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Antistasi Plus - Altis
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop, Persistent
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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Oct 30, 2020 @ 12:03pm
May 26 @ 11:12am
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Antistasi Plus - Altis

In 1 collection by Socrates
Antistasi Plus
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Project completion
Antistasi Plus project is complete and no longer being worked on, no support will be provided too.
Source code is available there:

Antistasi Plus - Altis

Once again Petros asks you for help, his homeland - Altis island - has been captured. Time to unleash guerilla warfare against invaders!

Antistasi is a Persistent Whole Map mission, for SP or MP Coop, focused on Resistance Infantry and Guerrilla Tactics.

Antistasi Features
  • Altis is in an All vs All war on which the players play the role of rebels fighting against foreign invaders
  • Around 26 possible side missions which may happen everywhere. Assassination, Logistics, Destroy Assets, Rescue POWS, Conquer Missions, Salvage in a wide variety on each type
  • PvP Element: NATO and CSAT players can join and try to disrupt rebel operations
  • Possibility of Undercover-Operations, same as a Resistance soldier can do
  • AI Enemy Commander which reacts to your movements and manages his resources
  • Enemy Network Comms that may be disrupted
  • Persistent Stat Save System: You won't lose game or server progress upon a game update
  • Enhanced AI Squadmate control
  • Playable in SP, MP, and persistent open server MP
  • Cooperate while compete to be the commander of your side (MP Only)
  • Build minefields, improve bases with static weapons which AI will use
  • Playable as SP (through LAN server), MP, and persistent open server MP
  • From Guerrilla ambushes on the beginning to BIG battles at the end
  • Altis gets destroyed as long as the war evolves
  • Integrated side mods: TFAR, ACRE, ACE3. None of them mandatory.

Antistasi Plus Features
  • Commander Menu (CTRL+T shortcut) with the various new abilities which commander can use to support his troops on ground
  • Rebel Loadouts - ability to customize AI rebels weapons and equipment for each infantry class
  • Rebels vs Invaders gamemode
  • Cold War era mode (Special game mode with NATO/US Cold War and Warsaw Pact/USSR, uses authentic weapons and vehicles up until roughly 1993, to enable it either use 3CB Factions with Global Mobilization or use just 3CB Factions but enable Cold War mode in 3CB Factions faction selector in mission settings in lobby)
  • Special crate and commander ability provides capabilities to automatically loot bodies, surrender crates and weapons on ground to reduce tediousness of looting enemy
  • Persistent save for everything players build
  • 8 new mission types (Find the Arms Dealer, Salvage Helicrash tasks, Prevent Artillery Strike, Ambush Officer, Kill Collaborationist, Seize Airdrop, Rescue Smugglers, Rescue Rebel Informer)
  • Arms Dealer vendor with the ability to directly buy and sell weapons, items and gear
  • Vehicle Black Market - possibility to spend money on vehicles, aircrafts et cetera
  • Ability to build persistent roadblocks, watchposts, AA or AT emplacements
  • Move Static Weapon, Unlfip Vehicle, Share Faction Money actions
  • Similar weapons counted as one entity on infinite unlock
  • Civilian Presence Module - more performance-friendly and alive footmobile civilians
  • Pickupable money items
  • Rally Point - temporary spawn point that can be placed by commander
  • New outpost type - Military Base
  • Additional commander abilities - Smoke Barrage, Flare Barrage, Light Vehicle Airdrop, HMG Airdrop, Loot Crate Airdrop, Recon Plane Run, Supply Crate Airdrop, Chemical Airstrike
  • Special commander ability - Paradrop (commander can move player paratroopers to airplane for HALO jump on desired location)
  • Infantry unit tiers based on current war level, the bigger war level - the better enemy's infantry units equipment
  • Discord Rich Presence support
  • Chemical airstrike - new airstirke variant which can be used by rebel commander and invader faction
  • Projectile Camera
  • Integrated Mag Repack script (menu can be accessed via Ctrl+R hotkey)
  • Different occupant factions support for same modset - for example, 3CB Factions can provide HIL, CDF or USAF mission variants
  • CUP Vehicles/Weapons/Units support
  • Various additional settings and small abilities - vehicle unflip, time multiplier et cetera
  • QoL fixes, tweaks, enhancements and UI overhaul

Where is the arms dealer?
Arms dealer location can be obtained via squad leader interrogations, documents and laptophacks.

