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Enhanced District Services
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Nov 30, 2020 @ 3:03am
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Enhanced District Services

Enhanced District Services (EDS) 1.0.25
Please note, that development for EDS has been stopped and there will be no further updates in the near future.

This workshop object replaces the as incompatible flagged workshop item under version 1.0.21. Author of the mod remains, there was only a change of setup for maintenance of this object and its support. As this version is the direct successor of 1.0.21, the settings from your old game will be taken over (just make sure, you save in a new save game slot).

Mod Description

Enhanced District Services is a mod for Cities Skylines that allows more granular control of services and supply chains. Previous other mods including the Enhanced Hearse AI, Service Vehicle Managers, and District Service Limit have enabled users to restrict local services to their home district, to prevent these services from servicing far away districts.

Enhanced District Services requires the Industry DLC to make full advantange of the mod, however Vehicle Customization for districts can be used without this DLC.

Enhanced District Services extends this functionality in the following ways:
  • Allow users to allow services to serve multiple districts, including specific Campus, Park, and Industrial districts, including or excluding their home district.
  • (Industries only) Allow users to restrict shipments between specific buildings as identified by their building ids.
  • (Industries only) Allow users to restrict incoming shipments from specified districts.
  • (Industries only) Allow users to restrict incoming shipments from or outgoing shipments to outside connections.
  • (Industries only) Allow users to control the amount of traffic from outside connections.
  • (Industries only) Allow users to reserve a percentage of goods to serve the user-specified districts or buildings. Excess goods are sold to buildings in other districts or outside connections.
  • Allow users to restrict vehicle models used by service and supply chain buildings. (Note: Use Improved Public Transport 2 to customize transport lines.)

Start a completly new game when deciding to use Enhanced District Services. It is not recommended to use an old savegame with version of EDS lower then 1.0.23 as game may show odd behaviour. If you use an existing savegame, please save it to a new slot before continue playing.

Incompatible Mods, which are fully incompatible with Enhanced District Services and will never be compatible in the future:
  • More CitizenUnits
  • Enhanced Hearse AI
  • Vehicle Master Control
  • District Service Limit
  • More Effective Transfer Manager
  • Enhanced District Service upto to 1.0.21 (of course)

Mods, potenitally having issues with Enhanced District Services:
  • Real Time (probably during accelarated night cycles or weekends, to be reviewed)

In-Game Usage
A short guide for setting up EDS in the game is already included in the Workshop preview pictures. Start editing your industry by pressing Ctrl-D to toggle the policy tool on/off. Users can override the hotkey in the mod settings. Right-click and drag the EDS button to a more convenient location.

It is recommended to use Optimised Outside Connections as it will deal with cargo trains clogging up the railways. The mod will increase the minimum load for import/export transport vehicles and reduce the number of vehicies.

It is recommended to utilize More Vehicles to increase the game limitation of 16k moving vehicles to 64k moving vehicles. At a certain point in time, the non-availabilty of transport vehicles could break the economy. Read the notes in the More Vehicles description.

It is recommended to increase the value for Global / Outside Connection Intensity to a higher number once the population reaches 100k citizens.

Wikipedia and Examples for a successful Supply Chain setup

Read the example scenarios described in the Enhanced District Services Wiki[].
  • Basic Supply Chain setup
  • Copy Paste Policies from/to buildings
  • Custom Vehicles selection
  • One way shipment between Warehouses
  • Prepositioning Materials

Optional Industry Assets for Enhanced District Services
Industries Remastered
Collection of Industry DLC enabled Vanilla Industry Buildings
made by dboi88

Enhanced District Services Buildings
Four Industry DLC buildings converted to produce zoned goods from Raw Materials
made by Chronofanz

Optional Mods for Enhanced District Services
More Vehicles
More Vehicles increase the vehicle limit in the game
made by dynamoid

Optimised Outside Connections
Optimised Outside Connections will reduce the traffic to/from outside connections by increasing the minimum load for cargo vehicles
made by Cuboid

Improved Public Transport 2
Improved Public Transport 2 lets you customize the public transport services in detail
made by BloodyPenguin

Frequently asked question/reported problems
1) My warehouses/service buildings stopped exporting/working after I installed this mod:
This issue can only be caused by this mod if the "Outside Connection Intensity" option from the global tab is set to a low value (less than 600). For some people, even the 600 is not enough. If that's your case, try to increase the value to 650 or 700 and wait at least, 6 in game weeks.

If after doing that, you still have problems, check your population counter. Cities reaching the 100-200k population may start to have a problem called "Hitting the vehicle limit", which means the game will not be able to generate more vehicles neccesary to do basic tasks as exporting or providing basic services to your cims. In this state, even increasing the "Outside Connection intensity" value may not help. The More Vehicles mod that we already recommended will solve the issue.

2) I can't use the copy/paste feature:
The copy and paste feature is meant to be used between the same type of buildings only. This means you cannot copy policies from an industrial building to a service building and viceversa. However, you should be able to copy policies from a firestation to a police station, or copy policies from a corn filed to another.
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Tim  [author] May 23 @ 9:48am 
Important note: Please move over to TRANSFER CONTROLLER created our well known and reputated modder Algernin

Transfer Controller will be the unofficial successor, EDS and Transfer Controller will only share the idea, but not the codebase.

This mod will be removed once Transfer Controller is stable.
Uth Matar May 17 @ 1:21am 
I was using EDS correctly with a lot of mods until may 2022, and it worked perfectly. But when I installed the Cargo Barges Mod, there was some incompatibility when loading the game. Only way to fix it was unabling EDS to save it clean. Instead of activating again EDS, knowing that is not going to have more support, I tried the very new Transfer Control 0.1 and for now works with everything.
blueplaidedpulp May 15 @ 11:30pm 
Hi, I recently discovered that this Mod was the reason I wasn't getting outside train connections. The issue doesn't seem to affect Highway outside connections. I honestly love the granularity of this mod so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please help!!
bignate458 May 12 @ 1:20pm 
Vino1999 May 8 @ 2:30am 
The mod almost damages all my savings.When i am using the mod ,all of the things in my map are be stopped,time, car and people.It is a great mod,so i really need someone help me to solve the problem.
Player_Two Apr 17 @ 4:08pm 
Still works for me in 2021. i use it together with these other mods:
no problems so far.

maybe other mods got updated so no problem exists with them now.
萤石YShi_LMu Apr 16 @ 9:00am 
I can't use this mod. When I load a save or start a new game, it will prompt me: SimulatorManager.LateUpdatedata
Kavey Apr 10 @ 3:10pm 
I started a new test city recently after reading some comments but haven't had any issues with this mod on the latest game version. I find that warehouse distribution works best with explicit supply chain settings rather than relying on districts, but I've been doing that for a while with this mod to help control traffic flow and ensure factory specific resource warehouses are always full. otherwise it works as intended for me as well.
MJB Apr 8 @ 12:18pm 
@dampf.....Truer words never spoken. I do not know what is supposed to be defective with this mod but it works flawlessly for me.