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Frost and Fire
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Frost and Fire


If you’d prefer to have all of this information in video form here’s a video that goes over about 90% of the information:

Frost and Fire RimWorld Mod Overview Video

Frost and Fire is a Kenshi inspired RimWorld full conversion mod. The mod is intended to be played as an ultimate survival scenario, which will be extremely difficult and radically changes traditional tactics and strategies. This project is a result of the Rhadamant Plays community proposing an extreme temperature challenge, and that proposal won in a public poll by popular vote. The mod is intended to be played with the associated scenario for maximum challenge and balance, and ideally, the accompanying save game file so that everyone starts on equal footing.

The minimum requires to play Frost and Fire is the following:
(Mods and Scenarios linked on the sidebar)

How to use a downloaded save game file (or scenario):
Click here for a brief tutorial[rimworldwiki.com]

Royalty is supported, but not required.

For Frost and Fire to work properly you'll have to use the premade scenarios, but you can (with some effort) design your own scenario following a setup guide found at

Frost and Fire is balanced when used in conjunction with the Frost and Fire scenario, without the associated scenario the mod may not offer sufficient challenge. The Scenario for the community challenge removes a lot of the more beneficial events and incidents so that you cannot rely upon good luck for survival.

Scenario with Royalty
Scenario without Royalty

Community Challenge is the way Frost and Fire was meant to be played.

Here are the settings:

  • Use the provided scenario
  • Use the provided save game file
  • You may not have more than 1 colony
  • You may not move map tiles
  • You may not change the difficulty or storyteller
  • You may not use mods other than user interface mods
  • You must remain neutral or allied with all factions
  • You win by getting off this cursed planet

Why should you try the community challenge? If we all follow the rules listed above, our experiences of surviving Frost and Fire will remain relatable. We can share our struggles, our successes and our screenshots and everything we share will have the same common reference point, which makes Frost and Fire a community event. I truly hope you all enjoy the time you spend enduring the brutality that is Frost and Fire.

Frost and Fire replaces all of the vanilla biomes with a custom biome designed by Sarg, the author of Alpha Biomes. The entire world is a metallic machine world, severely lacking biodiversity. The machine world has an extreme elliptical orbit, which means that the summers can easily reach boiling temperatures and inversely the winters are bitter cold. As a result of the wild temperature variations and the fact that the majority of the planet is metallic, plants barely grow on the surface of the world, so most of your calories must come from hydroponics, clever farming, ranching or hunting. The world will offer you an abundance of steel and slag, but if you’re wanting other building materials you’ll likely have to salvage, scavenge and barter for them.

Frost and Fire removes all vanilla animals and replaces them with Kenshi inspired animals, which are far more dangerous and aggressive than their RimWorld equivalents. Many of the Kenshi animals will be faster and stronger than you are used to, and also often yield far less meat, or just foul meat instead. They’ll hunt in packs and attempt to eat you alive. They’re also far more adapted to the biome and won’t be as impacted by the extreme temperatures. Frost and Fire also adds ‘domesticated’ animals provided in this modpack that can act as haulers, caravan animals and ranch-able animals. They’re not as well adapted to the extreme temperatures, but may provide benefits to your colony.

Frost and Fire introduces a new enemy, Reapers. The reapers are inspired by the Kenshi race Skeletons, and based on a mod that was originally made by Sharpedo-Dressed Man and modified heavily by me, Rhadamant. Reapers are remorseless robots who feel no pain, are much tougher than organic attackers and are trying to wipe out organic life. They’re totally unaffected by the drastic temperature shifts of the planet and are seemingly immune to all psychic attacks. They are a cross between the traditional mechanoids of RimWorld and regular marauder/pirate raiders. The Reapers also have their own unique race-specific armor, weapons and abilities that were carefully balanced to fit well within RimWorld. Reapers are still hostile with mechanoids and you may have opportunities to pit them against one another.

To dramatically increase the amount of interactions with Reapers, the Frost and Fire scenario is designed with Faction Control to remove the savage tribe, fierce tribe, rough outlander union and pirate band, leaving you only with a civil outlander union faction, civil tribe faction and reapers. This causes a much larger percentage of your raiders to be Reapers and Mechanoid Hive. The shattered empire will also be included if you have the Royalty DLC and there are two copies of the original save game file, one with Royalty and one without to accommodate everyone.

Frost and Fire introduces a very large variety of new arms and armors, but race restricts them for Reaper use only. The armor and helmets were sourced from Sharpedo-Dressed Man’s mod, Kenshi Apparel. The new weapons that Reapers wield were made by me, Rhadamant. All of the armor and weapons are carefully balanced to fit within the existing arsenal that is available in vanilla RimWorld, while feeling unique and unfamiliar. The weapons, helmets and armor was made to be race restricted so that you cannot scavenge the Reapers to dramatically improve your own equipment. This increases the challenge of Frost and Fire.

You can find the FAQ on the website[rhadamant.com]
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Rhadamant  [author] Oct 12 @ 7:00am 
@Kōdo Correct
Kōdo Oct 12 @ 2:23am 
Just wondering if I'm reading it correctly, but all the Kenshi weapons and armour added can't be used by the player and are locked to the Reaper NPCs only?
Earl Baz of Norfumbria Jul 26 @ 9:26am 
Update pls
Roskii Heiral Jul 2 @ 3:00pm 
Hey guys, uploaded a mod for just the critters here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2533235243&searchtext=frost+and+fire
(with permission)

Thanks again, Rhad, and hope everyone enjoys.
Rhadamant  [author] Jun 22 @ 11:25am 
Updated to fix a bug with imperial traders
Rhadamant  [author] Jun 13 @ 3:11pm 
@Roskii Heiral yeah the link can be found at https://rhadamant.com
Roskii Heiral Jun 13 @ 10:15am 
Do you guys have a discord? I may have been blind and missed it, but i don't see one.
Latex Santa May 5 @ 12:53pm 
The Kenshi fauna and Crossbows give me great hope of one day playing a Kenshi game in RimWorld.

Here's hoping we get the United Cities, Holy Nation, as well as custom bandit factions. Maybe some more robot-like Skeletons. Combined with some selectively-edited tech tree restrictions, it could be phenomenal. All that's missing is some Prison Labor updates and compatibility, a mod with the Kenshi music, and you can have a proper themed run.

Vicemachine Apr 24 @ 8:50pm 
Awasome mod!
stevehknight Apr 21 @ 10:55pm 
bump animals