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M60 Is A Minigun
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Oct 31, 2020 @ 2:34pm
May 31 @ 1:23pm
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M60 Is A Minigun

The script mod gives you 999 rounds with the M60 (200 at a time but you may reload), and performance is greatly enhanced. Power, range, penetration layers, and penetration power were all greatly improved!

You can now use specialty ammuo and lasers with an M60 and instead of 150 rds. you'll have 999! But only 200 can be in the gun at once, so reload when you are ALMOST empty. If you don't the game makes you drop it. But if you reload before that 200th shot, you'll have the balance of the 999 rounds! I don't recommend using frag rounds unless you are using God mode, as they ricochet. Incendiary ammo works fine though.

I've wanted to do a mod like this for years and people have been requesting a mod like this for years, and I am happy to finally deliver it!

As you probably guessed, given how rare it is to find the M60, I spawned it in the console when playing the game so that I could get some screenshots of Specials and other zombies being iced.

No script mod is going to work in multiplayer obviously because the Steam servers will say you are cheating (because you are), but you should be okay in other modes as long as everyone has the mod installed.

Remember this: with ANYONE'S SCRIPT MOD, not just any of mine, subscribe to it, load the game, makes sure it shows up in Addons (and that it doesn't conflict with other mods- it will show up red if it does) and then exit the game. Now launch the game again and it will work. If you don't do this, it might not work!