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Best DayZ Mods to Have!
This is a space for what i think are the best mods for DayZ!!!
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Advanced Weapon Scopes
Created by Inkota

This mod is designed as almost complete replacement for vanilla scopes for providing more smooth game experience since only my scopes has unique abilities.
My recomendation is getting rid of any vanilla scopes except PU, Kobra, PSO and 1PN51.

Created by DiGiaComTech
Airdrop-Upgraded v1.21.07.20...
This DayZ mod provides for air delivery of randomly selected loot containers to selected locations scattered across the map. It also provides ‘Player Called’ loot container drops via Airdrop Flares (...
Created by Boss_Man
Ammo stacking

  • stack to 120
  • weight Buffed

Only works on default DayZ Ammo

What something added/removed or changed let me know

message me.
steam: https://steamcommuni...
ArmA 2 ACR Weapon Pack
Created by Inkota
This mod contains several weapons from ArmA 2 Army of the Czech Republic DLC

Mod content:
  • CZ 850 A2 - modular weapon system, A2 version uses STANAG magazines (and compatible ones) and other M4A1 attachments. It has a higher f
Created by Deadcraft
This mod adds a banking system and requires the Community Framework.

The config can be found in a folder called "DC_Banking" located in the server profile folder and by default supports the currency from the [url=
Created by Chubby
A mod that adds an ATM Card into the game. Card is required in hand before access to banking system is granted. also adds a new variant of ATM Machine that needs to be placed using offline mod, as well as a simple wallet for storing monies as well as a slo...
Base Fortifications
Created by [DCG] Steve
Compatible with 1.11

Join the mod Discord server to discuss and get updates about the mod.

Fortify your base or set up road blocks. This mod adds some extra items to help protect and defend your base.
Some of the items
Base Furniture Mods 3.0
Created by Axobi
1.15 compatible (for me its 1.15 compatible until someone tweets the error/bugs messages to my twitter @realaxobi)
  • This mod MAY be included in a "mod-pack".
    (this mod will not run if you subscribe to it, you have to put it into you
Created by Teddysammler
This mod change the Vanilla stack settings.

MetalPlates can now be satcked to 50
Nails can be stacked to 250
WoodenPlanks can be stacked to 50
WoodenLogs can be stacked to 20
WoodenSticks can be stacked to 80
LongWoodenSticks can be stacked to 20...
Created by Chopper

Thanks for checking out the new improved BaseBuildingPlus!

-Updated for 1.13

Discord Server:

Watch these videos for a demo of how it works.
Created by MKA0207
Allows you to spawn on a placed sleeping bag or bed after dying.
If you enjoyed this mod and found it useful, be sure to Rate and Favorite!

Works great with the DayZ 1.10 Update!

Currently Supported Mods :
Bed Kit from [url...
Created by Mike
BetterSuppressors by Mike [1.03 compatible]

This simple mod aims to improve the suppressors of DayZ.
Following changes are made to the base game:

Normalized, Standard & Pistol Suppressors:
- 25x times more durable
- 4x times quie...
Created by Handsome Nipple
Repacking, modifying and re-uploading of this mod or any of its contents is not allowed.

If you have any questions about the mod or have any issues with it feel free to join the mod's discord (please take a look at the faq-...
Created by Chopper
IMPORTANT: This mod is no longer required, since Breachingcharge now has compatibility for all 3 mods built-in.

This mod has not been updated since compatibility was adde...
Created by [G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2)
BuildAnywhere version

Allows ghosts to be set anywhere for placing objects and building of components where the vanilla
game normally would not. There are some limitations, for example if you cannot see the trigger
points (ie putting ...
Created by KeviinSkyline
Ce mods permet d'empiller 4 fois plus de munitions

This mods can stack 4 times more ammo

Mods Support
Created by montyconda
This mod adds 15 new camo patterns for clothing, backpacks, as well as M4's and more patterns will be added soon.

Base Camos:
M90 Woodland
Mitchell Pattern (Spring-Summer)
Russian Flora
Russian Surpat
Russian VSR
Russian VS...
Created by Shark272
A small collection of 8 MediumTents (350 slots), 8 LargeTents (750 slots) as well as 11 CarTents (1000 slots) and 7 PartyTents(250 Slots) in camo design.

