • Ether Portal - Can be bought from the Demonologist vendor in exchange for 90g worth of demon items.
  • Mental Healing - Sold at Spiritist Vendor

The Necromancy cave is located south of Bakti in the jungle. After going across the bridge go northeast and follow the north wall of the jungle east past the waterfall. When you reach the undead/graveyard you will see the cave entrance to your northeast covered in skulls.

To obtain the necromancy skill book, you have to kill the Vile Necromancer found outside the cave in the graveyard. He is a bit tough, so you might need some help. Killing him unlocks the ability to talk to the Necromancer Apprentice who sells the book for 10g.

Password for Master Necromancer located across the invisible bridge:
Ambulare viam immortui
This vendor will exchange the animal magnetism scroll (found in the sator dungeon chest after boss, 10-25% spawn chance) for the animal magnetism book which you can then read immediately.
This skill is needed for summoning death knights, shades, tupilaks, and death steeds. Your skill helps determine your new pet's effectiveness.

(official list is unfinished, there could be more drop locations)
  • Animate Skeleton - sheevra cave, common drop from skeletons
  • Animate Zombie - sheevra cave
  • Mental Leech - sator event drop, sheevra cave
  • Control Undead - sheevra cave
  • Summon Death Knight - chance drop from royal chest in tindrem or Risar dungeon (5-10% chance of mystic key from Risar Chieftain)
  • Animate Mummy - chance drop from royal chest in tindrem or Risar dungeon (5-10% chance of mystic key from Risar Chieftain)
  • Sacrificial Healing - Sheevra cave chest / uncommon drop from undead
  • Sacrificial Eruption - Sheevra cave chest / Sators event (leader drops unlocked sacrificial eruption) OPEN SCROLL drops from Risar chieftain during world events
  • Death Hand - Sheevra cave chest
  • Summon Death Steed - Sheevra cave chest
  • Dark orders - bandits/Sheevra cave chest
  • Cursed Breath - get strange key from rare items vendor in Tindrem rich district (1.5g worth) and open chest south of the sand molva spawn on the mountain south of Tindrem. (Rare items found from bandits)
  • Crawling Hand - Sheevra cave chest
  • Summon Shade - Sheevra cave chest
  • Darkness - Sheevra cave chest
  • Blindness - Sheevra cave chest
  • Disease - Sheevra cave chest
  • Spider Boil - Sheevra cave chest

Seal Keys
  • Death Hand - combine the necromancer’s heart (found on boss is in fabernum/tindrem sewers) with ritual blood to get skeleton key. Use the skeleton key on the chest in the Necromancy Cave.
  • Cursed Breath - combine the necromancer’s heart (found on boss is in fabernum/tindrem sewers) with ritual blood to get skeleton key. Use the skeleton key on the chest in the Necromancy Cave.

(official list is unfinshed)
aside from death knight/animate mummy scrolls being obtained from the risar dungeon final boss chest/potentially tindrem royal chest, and the necromancer heart giving you cursed breath/death hand seal keys when combined with ritual blood to create a key to open the necromancer chest in the necromancer cave. Everything else is in the necromancer cave
1 vendor you need to kill the vile necromancer to get the ability to trade with. Another requires a password and is behind a section of bricks in the cave, the password is ambulare viam immortui. The other you need 80 necromancy effective. And then the last vendor you need a certain amount of animal magnetism to talk to which the book will get you to.
all the scrolls aside from the ones worth 1g are from the sheevra cave necromancer chest.
well except from cursed breath, which is obtained from the strange chest between tind and meduli for a strange key purchased with 2.5g worth of stuff at the rare item collector in tindrem

Notes on Necromancy:
  • Animal mag scroll is a rare drop from the chest behind the boss in the sator dungeon.
  • Shaman remains are found next to a tree in the oases surrounding Beth Jeda. It is either a cycled spawn or random oasis, but it is always found in one place at each oasis. (Set spawns) respawns after 15 minutes or so and is buggy. These are needed for I think it was spider boil seal key and possibly something else at the same time.
  • Walker Knowledge is found at the undead peninsula southwest of tindrem in a chest. It has about a 25% chance of spawning, assuming it hasn't been unlocked lately.
  • Summoning walkers, zombies, and mummies drains your mana according to your level of necromancy and walker knowledge. This can be fought back by training in the meditation skill which will allow you to keep more undead out at once, but force you to sleep to regen mana. it can be an extremely strong way to play.
  • Do NOT cast walkers, zombies, or mummies in towns or around guards! They will make you go grey and you will get attacked by the guards.
  • Casting dark orders on yourself can prevent the guards from coming after you. Casting dark orders on yourself also causes summoned undead to follow you. Casting dark orders on ANYTHING else causes your undead to attack that target.


