Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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(OUTDATED) Improved Eastern Front v2.0
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Oct 28, 2020 @ 2:45pm
May 13, 2021 @ 4:17am
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(OUTDATED) Improved Eastern Front v2.0

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- I’ve made a new simpler version of this mod. Also, I did cut a bunch of things, but it has become more operational than this version. Ultimately, from this patch, for the new patches, you should use the new version .
- This version will not get any updates.
- Needed Game version for this mod works properly: 1.10.*

b] Note: [/b] This is a new and compressed version of the original mod. I want to make this mod-pack easy to use :D (according to the request of some of your, I've decided to compress submods into the main mod)

What does this mod?

Basically, adds new decision-event chains in Operation Barbarossa. Makes the game a bit more historical. Gives you the opportunity to buff ai industrially, remove the 'unnecessary' countries so that the game runs smoothly. Adds a ai country for providing infinite resources to the market. To this mod works functionally, you should check my other mods (especially sub-mods of this main mod)

I recently have decided to split this mod into sub-mods, so, people can decide which part of the mod that they need. And also; this move made this mod more compatible with any other mods. I mean, if you want to use this mod chain with rt56 (or any other mod) you can eliminate the parts of the mod-chain that creates conflict with rt56/any other mods. The chassis of this mod chain (i mean this mod, central mod, main mod, or whatever you call it xd) WON'T create any conflicts with ANY OTHER MODS. (so this main mod is compatible with every other mod!) Additionally, for the other mods in the chain, you can check their possible conflict creator mods in their pages (I have written in every mod's page about their possible conflicts)

Note: Every sub-mod in this package can work independently without any sub-mod/the main mod (so if you don't like any sub-mod, you can avoid that), but, using the whole chain is recommended. In the end, it depends on your choice.

What do you suggest about using this mod-chain with other mods?

+ I actually suggest that use this mod-chain with Expert AI:4.0 if you want to make ai more challenging (Also, you probably will have to eliminate some parts of this mod-chain to make it works properly with Expert AI 4.0)
+ And a piece of quick advice, if you will use this mod/mod-chain with rt56; you must meet the conditions to fire the Barbarossa event-chain: Germany must be fascist, Soviets must be communist, the date must be after 1936, Hitler and Stalin must be charge in their countries!

Is it compatible in multiplayer?

I Have never tried this mod/mod-chain in multiplayer but in the developing process, I have tried to make it works in every situation. Maybe some of you guys test this mod's multiplayer version in multiplayer, and give me feed-backs? :D

Check my other stuff [/strike]