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Kursion - Complete Guide 6.80 (Support SafeLane)
By Kursion
~~~IO Support - Complet guide ~~~
This hero is one of the best support in Dota2. You won't have a lots of disables and not a single stun but the regen immersion that you give to your team... is simply the best of the game.

=== ITEMS ===
Check the build.
Tranquil boots: DO NOT ATTACK (Spam the Stop/Hold key) else you gonna loose the regeneration for you and your Tethered target.
Travels: if you want to save someone without being the dead support... you should go for Travels. Great to split push and relocate someone with you after (TP on your own creep first). But you won't have stats so do this at the end of the mid game only OR if everything is too easy for you !
Situational: if you can't take racks because of the backdoor protection. You can buy a [Helm of Dominator] (which I really don't recommend) or ask your team to control an ennemy creep in the base to remove it.

=== SPELLS ===
[Tether] is a very good support spell that will help you save ally and yourself from some very bad situation. It will also help ganks. You can dodge an entire team if they don't stun you by using this on a creep. Try to come from behind and link an ally to slow the target. Activate your spirits, put them close to you and try to focus the opponent with it. Body block the target for maximum damage. Care to avoid stun or sleeps (Sven, Bane) and don't stay to close of your ally. It will boost your ally a lot with mouvement speed and regeneration. Use this on an invisible ally is great to have a fast initiation. Try to be usefull and if you don't have HP => Ttether and HEAL yourself ! Destroying trees is also good. You can do it with tether if your not to close from your target.

Also you need to Tether an ally before using regeneration or activate an item. It will grant him your bonus too (even mana boots). Don't forget that SoulRing will give the mana to your target too and for a carry... he gain 80% of his bar ! If you want to regenerate a hero, you'll need to loose some HP before. In early game, Overcharge is a nice technique to loose HP without stopping TranquilBoots regeneration and healing your might.

[Spirits] is great to attack and check if you are being ganked. You can even spot all invisible heroes that are close. Sometime you gonna kill them but try to let your carry have the kill(s). Also good to farm a bit the wood or to multi stack neutral creeps. Good to push the lane too and counter attackers that are diving or rushing you.
Offensive: your spirits should be close do you because it will be easier to make some damage but care to not be focused.
Defensive: your sipirts should be as far as possible from you to check from ganks, harass, and get people that are going to escape.

[Overcharged] gives you some survability to you and the linked target (- pourcent of damage). You'll loose some HP and mana. Try to do this before regenerating your ally if you are full HP/Mana. In the end game you can Relocate with an ennemy that has enough stuff to take towers because he will gain a great attack speed (CK, Lifestealer, Alchemist, Drow, Sniper, etc...). Try to stay as far as possible to the teamfight if you have tranquil boots, HoT in order to help your linked target survive and doing great damage. This spell doesn't break Healing Salve, ManaPotion, Urn, Clarity, Tranquil boots or HoT. DO NOT FORGET that you can't regen an ally if you are full HP (beside using Meckanism).

- Ganks: don't relocate far from the target (best case is to relocate directly on a single ennemy), try to judge if you need to link your ally in order to go back or not. Make sure he has a TP to go back. Relocations in woods is great because you'll destroy trees.
- Save someone: IMPORTANT activate relocate from a hidden position far away from the one that is being target and DO NOT tether instantly. Wait ~ 9-10 secs before using Tether in order to stay a bit hidden (it's hard to do but I will save you when you're back at the inital position). Then it's your turn to escape... good luck ;). TP out with a scroll for example, run or tether a creep... You have the time to think while in base.
- Avoid: relocating IN the middle of a teamfight. Try to relocate behind or in from do avoid aoe damage to you and you ally.
NOTE: don't forget to unlink your target after Relocation if it's needed ! Or stay with Tether if you need to go with your might at the initial position (you're not the one that gonna DO the teamfight so stay focus and what you are doing and remember that both OR you will go back).
NOTE: Buy Travels, TP first at the base then relocate to save an ally => both of you will be saved ! Because they can't interrupt the spell... take care to not break the link by going in a bad direction.