Eine kleine Sammlung von 8 MediumTents(350 Slots), 8 LargeTents(750 Slots) sowie 11 CarTents (1000 ...
Created by IceBlade
Modding is time consuming! If you like our content, give us a THUMBS UP and FAVOURITE! If you have game development skills please consider DONATING your time! Or if you have more money than you know what to do with, you can donate co...
Created by Wardog
This mod is geared towards being able to retrieve the names of the survivors you comes across, either dead or alive. By default the config is setup to allow players to only check the identities of survivors that are dead, restrained, ...
Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Chernarus Battalion Headquarters Skalisty Island
Created by Pandemic Gaming

The Chernarus Battalion Headquarters Skalisty Island for ChernarusPlus map is here. Anyone can use this providing you give credit to Rifleman and Pandemic Gaming for the creation of the Chernarus Battalion Head...
ChernarusRP AE86
Created by ForsakenRP

ChernarusRP AE86

From the people who brought the loved IRP Land Rover we are proud to publish this master pieace for the rest of the community to enjoy. Come and ...
Cheytac M200 from ArmA 2 Port
Created by Pope Leo

This is a port of the infamous CheyTac Intervention M200 by USSRsniper[] mod from ArmA 2. Please read the disclaimer at the end.

"The Intervention M200 is a man...
This Mod brings alot of new Money and Barteritems for your Servers.

This mod includes 3 currencies:

Russian Rubles
- 1 Ruble coin
- 2 Ruble coin
- 5 Ruble coin
- 5 Ruble bill
In this mod the following contents are modified:

changes magazine size:
All Vanilla magazines have been resized and standardized.

Maximum number of cartridges:
The maximum of the single cartridges was slightly increa...
Cl0ud's Clothing Set
Created by Cl0ud_live [雲]
You are bored wearing the same clothes again and again in DayZ?
Well, look at this fancy clothing set. Get it. Now.

Item List
- Black Gun Holster
- Black Press Vest
- Olive Press Vest
- Brown Armband (craftable)
- Brown Ush...
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, ra...
Colorful Lights
Created by Drache69

Colorful Lights by Axobi & Diesel

1.09 compatible!

Adds colorful lights to the game (permanent Trader light included), if you are missing your favorite color, let me know!

    Created by Jacob_Mango
    There may be some bugs. If you do find some, report them in them on my GitHub here[]

    This is the first set of GUI based admin tools created by the...
    DayZ Editor
    Created by chickem numgets
    This is the Official Steam page for the DayZ Editor. Please submit all feedback / suggestions to our Discord[]

    The DayZ Editor is an Open Source 3D Editing tool built to design new areas, create vivid screensho...
    Created by ChawDinky
    Current version 2.0 (07-24-2020)

    Stable With DayZ 1.08
    DayZ Exp Items Added
    New DinkyItems coming soon!
    Removed Zombie inventory for cross mod compatability. even though all you ha...
    Created by Cooltrain
    Ear Plugs allow you to lower and toggle your sound effect volume so you can hear VOIP easier. Perfect for driving, or flying.

    What does it do?
    Ear Plugs allows you to lower your volume via a rebindable key to a custom set level which you can t...
    Created by Wardog
    Ever drove your vehicle so fast around a corner that it flipped? Or your vehicle launched so far into the sky your friends lost sight of you? Well when the vehicle finally decides to come down from the sky and roll over on it's side o...
    Created by Munghard
    This mod adds blood particleeffects for both players and zombies including:
    • hit particles
    • bloodpuddles
    • wallsplatter
    • flies on dead bodies
    • includes @BleedTrail.
    • Bullet holes in walls. (removed)
    Setup: copy key from keys fo...
    Created by Not A Banana
    This mod has not been tested at high scale and could *maybe* cause problems. I don't think it will, but I can not say for certain. I'll update this description in a few days after I've gotten a bit of feedback on the mod.
    Update: Has be...
    Created by ChawDinky
    Current version 1.5 (04-6-2021)


    Stable with DayZ version 1.12


    Created by HERE FOR THE HONEY
    Multi-Scope Night Vision Compatibility

    Enables Night Vision Goggles to be used with scopes, where normally they would not be compatible.

    Specifically scopes with a magnifying strength of more than 1x.

    --- Update ---
    You can now us...
    Created by =FS=Kaliber
    Kill Reward System!

