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The Alcohol Expansion
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Nov 29, 2020 @ 7:40am
Jul 17, 2022 @ 7:27am
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The Alcohol Expansion

Welcome to The Alcohol Expansion mod! This mod adds 10 type of alcohols into the game, all with a proper fermentation, and distillation process. You can even find the required items to make alcohol naturally! The crops spawn in farm buildings, and you can get the ores for the distillers from the vanilla metal nodes.

Update Log
[1.1.2 Updates] [2022 July 8th]
  • Added support for Linux and Mac clients & servers.

Due to the character limit (thank you Valve, very cool) the IDs are moved to the pinned thread called IDs. Click here to view!

You are not allowed to modify/re-upload the contents of this mod. Failing to comply will result in a DMCA takedown. I will not make any exceptions, so don't even ask.
However, you are allowed to include my IDs in your mod's recipes. For it to work you just need to set this mod as a Required Item, no need to re-upload it.

Purple Grape Plant White Grape Plant Agave Plant Barley Plant Rice Plant White Grape Purple Grape Agave Barley Bag Rice Bag Moonshine Still Tequila Still Whiskey Still Red Wine Still White Wine Still Beer Still Vodka Still Copper Still Parts Aluminium Still Parts Empty Fermentation Barrel Unfermented Purple Grape Unfermented White Grape Unfermented Agave Unfermented Barley Unfermented Rice Unfermented Wheat Unfermented Potato Unfermented Corn Fermented Purple Grape Fermented White Grape Fermented Agave Fermented Barley Fermented Rice Fermented Wheat Fermented Potato Fermented Corn Red Wine White Wine Tequila Whiskey Sake Beer Vodka Moonshine Glass of Red Wine Glass of White Wine Shot of Tequila Glass of Whiskey Shot of Sake Pint of Beer Shot of Vodka Glass of Moonshine Copper Aluminium Sugarcane Crop Sugarcane Rum Still Unfermented Sugarcane Fermented Sugarcane Rum Glass of Rum Blueberry Juice Still Unfermented Blueberries Fermented Blueberries Blueberry BB Juice
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Jefferey Cuddletrousers Aug 6 @ 6:48pm 
alcohol lore
NARCO.STRAIN Aug 2 @ 3:10pm 
to make the alcohol more realistic and/or specific.. the XXX on bottles means it was distilled 3 times. but on the thumpnail it shows a pot then barrel.. it would be distilled once giving it 1 X, the more times its gone through a still or a thumper, the stronger itll be.. another thing in making liqour is the frst few 25ml (depending on how much youre making) will come out as BAD alcohol that will kill you and the fumes are sure to do less if not the same, so instead of Molotov.. more like
a molotov with methonal fumes...
SkymeRim Jun 11 @ 12:21pm 
is this the updated Alcohol mod from the old mod that was out if so i like this id going to try this mod out
BobbySmurf Apr 11 @ 5:46pm 
Aluminium Still Part is not used at all, stills are not given back which makes it not worth for rp job.
Sironii Mar 22 @ 6:13pm 
oh cool they added my uncle's favorite hobby to unturned
The MASTER Feb 19 @ 9:57am 
I love vodka
firespark84 Jan 16 @ 9:01pm 
idk if this is still being updated, but if it is would it be possible to have the stills give back copper and aluminum still parts upon harvesting? it doesnt make sense that the stills are destroyed every time
Royal Milk Tea Nov 11, 2022 @ 9:55pm 
Could you possible add a seperate node for copper and aluminium? This would be helpful for people who want to keep it seperate from the regular scrap nodes.
Corvus Oct 20, 2022 @ 10:52am 
Hello, I want to submit a commission, can we talk in dms? Mad Howl#6923
Bugr55474 Aug 1, 2022 @ 2:38pm 
hello i'm having a problem with your mod. do you have a chance to give me your discord address or add me?
My Discord:Bugr55474#6088