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Tyler's Floating Islands: Definitive Edition
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Nov 16, 2020 @ 10:10am
Mar 31, 2021 @ 4:14pm
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Tyler's Floating Islands: Definitive Edition

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A sandbox except it has floating islands and it's definitive!.

Map name: gm_floating_island

From the creation of the vmf file to publishing the finished version to the workshop, it took me about: 4 days, 20 hours, and 44 minutes .


gm_floating_island is my second attempt at floating islands. I think I first attempted to make it was after I finished Tyler's Arena. It was supposed to be another deathmatch map except you only use melee weapons. It ended badly since I was new to hammer back then and I didn't have enough experience at the time.

I tried looking for floating island maps on the workshop, barely found any. Looked for tutorials on how to make floating islands, found nothing. After that I just assumed that making floating islands with displacements is something the Hammer Editor can't do or it's nearly impossible. But after learning more about sub-dividing and displacements, I decided to give it another go. Turns out it was MODERATELY easy to do. At first it was one of my many test maps but I ended up expanding it to a sandbox map!

Definitive Edition

After all this time, I've finally decided to update the map. Now it has 2 helipads, an apartment complex, and a cafeteria. The reason I decided to update it is because I was play the map with some friends and then I had an inspiration to add more to it. So now the map feels complete to me. I'll most likely never add anything else to this. So I would like to thank you for playing!

This map features...

  • 2 Floating islands, one of which has a lot of space for all your building needs. It even has a runway for your aircraft and such!
  • 2 helicopter pads for... well helicopters!
  • An elevator that'll transport you between said islands in case you don't feel like no-clipping.
  • A empty house that you can decorate to your heart content!
  • A warehouse if you want some shade while building.
  • An empty apartment complex and cafeteria you can also decorate your hearts content!
  • An elevator that leads to said apartment complex and cafeteria if you don't feel like nocliping.
  • Each apartment has a locking mechanism for your private needs!
  • A Balcony
  • A dark room for your darkest desires! ...Or you can build a town there.
  • You can use the sky editor in this map.
  • There's also a Navmesh included with the download as well!

So what do you think? I would really appreciate you feedback in the comments below!
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Pyro Gaming Jan 5 @ 6:40am 
i used this for an angel island save. Thanks!
Ximmy Aug 20, 2022 @ 2:51pm 
This defies the laws of gravity!
Tyler  [author] Feb 3, 2021 @ 8:08am 
There's a navmesh
DINO-JACK Feb 3, 2021 @ 4:37am 
ai nodes?
*Swat*|KryTeK|*SurvivØr* Nov 21, 2020 @ 10:16pm 
@PhYCoZ x20

Ye it looks great!
Respect Nov 21, 2020 @ 1:51am 
it will be better with another skybox texture
Apex Nov 19, 2020 @ 8:11am 
I was watching the progress closely on reddit, and wow it payed off, this is amazing.