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Walker Battleship 1
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Walker Battleship 1

Battleship 1: The Camel

The Camel is the first succesfull battleship constructed as by the NSWE ( North South West East ) terror organisation. The vessel was reported and declared finished by 1987, according to recovered intel. The name "Camel" primarily derives from the long legs and vaguely hump like frames sticking out the top section of the vehicle. This vehicle is heavily armored, build from concrete welded as the outer armor layer, with thick metallic plates bolted up behind to act as an additional set of armor. This degree of protection, primarily prominent in the legs render "The Camel" extremely durable, able to effortlessly withstand massive quantities of damage.
The Camel is powered by two massive diesel operated engines, powering the hydrolics and the suspension for the limbs that allow rather smooth movement in spite to the Camel´s massive size and weight.

The head is large and reptilian, with functional eyes replaced with massive flamethrowers, eminating out a flame-able gas that violently ignites when coming in contact with the fire. This weapon can nearly set entire forests ablaze, but also drains on fuel quickly, thus the vessel often carries huge amounts of additional gases or substances suceptible to burst out in flames.
Most of the torso is fitted with both conventional gun batteries, but also more modern sets of cruise and anti-air missiles, for both terrestrial and aerial targets. At the rear sections sits a large aircraft hangar , with "Barakoa" named VTOl aircraft that can both intercept flying and land-based targets.
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Ross P. Nov 26 @ 1:07am 
It's like an AT-AT, but with greenery...Chia Pet AT-AT? I kid of course, this would be an awesome final boss.