    Kann mit und ohne Trader-Mod werden werden.
    Can be used with or without a Trader Mod.


    Für alle Infos [url=
    Created by Helkhiana
    MuchStuffPack is a collection of melee weapons, furniture items, retextures and much more.

    Q: How can we dismantle the kits?
    All placed kits can be dismantled by Screwdriver, Pliers or Hammers.

    Q: Why do you have same mode...
    No Glove Or Shoe Damage
    Created by MadDirtMonkey
    Confirmed working in 1.15

    What does this mod do?
    This mod completely removes:
    • Damage to gloves and bleeding hands from sliding down ladders
    • Damage to shoes and bleeding feet from walking barefoot

    No Force Weapon Raise
    Created by MrZinK
    When you walk to a wall/tree/fence or you get overrun by zombies your gun doesn't raise :)

    Use It on Your servers. Unpack it if you want, Its free for whatever you like, its for the community and anyone can do what they want with it, all i ask is for a ...
    Created by OP
    Lockable storage. Slots for bulky clothing and a weapon that you can visually see inside. *Only lockable with padlock*

    Charcoal BBQ Grill
    The BBQ can cook up to eight pieces of meat at a time that you can see cook on the gri...
    Created by DaOne
    Mod created by DaOne


    important notice:
    the following mod requires the DayZDiag_x64.exe to function correctly (debug shapes added since 1.09 are only for the diag version of the game) th...
    Created by Hunterz
    This mod allow stay or walk on vehicle during move. It allow for example firing from moving vehicle. It works on vanilla vehicles and also on all modded vehicles.

    This mod is outdated - I created new version from scratch, workin...
    Created by cnofafva
    An Open Source DayZ mod to display a compass heading. Toggle on and off the display at the top of the screen with the press of a configurable key (default: 'H').

    You are free to use this mod on your monetized servers. If you repack or use the code in a ...
    Created by cnofafva
    Deprecated, use SchanaParty instead.


    This Open Source mod allows creation of parties and displaying of nametags of party members. There is no party size l...
    Created by cnofafva
    An Open Source DayZ mod that provides global chat. Switch chat channels with the press of a configurable key (default: 'Z'). Adjust size with configurable keys (up: ']', down: '[').

    If you have an admin tool that disallows non-ascii characters, you need...
    Supressor Hybrid
    Created by KeviinSkyline
    Ce mods rajoute un silencieux hybride multi calibre compatible avec beaucoup d'arme.

    This mod adds a multi-caliber hybrid silencer compatible with many weapons.

    Created by Helkhiana
    This mod won't be updated with features anymore for foreseeable future. If there will be major bugs, I might fix it but it's not a guarantee.

    This code is by no means the best way to go about things and it might not be perfect. ...
    Unknown Ghillie Mod
    Created by FutureSixx
    Unknown Ghillie Pack

    - Includes Black, White, and Brown Variant for the Ghillie Suit, Cloak, Shrug, Hood, and Weapon Wrap
    - It attaches to your belt slot, allowing a backpack to be worn with it.
    - This mod also makes all vanilla Ghillie Suits...
    Created by Playdachi
    - Auto run pressing [Numpad_ADD]
    - Allows to auto run even with the inventory open or map open
    - Unlimited Stamina to run, jump and punch

    Very simple mod, feel free to use and learn :)

    Other Mods:
    Valning Map
    Created by Avoka
    [img] [/img]


    Hello survivors !

    Valning is a new made from scratch modded map that has a size of 105km², inspired by some in between France / Germany places and that fe...
    Created by DaOne
    Notification framework designed to send messages to players on the server globally and or individually.

    g_Game.SendMessage(false,identity,"Server Login:","Welcome "+identity.GetName() + ", enjoy your stay!",10,2,false,t
    ZT Custom Tents
    Created by ZT

    overall 53 different Tents for your Server!
            - 8 Car Category Tents 
            - 12 Car Camo Tents 
            - 8 Large Category Tents 
            - 12 Large Camo Tents 
            - 1 ...
    [CrSk] BMW 525i E34
    Created by CrushingSkirmish
    DayZ 1.15 Compatible
    Pre-facelift version. Production years: 1988-1992
    Mod features:
    • 5 color versions (red/black/white/blue beater/purple)
    • 8 types of rims
    • Spare tire, canister and wooden crate slot
    • Realistic s