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How To Play Manhunt 1 on PC (Steam) W/ "Full" Controller Support and Updated Textures and Other QOL Changes
By An Amuse-Bouche
This tutorial will explain in thorough detail how to install and play the original Manhunt by Rockstar North with "Full" support for a Controller on PC as well as many graphical and quality of life improvements for the game!

This tutorial is structured around purchasing, playing, and modifying a legitimate steam purchase of the game however most if not everything in here can still be applied to cracks or discs, and I assume if you're reading this yk how to do that, you're scum, just like me!
Are ya ready ? Lights, Camera, Action !!

1. First and most obvious we'll need a bootable Manhunt game (playable up to at least the infmaous tutorial gate), and the directory of where the files are kept. Try to familiarize yourself with the paths and destinations we frequently go to as sometimes youll want to jump back and forth between pages and folders and the best way to know where you are is to just keep track of how you got there.

2. Head to your PCs files explorer and go here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Manhunt
This is where we'll be frequenting and editing the files of the game.
Mainly C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Manhunt\levels\GLOBAL but occasionally somewhere else
Gate Fix! 1080p Widescreen Support, Cmd WIndow
3. Arguably the most important fix here head to
Here you'll see a guide to Ermaccer's PC fix for Manhunt. This godsend of a man and application pulled up and made a one click install that fixes the infamous Gate glitch at the beggining of the game (which literally allows you never progress past it), various Audio Loops, AI glitches from the game being +60fps, and adds a command window with a TON of fun tools for in game. The post is pretty straight foward and shouldnt require a brain blast. Tho a good tip here is to check the two boxes at the top of the application "Widescreen Frontend Textures" and "Plugin MH". The first makes the game look a little more pleasing to our 2020 eyes (the year not the vision) and the ladder adds the command window witch allows you enable and disiable a plethora of cool features.

*After Errmaccers fix is applied the game is fully playable! Everything past this point is QOL or here to add to the fun :)
The Mods We Want
4. Head to ModDB a community run database of free mods for various console and pc titles, clearly some as old as this one.
Go Here : and find whatever mods you like however there are 3 we're using in this guide.
The mod
The mod
The mod
Download all of these and unpack them via a zip unpacker (e.g. WinRar) wherever youd like
5. Once we have all of our files downloaded and unpacked its time to to place them in our games directory HOWEVER! there are some things I suggest we do before that.

-1 . Head to the Blood Moon Mod @ Manhunt_BLOOD_MOON_2.0.3\Manhunt Blood
Moon2.0\Manhunt\levels\GLOBAL\DATA And DELETE! I REAPEAT, DELETE! the files "AI SOUNDS.ini" "AITYPE DATA" "PHYSICS TYPE DATA" "SHOT TYPE DATA" & "WEAPON TYPE DATA". The blood moon rework is beatiful for the game in many ways besides the files I just mentioned. The description for the mod states "The enemies can now see you from a mile away" and oh boy did I wish that wasnt as true as it was. The mod basically makes the game more "immersive" however, especially to someone like me, a brand new fresh player, these tweaks werent welcomed. It turns the bots up to like crackhead difficulty, they see you everywhere & hear you easily so hiding is a chore, they run FASTER than you so running away is extremely difficult, and it uses new damage values for the weapons so thats fun, but it also makes you and the enemies dea the same amount of damage, soooo, yea. I like and have played many stealth games or some that include the element, as well I usually play any game the for first time on a harder difficulty cause in not ♥♥♥♥♥. But this ♥♥♥♥ was wild LMAO. My best advice is to delete these files before your move, all of those files contain JUST the tweaked values I mentioned, leaving the original ones in the game once we switch and bringing only the changes we like to the game. or or or, if you're really nice, you can edit the config files to your own numbers, if you bout that tho.

Careful, If he see's you, he'll call his cherry buddiess!

-2 . Head over to our new execution and gore mod titled "Manhuhnt inis and blank" or DELETE, I REPEAT, DELETE! the file "TimedVectorPairs" a config file that should be at the beginning of the folder. Once again, this mod brings many
welcomed changes however, the configuration for the camera angles during the executions is a
little lackluster IMO. As someone brand new to the game I'd much rather the original kill angles and switches than the stagnant ones this mods gives you in favor of having a briefly more visible kill. Up to you what you'd rather use but I say this is the one thing from here I didn't transfer.

*PRO TIP : If you ♥♥♥♥ up at anytime with your main games file directory, head to your Steam
games option and hit "Validate Content", it will remove any mods and reset your games files,
bringing you back to square one (no saves deleted or anything). OR various mods here or that you
may download have the original values for the game with them. For example When I didn't want
Blood Moons AI I went to the "Inis" folder and found the "AI Sounds" & "AI TYPE DATA" etc. files
and replaced them in in the game directory, giving me the vanilla AI experience again.

*PRO TIP #2 : If youre nice or feeling nice this'll make you feel nicer. Its possible to create one big
mod folder that you just transfer over in one swipe. Blood Moon will be where we start it (or vice
versa). Either delete those blood moon AI files or just transfer the entire folder of "Inis" into it.
You'll be asked to replace the files, say yes. Now you have the default AI values intact, along with a super folder of the Manhunt Mod and Inis Mod ready to replace the main game directory. As well, you can take the "Impee Alpha" or the lighting changes and put them in Blood Moons
/ Blood Moon 2.0\Manhunt\levels\GLOBAL\SFX . Now we have a super folder 3 deep with mods, skipping most of the rest of this tutorial. Just take the entire folder and place in Manhunt however you'd like, MAKE SURE IT ASKS YOU TO REPLACE FILES, or else you're just adding a dummy folder to your game directory and it will do nothing.

