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Dat' Dwemer Domicile v1.1
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Feb 14, 2014 @ 3:48pm
Feb 22, 2014 @ 11:40pm
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Dat' Dwemer Domicile v1.1

Hello again fellow Skyrimians!
<NOTICE-->Due to the traveling nature of my job i am unable to continue working on this or any other mods of mine untill i get back home. I am unsure as to how long this will be but once i get settled back into my house i will resume the work, sorry for the setback.

~This is a House Mod ~Req. Hearthfire & Dawnguard~
<Please let this mod update as i will continue to upgrade it>

~Lower Entrance just south of Riverwood with pre-discovered map markers on southern path, should be able to see the ginormous tower.~

~ Offers Players a distinct Deep Elf housing experience, complete with:

-- Dwemer style sky-forge (renamed Dwemer Forge) and smelter with grinding wheel, tanning rack, and workbench, plus labled storage for smithing goods
-- Full Enchanting & Alchemy station with various ingredients & storage.
-- Full Kitchen including Oven, Cooking pot, and exclusive Dwemer Fridgeratizer ( pretty much for show)

~~The Merchant-Sthovian : While the battle for Red Mountain progressed in Vvardenfell, It seems Sthovian was attempting Immortality here in Skyrim. Binding his own soul via gems to a suit of armor, crafted by his own hands. He naively thought all was well as he proceeded. Little did he know this process also bound him to Oblivion, Sthovian's soul returned from the embattled planes of Oblivion many many years later only to find his people had vanished, and his immortal soul now bound to his Dwemer Armor for eternity. He used this endless time to hide away within the southern depths of Skyrim, perfecting his armoring skills now available for you. He opens shop at 8a.m and closes around 5 p.m., and is a grump about doing buisness outside those hours. sells leveled armor/weapons as well as leveled ores in good amounts.

~~The Follower-Aetherius Sphere (a.k.a.) Clanky: Created well before Sthovian began dabbling in darker magics, the Aetherius Sphere found Sthovians physical absence hardly noticable, and it managed to defend his domicile from would be looters for many years untill his return. Crafted from special materials in the depths of Blackreach, pieced together within the Aetherium Forge, he is nearly indestructable, and handled the test of time as though it were mere moments. He will hold your goods, fight for you, follow you, wait untill the sun stops rising at your command, and best of all will not complain aside from a few buzzing and whirring sounds. starts around lvl 12 and lvls with the player, He is officially a crossbow weilding badass. Oh he will also wear any armor and gain effects from any enchants on it, but he does not use weapons given to him, and the armor will not show but he does technically wear it. (Clank may not respond to commands after combat officially ends, if this is so just whack him with your weapon one or two times, and he responds, nothing like a bit of violence to get old tech working properly. Untill i find what causes the issue, this is the only fix i have for it as i work towards finding the true problem, i apologize for this.)

-- The Sportsmans Hall-- Offers various statues for decor, 4 Mannequins, Archery dummies, every shrine your soul could desire, as well as the Standing Stones for every constellation.
-- Dwemer Style Bedroom with various storage and set of enchanted clothing
-- Dwemer Lift to southern Mountain side path

::Childrens Room Under construction::
Warning:---> I have fixed the Navimesh issue at the lower entrance and followers should now enter and exit via that door. I am currently fixing the lift navimesh to do the same untill then know followers will wait either atop or below inside when using lift as the rest of the Navimesh is done aside from this problem. I apologize for this.

~Childrens room construction & workbench to implement the build addition.
~More dialogue for Sthovian, and quest to retrieve his physical body from the other side.
~More Manne-Q's
~Deep Pass to Blackreach (part of quest)

Thank you for your time, please rate up if you enjoy, and make sure to leave a comment on any problems you may have, i will do my best to correct them speedily.

~Tweaked Clank's AI packs, and fighting abilities, to fix minor issues with combat and commands
~Added various idle markers to allow better AI interaction around the domicile.
~Added 2 more bookshelves
~Affixed mannequin to stands
~Added small mud crab terrarium for show, and other clutter.

~Added all Standing Stones near the door to the lift.
~Nearly finished fixing upper lift entrance navimesh( seems to go haywire on ramp)

~Added new follower, Aetherius Sphere AKA Clanky, an amazing fighting Atuomaton( no pics sorry, keep getting load error.)
~Have 2 working book shelves adding 2 more soon
~Removed Sthovians follower abilities while i work on his quest.

~Added chopping block with axe
~Sthovian is now a follower as well as merchant and fierce dual wielding combatant, best of all he cannot die.
~Now more storage near crafting tables Soul Void for Enchanting gems, and Saps and Salves container for Alchemy ingredients.
~Added Map Markers labled D.E.D. (upper/lower) (As it is a Deep Elf Domicile, the markers are that of dwemer ruins not a regular house marker)
~had to make extensive changes to front of outer building to repair navimesh

~ Added Dwemer Vendor, Sells mostly Blacksmithing goods, also buys near anything with 8k starting gold.
~ Added 5 weapon plaques, and 4 weapon racks to the Sportsman's Hall area.
~ Fixed issue with lower entrance Navimesh
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Paperguide Feb 21 @ 5:19pm 
i guess it will veve be finished
degt1970 Feb 21 @ 1:32am 
очень хороший мод...самый лучший из всех что видел из домов...пример для всех остальных...
Paperguide Jul 1, 2016 @ 2:51am 
im very glad that you will be able to resume work :D
Infamous_Garr  [author] Jun 30, 2016 @ 8:45pm 
Yes i very much want to continue work on it , i finally got my new PC so hopefully soon i can resume work!
Paperguide Jun 30, 2016 @ 12:03am 
will this ever be continued?
Dareth bloodvale Apr 10, 2016 @ 7:19pm 
does this house contain a aetherium forge?
Ragnar'Khan Dec 16, 2015 @ 7:03pm 
love this, i have Dracocaslte riverwood edition and castle gonduin and this is right between the two, makes for perfect view of my two castles/forts
Infamous_Garr  [author] Jul 26, 2015 @ 2:08pm 
Thank you for the kind words, and support. I am considering revamping my progress as much as possible on my laptop to be honest. Although i am settled now, I no longer have my old Rig. I miss modding alot and Skyrim was my favorite to mod. Hopefully soon i can dust the rust off and get back to work on it.
HemiSphericFreight Jul 26, 2015 @ 1:43pm 
I just want to say that this mod is one of my all time favorite mods for this game, been using it for a year I think. I also enjoy having Clank as well... I do hope you manage to resume your work on this mod when you can.. Good job!
Tuba Jul 19, 2014 @ 3:18am 
all good. just thought i had a bug or something. get it done when you can, no rush.