Best situation to save: Relocate from base and use the Tether before going back to base to stay hidden (11secs...)

=== Tricks ===
- Buy a BKB, you can save allys very easily by relocating them to the base. But if you are in teamfight it's hard to survive after the first relocation. Thus: pop the BKB just before you returned back and spam your TP scroll.
- With Keeper of the Light, you can TP directly in their base and ask him to TP all the team on the border of the map.
- You can relocate an ally on a cliff to have vision but make sure they don't have a ward and he will need to have either a ForceStaff or Dagger to go down.
- Special: If creeps are in the base but you don't have the time to kill a tower ! And if the ennemies are killing those creeps then RELOCATE an ally in a hidden place in their base. The backdoor protection will still be off (you can also do this with LoneDruid pet=best scenario). Thus, you won't need creeps to come again in the base to in order to take Towers or Rax. BUT PLEASE this is very rarely done properly and YOU need to have creeps in the base before Relocating + don't forget to unlink.
- If you activate relocation before being stunned => ennemy can't stop you from relocation.
- With Helm of dominator you can TP with travels and relocate someone to prepare a teamfight. Good technique to push a tower.
- With Helm of dominator you can put a creep in the base to TP easily in the base and : regen, save someone without the second "miss placed" relocation that will lead to your death.
- Tether can destroy trees to gain some vision in dangerous places.

=== Care ===
- Necro ultimate will still kill you if you relocate
- Kunka and Disruptor can bring you back !

=== Gank Correctly by Ragnar/Kursion ===
Here's how you do amazing ganks with wisp.
1. Find your carry/ganker
2. Tether them (wait about 3-5 seconds after tethering)
3. Turn on overcharge
4. Start the relocate. Be sure that you're relocating to somewhere out of view of the person you're going on (such as behind or in trees near to them, you'll destroy the trees, don't worry). Or TP on a single target if he is AFK farming or sleeping on his keyboard !
5. AS SOON as you start the 2 second relocate countdown, turn on Spirits (you can do whatever you want during the countdown)
6. As soon as you land, sprint (float?) past them so that you slow them. Your spirits should be pulled in as tightly as possible, and this means that while their slowed, all 5 spirits will land on them (375 damage with magic resistance factored in). There's no reason that between this and your carry bashing on them that they shouldn't be dead
7. Break the tether, re-tether, and if the target isn't dead, slow him again. This is why you wait 6 seconds before relocating. Tether has a 12sec cooldown, so if you instantly relocate after tethering you'll only be able to slow once. Two slow is obviously better. And ensure you to TP back with your ally (or unlink to let him if it's ok).
8. Go home (Refresh Tether to take your ally back with you). This step is important, tether only lasts for 12 seconds, which is how long relocate lasts, so if you don't refresh it, you'll leave your ally behind enemy lines.

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Smul😤😤💯🙌🏼 Feb 21, 2014 @ 5:06am 
I would reconsider getting a Medallion. If no one else is building it, I would consider it your job as an Io. Also the fact that it gives you passively +6 armor and just removes the bonus you get from it doesn't make you any more squishy, if that made sense haha
DoraLaExportaDroga Feb 19, 2014 @ 5:24am 
midas good
Kursion  [author] Feb 18, 2014 @ 11:56am 
I don't agree. There is no scale up beside the slow but
Overcharge consume to much mana and hp lvl 2^
Spirits can be choose at lvl 4 instead of tether but I feel really confortable at lvl 6 to gank and slow with a duration 1.25
internetexplorer Feb 17, 2014 @ 8:04am 
hey dude, tether has no scaling so its better to leave it at 1 till you have nothing else to level up
Kursion  [author] Feb 15, 2014 @ 5:45pm 
Ty a lot for your comment
Kursion  [author] Feb 15, 2014 @ 5:45pm 
Yes lots of people like it. I'm starting to hesitate too to add this item early games :/
♥ KEEGESTE BITCHEN I BARCODE Feb 15, 2014 @ 3:14pm 
nice guide well written and im sure will be useful for alot , but im a bottle addict on IO :rrazz: