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Help for those who are having trouble adjusting to the new TTK
By 364
This is a couple quick tips for those having trouble adjusting to the new TTK(Time to Kill) Considering how much lower it is now.
A Classes
A classes:

Learn not to Yolo: All your problems solved.

1) Don't dive into 3 people - OK fred but those Fuzzy bunny (insert campy class here) keep killing me?

2) Stay in cover with your team, not ON your team(splash sucks and you leg humping can get somebody killed), but within 30-40 meters and you will be an asset and not a flaming ball of scrap- But Fred that A class ran away with so little Hp!

3) Good for him, Let YOUR teams campy fuzzy bunnies kill him. Your new job is to wait for the enemy to ALL be low and move in for the cleanup.-But FRED I WANT THE KILLS

4) That's fine little A, but there is something called evolution and roles to play in a game, you are clean up guy, not dive in Yolo Guy. So protect your B's and C's and you will get kills and when the enemy is nice and kicked in you can go slamming in and get the triple you so greatly desire-BUTBUTBUT I USED TO be able to 1v3

5) Exactly why things changed silly A, that fuzzy bunny was broke and never planned. -But it is unfair Fred, I have no HP and can't do anything

6) Learn to move Mr.A because honestly, you are playing the fastest most ridiculous class in the game. You Shouldn't be getting Hit. Straight up full stop. If you want to be the powerhouse you used to be you need to learn to stop relying on HP and start relying on "The Movement" which is what I have been informed repeatedly Prepatch was the reason people played A's. You now have more movement options faster then you ever had before.
B Classes
B classes

1) You aren't as tanky as you once were, stop thinking you are. Most of the problems I see with B mechs revolve around people thinking " I have more HP than an A mech, why shouldn't I be able to tank those shots?" Answer is: you aren't a tank, you are not rolling a C mech in turret mode, you cannot stop bullets slamming into your face with the power of your mind.

2) Hitboxes have shrank...but not by that much. Flying around for prolonged periods of time is asking for some Area Denial mech to reach out and touch your jimmies in a fashion you aren't going to enjoy. If you must fly, pop up, do the business and then drop down and find cover because every which kind of hellfire(seewhatididthere?) is going to come screaming at you.

3) Move. You are now faster then ever before and your dodges? Pretty freaking good against A's and C's. You are the middle child and have been ignored far too long. Use your movement. Learn to skate and L dodge because once you do...The nightmares you will spawn.

4) Stop Diving. You can't do it any better than the A's and it is not worth it. If the enemy has been chipped down and are weak you are definitely the guy to lead the way and break them apart. Chasing that single low health mech into the enemy team's waiting guns? Bad Mojo.

5) When possible, Flank. You do ALOT of damage and you are pretty good when the team turns and looks at you. You will be able to tank a bit of damage and get out of dodge letting your team unload unholy amounts of damage on the exposed rears of the enemy team. If you ARE flanking ensure you know where your cover is and make sure you are doing it in a fashion that draws the enemy into open area's for your Area denial mechs to take advantage of
C Classes
Contributed by ThirdEye

C classes are the big boys of Hawken, with the most armor and least mobility. As is the case for all mechs, focus on your strengths, and in the case of C classes they present a wide array of different strengths. In general though, you should make the most of your superior durability.

For mechs like the Vanguard, Brawler (non SA-Hawkins), and Vulcan Grenadier, you should be playing more of a frontline or pointman role, initiating and opening the engagement for your friends to follow up. Most enemies will consider retreating after taking a solid hit from a C class for the reason that they will most likely lose via attrition since you have more armor than them. Keep the pressure on them, but be careful of overcommitting. Sometimes just relegating one enemy to repairing can give your team the upper hand in the overall engagement.

Soak up damage! You can save your allies with your oversized hitbox by blocking potentially lethal incoming fire. If an enemy doesn't land a killing blow due to you blocking their shot, they may overcommit (see above) and give away an easy kill for your team. This may seem a bit counterproductive to helping you adjust to lower TTK, but supporting your teammates is an important part of the game, and extending their lives typically pays dividends in the long run. Also try using turret mode to negate a bit more damage, especially with Vanguard (60% reduction!).

For mid-long range mechs, such as Grenadier, SA-Hawkins Brawler, and Rocketeer, stay behind your team! Even though deathballing is (thankfully) not as effective as previously, you should still play the important role of providing area denial and long range suppressive fire. You shouldn't be in the thick of the action, as these mechs excel with a little bit of room to play with. If enemies try to approach you, use your spamtastic splash damage and high durability to fend them off or damage them enough for your team to run cleanup.

Most importantly, get used to dying! Everybody is going to die more with lower TTK, so don't worry if you aren't going 20-1-15 like the old days.
General Tips
General tips and hints:

1)Learn to skate, Boosting + dodging is AMAZING now. Boosting forward in a straight line is begging for something running a sustained damage weapon to drag a line up your rear end and pop your head off.

2)For whatever reason ending your boosts with a hop will now bring your weapons up into a firing position faster and give you a movement boost, Use This. It is important and if you aren't using it you will lose to those who are.

3) Dedicate some time to the game before expecting to be good. For those not familiar with how muscle memory works it requires a minimum of 250 repeated actions for your hands/reflexes to operate in the proper fashion. Right now we are all operating off bad wiring. We expect things to react how they used to (smaller splash areas/ smaller hitboxes/old dodge timers). They don't, stop getting mad when they don't work like how you expect them to and start retraining your body how to do things. Those that get this down now will be having a field day.

4) Common Sense is not so common, if you see somebody doing something they shouldn't be Politely try to explain to them that diving into a 6 man team with 100 armor is a bad idea.

If you see something acting wrong(reference hellfires being able to roll 390* now or the Sabot doing a ridiculous damage, report it in the bug reports section and the hwk dev's will fix it as they already have been. This is a BETA. TEST THE GAME AND PRODUCE FEEDBACK. Everybody will have a better day.

Mech Specific Help
Contributed by Glyched

Technician Assistance

1. dont try for kills. You are a support class and should act as such. Use your primary weapon as a supplement to the person you are keeping alive. taking down low health mechs to help the cause is ok in certain situations.

2. cover is your best friend. Be it hiding around a corner within LoS of your heal target or using your heal target as your cover. not being seen keeps you alive.

3. with the lowered cool down on amplify use it often, i mostly use it to keep my self alive while keeping up my target. Being the focus a lot green beam can keep you alive more often then not.

4. dodge. dodge. dodge.

5. You can not heal through shields any more.

6. The air is not your friend. it makes you a huge target. stay on the ground.

Items: i use shield mk 3 for another hide space, a place for you and your heal target to get out of combat for a second or two to get the extra heals. I am using hologram mk 1 just for a little help.

Internals: deflectors, i dodge a fuzzy bunny ton like all the time i am always dodging. replenisher for lowered cool down times on amp. and basic fuel converter.

Above all find the person who is murdering people the best and keep him alive.

Contributed by Albe23

Bruiser tips:

1)The best tactic for this mech is now guerilla (insert "gorilla" from Bruno Mars) warfare/hit-and-run. Trying to do sustained damage with any mech outside of C-Classes is stupid. Get in, lay down damage, get out.

2)Use your shield to good effect given that the new meta is insta-kill alphas. Pop it when you can actually see one coming and you win. I've also become fond of face hugging Raiders with a shield+alpha+HF combo they never saw coming. See Guerilla tactics above.

3)Meteor gave you a fast flight speed, it's dumb, use it sparingly. Might as well paste a target to your face. I use it to pop up and over things to get enough sight to send off Hellfires, which is far quicker now.

4)Learn to lead by fuzzy bunny miles (given that every mech is now super dodge happy) with your Hellfires close range. They've definitely had a 'silent' tweak and simply boosting (not dodging) is more that enough for them to miss at damn near any range now about half the time. The other half they will pull fuzzy bunny ninja maneuvers.

5)Given the above realize that your Hellfires are no longer effective at long to long-mid ranges. Looking at the stats and the dropoff ranges, meteor has pigeonholed Hellfires to mid range. I'm guessing to make the Sniper more effective at long ranges (read dominating at any range now).

8)The Vulcan is now more effective at mid ranges, so get used to longer pulses on the trigger before the thing gets all wonky. However, where you could pulse 5 really accurate shots before for long range harassment, you can't really anymore. It feels like it starts off a little more inaccurate. Could just be me though.

7)Given that dodge can almost be spammed now, I recommend loading up any and all internals that reduce damage while boosting or dodging. It's very effective now given the squishy-ness of everything.

8)Practice better situational awareness, you're going to need it.

Contributed by LordTemujin

Predator Assistance:

Damage values:

Charged Breacher: 100
uncharged breacher: 144
Fire Rate- Slow

Charged EOC: 144
Uncharged EOC: 72
Fire rate- medium

Charged T-32: 99
uncharged T-32: 61.875
Fire rate: Fast

Eoc-P: Flat 55 damage per mine.

Eoc Repeater and Breacher are both PROJECTILE style weapons with a lead time so if you are not good with anticipating your opponents movements or do not understand how to lead a target neither weapon is recommended for you.

Currently the Charged EOC + Mine is the Highest one off DPS combo(Single shot burst) of the three options. If you don't intend to be doing alot of CQC and are just looking to pick off your opponent this is the weapon for you.

For Close combat, if you are very good at aiming I recommend the Breacher as it does comparable damage to the T-32(at a slower rate) But can completely negate an enemy dropping shield.

T-32 is a decent option if you want to play a slow raider.


Only set mines up in triples, walls or ceilings preferred as almost everybody sees them on the ground

Set them in high traffic areas(jump pads) or places that units are likely to pass by to flank.

Any place that is closed in(hallways/tunnels/doors) are good places to lay traps.

Know where people go to repair, also a good place to lay traps.

Set em and forget em. Never ever EVER babysit your traps. Either somebody is going to come and set em off or they wont, Meanwhile you can be walking around slamming rails into peoples heads and making rocketeers cry OP.

Oh, just a point to note: Mines are bugged and will not damage shields at all, don't use them to try to pop shields it is a waste of time and they will normally splash damage back into you.

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10/10 good work guys
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