Which modsets are supported?
  • Aegis - Aegis, Atlas, Atlas - Opposing Forces, Police
  • 3CB Factions - RHS AFRF, RHS GREF, RHS USAF, RHS SAF, 3CB Factions
  • 3CB Factions + GM - RHS AFRF, RHS GREF, RHS USAF, RHS SAF, 3CB Factions, Global Mobilization
  • Vanilla + GM - Global Mobilization Extra - AAF mod
  • CUP - CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CUP Weapons
  • SOG Prairie Fire CDLC
  • SOG Prairie Fire CDLC + Unsung Redux mod
  • Vanilla

Support is not provided on any of unsupported mods! Custom mission edits too, since i don't know what you have changed and how.

Where is the HQ tent?
HQ tent was removed, it's functionality was moved into Commander Menu, Environment tab.

I can't find the mission in Scenarios tab in single player menu, is there any way to play as single player?
Antistasi Plus will not appear in Scenarios menu, but you can still play as singe player by creating LAN server in Arma 3's multiplayer menu.

My dedicated server is not working with this mission at all, while listen one works perfectly fine. What's wrong?
Make sure that you're not using -autoInit startup parameter, removing it might resolve many dedicated server issues.

Github page:

  • Original Mission by barbolani
  • Antistasi Community Edition by Official Antistasi Community
  • Magrepack by Outlawled, R3vo and OOster
  • HALs_Store by HallyG, R3vo and barman75
  • DRO by mbrdmn
  • Discord Rich Presence by ConnorAU
  • Antistasi Plus by Socrates
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GogglezDoNoffing May 25 @ 9:49am 
Ok, thanks.
Socrates  [author] May 25 @ 12:41am 
Yeah, this still holds true for Antistasi Plus too. Antistasi Plus and current Antistasi Community Version have integrated UPSMON (Urban Patrol) scripts that might be broken by any other AI mod.
Sergeant Hades May 24 @ 9:44pm 
very pog of you for this update
GogglezDoNoffing May 24 @ 7:50pm 
IIRC original Antistasi had line "AI mods needs to be disabed, disable all AI mods, ASR AI, etc". Is it also case with this one, this doesn't work/work well with VCOM or LAMBS?
Socrates  [author] May 24 @ 2:09pm 
Mission has been updated to 1.8.3 - pretty minor update tied to anniversary of Antistasi Plus and dire need to reupload missing scenarios.:spy:
All missing scenarios (Antistasi Plus Cam Lao Nam, Takistan, Tanoa, Livonia, Vidda, Isla Abramia, Panthera and maybe something else I forgot) will be in workshop in the next two days, some of them are already there.

Changelog and PBO files []
Socrates  [author] May 24 @ 2:08am 
I'm thinking about releasing a really small AP 1.8.3 patch to fix some glaring issues, also rereleasing all removed missions to workshop.
This does not means that work on Antistasi Plus will be resumed (as my focus has shifted to mostly Unreal Engine and Arma Reforger/A4 as sideburner, also Antistasi Community Edition made many breaking changes in their dev version, so Antistasi Plus will stay on 2.5.3 forever unless someone will produce a 2.5.4/2.6.0 port) - I haven't touched Antistasi Plus codebase since October 2021 and grew some allergy to SQF language and Plus messy codebase since then. So, it will be basically rerelease of misisng maps + template updates (3CB Factions and CUP ones) + some minor fixes.

About Tanoa - well, I will check this case, but last time I checked there were no dependecies at all at any mission except CUP Core maps, vanilla should be playable without any mod at all.
About Mk. V - it's too good for Antistasi balance ecosystem, so it will be removed in 1.8.3.
T h e R a t May 23 @ 6:04pm 
Okay, the mission balance has improved vastly since i last played. However, the Mk. V SOC NEEDS to be changed to something else. This is more an issue with RHS than anything, but it's WAY more powerful than it should be, considering the amount of firepower on it and how armored it is (takes WAY more anti-tank munitions to take it down than any MBT), and having one at a seaport makes taking it down way more difficult and tedious than it should.

I know you said you aren't going to work on the mission any more, as it's "complete" (despite several things saying they're still WIP or parts that obviously need work still), though if anyone else would like to make this small change, or know of a fork of it that already addresses problems like this, please let me know.
LeeZ May 23 @ 3:16pm 
A lot of people were dependent on your scenarios for their casual playing and even training so I dont know what compelled you to all of a sudden delete most of your work. Seems like a huge waste of time.
LeeZ May 23 @ 3:10pm 
Ok my server host narrowed down why my server wont work to the Horizon Islands Tanoa mission being dependent on a mod with "ncup_weapons_backpacks" as a missing file. Do you know which dependencies there are for Tanoa, so we can get this fixed and play it?
Socrates  [author] May 23 @ 1:22am 
Unfortunately, reposting it to Steam Workshop requires full game and tool chain reinstall as mission could be posted only through in-game Eden editor, which I’m not willing to do.
Anyway, mission installation is pretty simple - just put .pbo file into mpmissions folder and that’s basically it.