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BrainBread 2
Jul 19, 2014 @ 12:09pm
Jan 23, 2017 @ 3:25pm

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BrainBread 2 News & Update!
Release News
We hope to have BrainBread 2 released as Early Access within this month or mid July, stay tuned and spread the word!

Translators Needed
We are currently looking for some translators for BrainBread 2. If you want help us, please don't hesitate! If you are interested, hit us up on our Discord server!

Note: If you fully know English and you're own native language, you're most likely with more of a chance to be a translator.

The road to Early Access
The road to Early Access
We have been talking about maybe pushing BrainBread 2 into Early Access. This will of course take awhile, since we want to make sure we at least got most weapons, animations & the content added before we go live.

Dev Live Stream
We will also have a live stream on the 19th of March 2016. It will go live @ 6PM EST. There we will be showing the new stuff from the Beta Branch & we will be giving some keys.
Our Twitch:

And this time, no more robot voice! We have changed from Xsplit to OBS due Xsplit have some issues on Windows 10.

The Night of The Living Bread Event
The event will happen on 26th of March 2016, @ 6PM EST. Hope to see you guys on there!

We got a Discord server!
Wanna talk to the devs directly, or just wanna hang out? We got ourselves a discord server for just that!
Invite link:

Q: When will BrainBread 2 hit Early Access?
We really don't know, but hopefully sometime in June or July. But delays are expected, because we don't want to ship a broken game

Q: Will BrainBread 2 cost?

Q: How much % of the game is done?
I would roughly say its around 80-90% done, for the base game anyway

Q: Will all the weapons be available on Early Access?
Not on launch. But we have plenty of weapons available

Q: Will Workshop be ready for Early Access?
Yes. Workshop support was added during Closed Beta, and we also added support for dedicated servers. Server owners will now be able to download subscribed addons directly.

Q: What is this Discord you guys are talking about?
It is a voice and text communication program, which work on the browser and as a standalone application. And no, you don't need an account to talk or chat. You can find more information on their website over @

Q: The Night of The Living Bread?
It is an old event that happened on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays over @ Asd2Bam & the Official BrainBread groups on Steam. Its a fun event where we all get together and play some good ol' fashioned BrainBread all over again. :)

Got any questions you want answered? Don't hesitate to ask! :)

Release date: 22nd July 2016 - Early Access
An unknown outbreak, a world in chaos. Few have survived, you'll have to stay strong. Based on the big hit BrainBread for Half-Life 1 comes its spiritual successor which will offer the old BrainBread feeling along with more neat features to immerse you in an epic apocalyptic world swarmed with zombies.

CyberCon, the notorious global corporation, aspired to deliver to the world something that would change the fate of humanity. What the world wasn't ready for however... Was CyberCon's true intentions. Their schemes had been controversial to most before, but their newest idea seemed almost too perfect.
A much sinister secret was about to be exposed. CyberCon's project involved the development of neuro-hub chips. They succeeded and became a phenomenon, later becoming a mandatory law to have them implanted at birth using state of the art surgery and cutting edge technology.

CyberCon were granted this permission from the government. The controversy was covered up and very little was known how it was done.
The technology was seen by many around the world as a major breakthrough that could cure blindness, deafness, disease, and a huge boost in performance for modern day life.

It was further aiding as a gateway to easier communication and enhanced capabilities. This was the next milestone in human history.
However, good things must always come to an end.

And CyberCon's true colors are yet to be revealed.

  • 5 Unique gamemodes.
  • Over 20 unique weapons, including akimbo weapons!
  • Extreme amounts of gore & gibbing, this is your lovely grindhouse-gore movie!
  • Over 100 unique skill combinations.
  • A global profile system/leveling system.
  • Play as a zombie, evolve as a zombie using your special zombie skill tree to your advantage!
  • Modding friendly, customize your own soundsets for any of the npcs, make your own player survivor models, make custom maps, share your creations via Workshop!
  • Character customization.
  • No pay to win!
  • Simple UI and HUD.
  • AI Soldiers, Tanks and Bandits/Mercenaries.
  • A powerful quest, objective & inventory system.
  • Playable on PC, Mac OSX, and Linux with multiplayer cross-compatibility.
  • Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.

  • Story
    Focuses on story based gameplay, progress by doing specific quests or side-quests to increase your chance of survival!

  • Objective
    Focuses on small & simple objectives, this is a casual/chill gamemode based on the original BrainBread, if you want a pure BrainBread experience you can enable a server command to force it to vanilla BrainBread mode. In this mode you can also play as a zombie and as a human you can get infected. The zombie's objective is to prevent the humans from progressing, when you get a certain amount of kills you will be able to respawn as a human again, or if you die too many times. All of this can be regulated by the server owner.

  • Arena
    This is a wave based gamemode, similar to 'Survival'. You have limited respawns and when you die you'll respawn after X amount of seconds. Everyone respawns at the same time, certain maps may allow certain amount of retries for a wave, if you fail too many times you have to do everything over again. This mode is very action-packed, you better be flexible.

  • Elimination
    A Humans VS Zombies gamemode, first team to reach the fraglimit wins! In this mode you respawn individually, however if everyone on your team is dead your team will be 'Exterminated', which means the round is over. The opposite team gains a certain amount of points by exterminating the other team, this is an effective way to gain points but it is hard to achieve if there's many players. In this mode you'll also trigger a team perk if your team gets a certain amount of kills, your team will be blessed with some helpful skill for a certain amount of seconds.

  • Deathmatch
    A PvP gamemode, solely for humans. Featuring classic old-school powerups, increased speed and flexibility! As well as an announcer which will try to salute you or make fun of you if you fail too much! This gamemode doesn't load any skills/levels like the above gamemodes, the profile system is fully disabled here.

Official Website:

Official forums:

Official Alienware group:
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Nov 17, 2014 @ 10:43pm
WHEN launch
✖ ☕ Wuarriolex ☕ ✖
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JonnyBoy0719  [author] May 12, 2017 @ 3:50am 
I think they mean by update, they mean by more content. And more content is on the way, it just takes time with a small team :)
Ugly Duckling  [author] May 12, 2017 @ 2:51am 
It's already out on steam, just look in the store.
◢◤Ak7e0 May 11, 2017 @ 8:28pm 
Update this game
◢◤Ak7e0 May 11, 2017 @ 8:28pm 
I beg you
ГРАНДЖ [L4D UAG] Nov 24, 2016 @ 10:52am 
guys, I beg you - do not throw games
JonnyBoy0719  [author] Aug 4, 2016 @ 10:40am 

The only weapons that need levels now is minigun, grenade and propane, aka; special weapons.
twzsmasher Aug 4, 2016 @ 7:55am 
Good game, but feels restricted/bad with the weapons locked until you're a certain level.
[TUD] Bendy Jul 30, 2016 @ 10:56am 
i'm french and english
[TUD] Bendy Jul 30, 2016 @ 10:56am 
missing the french translation
◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘◘ Jul 21, 2016 @ 5:24am