(pic is distorted, couldn't find the original :( )

Necromancy Rituals
  • Rituals are done with a basic ritual stone (10s each) or a normal ritual stone (10g each).
  • Ritual stones are bought from the Necromancy Vendor in the necromancer cave.
  • Tupilaks are summoned by simply finishing a ritual without casting a spell.
  • Basic ritual stones, when used, produce summons with 1/10th of the max hp and damage potential compared to normal rituals.
  • Gems can be used to increase the summon’s damage upon completion, but only one gem will matter.
  • Using multiple gems does not affect the outcome, only the type of gem.
  • Artifacts affect the summon’s health and are typically very hard to find pieces for and can be very valuable when complete.
  • Carcasses used in the ritual can be stacked up to 10k with 10k being 100% effectiveness.
  • Zoology lores are needed for the carcasses being used. Ex. Insecta lores for ratzar hunter carcass.
  • Many people do not share their carcass combinations since that determines how good your summon will be.
  • Different summons will have different priorities to be the most effective they can be. Ex. The best death knight combo might not be the best tupilak combo or even a good one.
  • Death steeds will need the same kind of stats that horses need to go fast.
  • Use basic ritual stones to level up animal magnetism, not normal ones. Be careful not to waste your 10g ritual stones!

Since I’ve quit the game, here’s all the recipes I use/have used. Many of these are very good, but most of this is just notes and things I’ve heard. PM me on discord if you have an update or suggestion for this list @ billbonty#6444

Death Knights
Goriax 10k / goriax 10k / megnaton 8k = halberd
(tested and did not work but is a decent PVE tank)


Hunter hunter meg = standard pvp dk (also cheap af)

Goriax/Hunter/Meg = 1717str / 966dex / 556con / 50psy / 19int / 54speed
LV125 = 2127str / 1228dex / 695con / 64psy / 24int / 68speed

Goriax/Hunter/Kurnis = 1586str / 935dex / 844con / 50psy / 20int / 41speed

Gor feeder Dana

ELD/GOR/MEG = 1642str / 1169dex / 821con / 82psy / 24int / 39speed = LV1 315hp/bow

ELD/GOR/HUN = 2500str / 986dex / 805con / 48psy / 16int / 43speed = Lv1 309hp/sword

Kurnis Kurnis Kurnis LV125 Stats
HP 672
Str 100
Dex 419
Con 500
Psy 64
Int 28
Spe 55

Medium Slash 3
Strong Sharp Slash

Hunter Hunter Alate Shade
LV1 stats
HP 61
Str 932
Dex 394
Con 180
Psy 75
int 11
spe 102

Aoe Charge
Light Bite ll

Meg Meg Kurnis Lv 125 Stats
Hp 556
Str 461
Dex 500
Con 422
Psy 300
Int 74
Spe 71

Aoe Sand Strike
Darkness AoE
Heavy Acid Strike
Light Bite
Light Slash
Medium fast Slash
Undead AoE Touch
Undead Breath

Hunter Meg Meg Lv 125 stats
HP 294
str 519
dex 500
con 238
psy 300
int 70
spe 103

Darkness AoE
Heavy Acid Strike
Light Slash
Medium fast slash
Strong Fast Slash
Undead AoE Touch
Undead Breath

Goriax/Megnaton/nitre Queen = 575str / 402dex / 274con / 151psy / 68int / 77speed = 100hp /

Hunter/Meg/Nitre Queen = 681str / 455dex / 180con / 151psy / 45int / 86speed = 61hp /

(Goriax/Megnaton/Megnaton = 325str / 459dex / 289con / 251psy / 79int 75speed = (107hp) /472hp

GOR/MEG/MEG = 600hp =125

ELD/GOR/GOR = 901str / 337dex / 496con / 146psy / 73int / 62speed = 192hp

Meg/Meg/Nitre Queen

Death Steeds
Tikan + feed + hunter = perfect horse

Tikan + feed + meg = perfect horse

Tiken + meg + hunter

MEG 10K /MEG 10K /Nitre Queen 10K = weapon break

MEG 10k /MEG 10k/ Gdana 10k = Ogh breaker / use Tegg

MEG10k / HUN10k / GOR10k = ogh breaker / fast

9950 Kurnis/ 9950 Kurnis/ 10k meg = Amazing HP and great attacks (not tested)

Elementalism Intro
All scrolls found in Sator dungeon.

List is in order based on element and categories are below the numbered list.

* = scroll is rare and should cost more

1. Ice Shield
2. Ice Wall
3. Glacial Shard
4. Ice Protector
5. Hail Missile
6. Hail Barrage
7. * Tornado
8. Earth Shiver
9. Air Burst
10. Stone Wall
11. * Crushing Rock
12. * Precipitation
13. Summon Water Rift
14. * Water Protector
15. Healing Rain
16. Breathing Sphere
17. * Light
18. * Peace
19. Chaos Blast
20. Meteor Storm
21. Heat Wave
22. Fire Wall
23. Chain Lightning
24. Storm Protector
25. * Lightning Globe
26. * Cold Wave
27. Fire Protector

All scrolls come from the sator dungeon’s first chest and from the elemental guards there.
Rare ones:
Summon Water Protector
Crushing Rock
Lightning Globe
Cold Wave
(Possibly more)

However, it is possible, near reset, to obtain all of them at once if you’re feelin lucky.

Seal keys:
I will do this section in groups with additional info since that is how the seal keys are obtained.

Map of the Sator dungeon to get to the elementalism chest:
Elementalism Seal Keys - Myrland
Elementalist trainer
He is located southeast of fabernum across the bridge near the edge of the woods. Head south from there until you reach an opening and a keep location. If you go all the way to the lake you’ve gone too far. To you’re east/southeast should be some horses. Beyond those horses is a large hill. Go south around the edge of it and then head north. At the end of the clearing between the hills should be the elementalist trainer cave on your right.

Elementalist trainer sells:
Breathing Sphere - 1g
Earth Shiver - 1g
Light - 1g
Stone Wall - 1g
Elementalism Skill Book - 10g
(Bring 14g for the trip)

Blainne Elementalist
Located in Christmas village in a cave northwest of Fabernum.
This requires a bit more work but definitely is not the hardest set of seals to obtain. The first step is to go mining at the glacier faaaar west of fabernum and west of GK deep in the mountains. Once at the glacier begin mining and hope that nobody else has the same idea and starts killing you. After you obtain the top and middle pieces through mining, you must kill the ice golems for the ice protector seal key and the bottom piece of the ice artifact. Both are rare drops! Combine the top and middle of the artifact then combine that item with the bottom to complete the ice artifact. Then transport the artifact to the blainne elementalist in Christmas village for 3 seal keys of your choice. Be sure to pick up all 3 at once or you might sell yourself short and have to make a return trip.

Seals you get from this trip.
Ice protector - rare drop from ice golems at glacier
Blainne Elementalist sells-
Ice Shield
Ice Wall
Glacial Shard

Sheevra Cave
This is a long one. Located in Toxaii, the npc you have to talk to and item you need beneath the spire. Yes you are going to have to swim, sorry. But that’s not the worst part… This is such a long swim that you will likely be underwater for nearly 10 straight minutes without swimming skills so make sure you have breathing sphere or max swimming/crawling/diving and a big pair of balls. Once you reach the bottom and get to the other side of the cone, you have to swim to the top on the inside of it and find the remains of the elementalist’s son. The npc there tells the story of how there was a great storm that destroyed their ship and she washed up inside that area somehow and collected her son’s remains. From here, you have to swim back out with the remains and hike them to bakti graveyard. The grave you are looking for is right in the center and should be easy to find. Equip the skull (remains) and hit your use ( R ) hotkey on the grave. This will give you a toy. Take the toy BACK to the elementalist in Toxaii to trade her for three seal keys of any combination. Which also means make sure you don’t just take 3 of the same seal key or you will be stuck and have to do this again.

Seals you get from this trip:
Crushing Rock
Water Rift

Caelum Tribe
These seal keys are pretty easy and are found near the entrance of the jungle if you take a right from broken water (don’t take the jungle bridge). You will find huts with tribalists. Kill the tribalists and break the tents to get all the seal keys.