Gimme some good old fashioned goooree and you'll be let through the dooor !

How To Install The Mods
6. All of the mods have thorough ReadMe's that explain how to install or have comments on the associated community post however I'll still pyo onto how each is done. First, Blood Moon. Head here @ Blood Moon 2.0\Manhunt and copy the "levels" and "pictures" files over to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Manhunt it should ask you to replace the files, say yes obv. Beautiful! Now Blood Moons installed, you should see a new UI equipped with a chainsaw mouse pointer when you start up the game, thats how yk you did it.

7. Copy the impe alpha "mh-fx-pc" files and use them to replace the ones in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Manhunt\levels\GLOBAL\SFX. Now we have the lighting & fire changes installed :)

8. Copy "Inis"s open Premade_Executions and copy the levels folder and paste
it in your Manhunt directory @ Program Files (x86)/ Steam/ SteamApps/ common/ Manhunt. Now the gruesome executions are installed :)

OOOOO you're getting me all flustered over here !

GREAT! Now every QOL mod and fix is installed, you're free to go, enjoy your glorious PC playthrough of this Rockstar Gem ;)
"Full" Controller Support in Steam Big Picture Mode
You didnt think it would be that easy did you ?

Nah lmao, it is, but not if you want to sit back and loungue with a Wireless Xbox One Controller while playing on your TV like I do.

Whole routine is pretty simple just tideous. I have a wireless xbox contrller adpater (for context) but I think most controllers are possible and can be tweaked in Steam. Start up Steam big picture mode and connect your controller if it didnt alraedy detect it. Head to the Manhunt App then then Manage Game then Controller Configuration. From here you can create your own controller scheme however its farrr too much work imo so head to "browse configs", hit the "community" tab and pick a controller config for Manhunt that looks fun to you. I personally chose "Skeetos" config which had a lot of community playtime on it and looked fun to me but there are others. HOWEVER, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, GO TO WHATEVER ARE THE DEDICATED HEAVY AND LIGHT ATTACK BUTTONS, SWITCH THE TYPE TO "REGULAR PRESS" and TURN "Interuptable" OFFFFF !!!!!!! If youre playing controller this is beyond essential to the gameplay. This allows you to hold down the attack button on controller so you can charge an execution (from green to red) and kill a npc, the literal mainstay of the gameplay besides stealth.
Pro Tips & Credits
* Ermaccers fix shoulve added a "camera fx" option in the game settings (if not I believe there a config file you can use to enable it), Turn it off imo, the game has Noise and other FX that are just dated today, I enjoyed the gameplay more with the bs off. Also take a look at Ermaccers config file, cool but "experimental" stuff in there

*Keep the resolution like 1360 x 768 x 32 or whatever it is, going much higher makes it windowed, we like fullscreen babyyy

*If you're new like me and want to do a execution kill, don't press the attack button until you're in range & Cash raises his weapon or switches stance. Otherwise the mfs gonna do regular attack while you're holding the button, swinging behind the enemy, usually immediately alerting them. Idk if its cause of the half controller support on PC or its just how the game is but its a tip regardless ;). Also Shadows OP af.

Shouts out to :
@Ermaccer on Steam, ModDB and probably wherever else this game is. Mans blessed us with mods and a one click fix !

@Danoman on ModDB for the legendary "remaster" of the game with Blood Moon, u snapped.

@TheRobotMoon on ModDB for the beautiful gore and execution additions. Ridiculously better, I've noticed people uploading YouTube vids of this game will just casually have this mod installed and on.

& Most importantly this community for some reason still being active, asking and answering the questions I needed on Reddit and Steam I needed to make this & pass it on. Last time I was modding and seriously playing pc games was back whenever Skyrim was popular. I was gonna need some help figuring this out again but they came through LMFAO.

P.S. : I knew you'd be a natural! ;)
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Joji Miller Apr 11 @ 12:28pm 
keeps crashing on first level
Skeetos Mar 30 @ 2:17pm 
also. id update it to fix my poor choice of button press but i don't have an xbox controller anymore. will shill for myself and say that its flawless on ps4 pad if you do the change that op says.
Skeetos Mar 30 @ 1:31pm 
wait hol up. my controller config has a lot of playtime on it. i myself have barely used it wtf lol
P1SM Mar 2 @ 3:15am 
Followed this and I keep crashing when loading to the first level.
Mr. Karate Sep 12, 2021 @ 1:39pm 
Awesome tutorial thanks!
obduktion Aug 9, 2021 @ 5:18pm 
im getting a "the application was unable to start correctly" message did i do something wrong i followed the guide perfectly top to bottom
choomba Aug 3, 2021 @ 4:53am 
Everything else works but i cant move with controller
FighterNub Mar 23, 2021 @ 8:38am 
Thank you!!!!!
Ahti Jan 18, 2021 @ 8:06am 
I was positively surprised that thanks to Big Picture, the controller support for this game was very simple to implement even though there is no native support for it. Thank you for this!
Oblivion2500 Dec 22, 2020 @ 3:25pm 
Great guide! it's better than mine. Do you know by any chance if there's any enb that can be used for this game? I have tried to skip the manhunt launcher when booting up game to install Reshade for RTX ray-tracing which would be cool.