Seals you get from this trip:
Healing Rain
Precipitation (tent)
Hail Barrage (tent)
Hail Missile (tent)
Cold Wave (tent)

This is what is found in Myrland. The sheevra cave circled here is also the location of the necromancy chest which drops most of the necromancy scrolls.
Elementalism Seal Keys - Sarducca
The Decipher Flames
There are three locations for the decipher flames that have varying levels of difficulty. However, to obtain the flames you need to make a visit to the glass furnace. Get your heat gear and calamine, because you’re gonna need it. You’re looking for a glass dome on the western edge (where you come down) that has an npc inside and three chests. Talk to the npc and buy the gloves and heat wave seal key if you’re ready to.

Eate Guardian- The first and easiest decipher flame is in a nice little cave northeast of beth Jedda near the oasis with the compodons and cougars. Should be hard to miss. Bring a torch inside and be careful of the lurkers. Run to the back along the left wall with the gloves on and grab the flame from the pillar and run out still hugging the wall (make a big circle). This is also the primary location where you would want to farm the guardian to obtain the fire protector seal key. It is a rare drop, so it may take some effort, but this is the best place to do it. That flame will open the Eate chest at the glass dome where you met the npc.

Turgmam Guardian- This flame is located just north of the ratzar workers you come across when traveling to Belrim. It’s of course in a cave and also has lurkers. Best bet is to run in head first and grab the flame as fast as possible while avoiding the lurkers if you can. May the odds be forever in your favor.

Alaz Guardian- This one just straight up sucks. This is where most people die. This cave is located south of the ratzar workers outside Berlim right below the cliff, so you will have to walk around to the lower level. In this cave are groups of slaves that group aggro and will royally ♥♥♥♥ you up if you charge in. You will most likely have to pull them away from the room and rush in if you’re solo. Otherwise, you will need a dk and a few good friends to help you fight through them all. Get creative, this one is tricky.

Final step- Once you have all the flames (or at least the ones you could gather), head back over to the glass dome and open the chests.

Seals you get from this trip:
Chaos Blast - Alaz chest
Fire Wall - Eate chest
Meteor Swarm - Turgmam chest
Heat Wave - vendor
Fire Protector - rare drop from any of the guardians

Eastern Buffonids
These little frog ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ are hiding out in the jungle just south of the east jungle entrance north of beth. You will have to get past a green kurnis spawn as well, so be careful and scan the grass. These guys are a pain and their mages are annoying. Even a tanky DK will have trouble here if you’re not careful or pull too much. You’ll likely die here or trying to get here if you’re not very experienced or just hate the jungle. The buffonid leader is a massive pain solo and will hit you HARD. I would recommend bringing an MA down here to farm for you if you’re a mage without death knights or protectors.

Seals you get from this trip:
Chain Lightning - Leader loot
Storm Protector - Mage/Minion loot
Water Protector - Hunter loot

Western Buffonids
Most people need help finding this location as it’s located east of the black lagoon palisade (if it’s still there at the time of reading). This location is very deep in the jungle and will take some exploring.

Seals you get from this trip:
Tornado - Leader
Lightning Globe - Mage/Minion loot
Water Protector - Hunter loot

All the information for this one was given to me through maps by Akthanakos and Enakhra.

Special Spellbooks
Picture of all spellbooks!

Oghmium Codex - Drops by minotaurs (rare 1/1000)

Golden Tome - dropped by elementals (rare 1/1000 chance)

Lexicon of Death - Dropped at the Halloween event (confirmed both 2016 and 2019) no other way to get it that we know of

Omnibus - drops from demons (rare 1/1000) (the green and black demons)

Rotten Opus - drops from long body graves (rare 1/unknown) also drops from cultist dungeon (very rare)

White Tome - drops from cultist dungeon mobs specifically the veteran sand mages

Cursed Compendium - drops from demons (rumors of it also dropping from rotten general) also was given out during 2019 new year event and the 2019 halloween event

Index Of The Urn - drop from the Christmas event of 2019 (1/1000 chance)

R.I.P Wodanaz aka Weezul aka FoilWizard aka Xarlo.. the man of many names will be missed and his contributions will not be forgotten.
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billbonty  [author] Jan 16, 2021 @ 11:40pm 
@don Hope this helps for mo2 as well! However, we will have to see... Very excited though. I'm personally estimating that probably about 75% of the info here will still be roughly accurate for mo2. Still going to make a separate guide though for mo2. Will have the link to it here as well when its ready.
DonJr Jan 16, 2021 @ 11:38pm 
very helpful, bookmarked! MO2 launch in march goin to be lit!
Draxan Jan 1, 2021 @ 7:55pm be playin as well
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