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Rip Them Off

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By Lozange Lab
Answers to your gameplay, technical and various questions
Gameplay questions (part 1)
What are the differences between the shops?
After selecting and highlighting a shop, click on the shape again to see its detail window.
Shops have 3 characteristics :
  • capacity: the number of Dupes it can host at the same time
  • income: how much each Dupe will spend in the shop
  • duration: how long each Dupe will stay in the shop before leaving
The green lines represent how the capacity and income relates to duration, showing respectively the capacity and income per second, to easily compare shops.

Once bought, each shop can be upgraded, or replaced by another.

What are the differences between the shoppers?
There is no difference between them. They will enter every shop on their path, provided there is enough space for them. However, they will refuse to enter the same shop type twice.

Why did shoppers refuse to enter a shop I placed?
There are only 2 reasons a Dupe won’t enter a shop:
  • the shop is full (all its windows are lit, meaning it has reached maximum capacity)
  • the Dupe has already visited an identical shop during the level.

What do the emoticons above the shoppers mean?
Whenever a dupe won’t enter a shop, they will display a dissatisfied emoticon meaning:
  • The shop was overcrowded

  • The Dupe has already visited an identical shop (same shape and level)

How much money the Dupes really have ?
An endless amount. The Dupes have unlimited credit! When they have spent enough money towards the objective they will be coloured green. But if you find a more successful strategy they'll continue to spend as much as needed.

Where do the Dupes come from, and where do they go ?
Dupes will emerge from entrances. Click any entrance at night to see the associated path. The Dupes will never deviate, they will stick to their path day after day, and try to enter every open shop on their way!

Can I tell how many Dupes will stampede toward my shops ?
Absolutely, click on any entrance at night to see how many Dupes will come out of it during the next day. But a more important question to ask than “How many?”, is “at what pace?” will they come?! The graphical colored line shows the frequency at which the Dupes will pop out.

From day to day, the number and the frequency will both always rise progressively. But unlike the number of Dupes, which vary from map to map, the frequency is fixed by the color of the entrance and will always behave the same during the game according to its color.

What does the colored ring on an entrance mean?
Each entrance may contain a different amount of Dupes, but what really characterizes an entrance is its emission rate, the pace at which Dupes will be emitted (the number of Dupes per sec). Across the different maps, you’ll encounter 4 types of emission rate, from the weakest to the strongest, recognizable by their color : green, yellow, blue, and purple.

Green entrances will emit far less Dupes per second than the purple entrance will.

Also, during the day, the ring will gradually reduce as the entrance depletes.

What are the two numbers at the bottom right of the screen?

The white one is your available money, whereas the green one is your total revenue in this level. You win when your profits are higher than the level’s objective.

I don’t have enough money to buy a shop, what can I do?
When you’re selecting a shop, if you don’t have enough money to buy or upgrade it right now, you can plan its purchase by clicking twice on the purchase button. A small timer will appear at the top right of the shop meaning the purchase will automatically occur as soon as you have enough money. The same timer icon will appear at the bottom right of the screen - right next to your available money - along with the price and type of the planned purchase.
Simply, click again on the shop to cancel a planned purchase.
(this functionality is disabled in these levels: Tutorial and Erewhon)

How much was I supposed to earn again ?

Your objective is displayed on Day 1, the gauge will then display which percentage of the objective you’ve reached so far. Click the gauge to display the exact monetary objective.

What is happening at the end of each day?
When the night comes, you get a summary of what happened during the day. The revenues of the last day are displayed along with the total of your profits since Day 1, which is compared to your best score for this level. If you improve your best score, a green star will be animated on the right side of the summary.

Using the 3 toggle buttons at the bottom left of the summary capsule, you can display above each shop respectively how many Dupes were turned away due to lack of room, the daily income, and the average occupancy rate.

I made a mistake on the last day of a level, do I have to restart from the beginning?
Absolutely not! You can reload any previous day. Press the “pause” button at the bottom left of the screen and then choose which day to reload.

Gameplay questions (part 2)
Do I have to complete all the Milestones of a Map to play the next Map?
Not at all! At first, you have to pass only the first milestone of a Map to unlock the next Map. Then, as soon as you beat "Sanzu-no-kawa" it will unlock all of the Maps in the game, including the Map of the Moment!

I can't find a way to reach the objective in [insert a devilish level’s name here], what should I do?
If this happens during the tutorial just follow the instructions, it’s telling you the shop to pick.
If this happens at the first milestone of an earlier map (up to “Sanzu-No-Kawa”, which will unlock all the maps upon beating it) reading the instructions or the manual “Retail Entrapment 101” contains everything you need! From simple explanations to full strategy spoilers for each level. You can open it by clicking on the bottom left “?” icon.

If this happens later on, or on a higher milestone of a Map, our advice is to play a lower milestone of another map, as the difficulty highly increases with the milestone, e.g. the third Milestone of an earlier Map is generally much more difficult than the first milestone of a later map. Also, replaying a Milestone you already won and trying to improve your score in the leaderboard will certainly develop your technique.Then there's a good chance you'll have a better understanding of how each shop reacts with the different flows and it will then probably be a good time to retry the higher milestone you were previously struggling with.

Should I try to guess which shop should go where?
Please, don’t do that! This will totally ruin the fun of the game! There are several ways of playing the game, but here are a few pointers:
  • If you like to forecast and plan ahead, the best option would be at Day 1 to click on every entrance and to evaluate for each shop how many entrances will be pass it by, as well as the color-coded strength of the entrances. From there you should have a pretty good idea of the expected number of Dupes, and the pace at which they will arrive. Now, attendance needs to fit the shop capacity. Generally, the higher the buying cost of the shop, the bigger its capacity. So, the higher the attendance, the more capacity you’ll need, and the more expensive the shop should be that you need to place there.
  • If you prefer to play in a more intuitive manner, you can also rapidly assess the set-up of the map and distribute a few shops, then observe how it goes over the first 2 or 3 days. If a shop refuses a lot of people, then try to pick a more expensive one. On the contrary, if a shop is half empty, try to pick a less expensive one!

These two very important indicators can also be reviewed at the end of each day. Using the toggle buttons at the bottom left of the summary capsule, you can display above each shop respectively how many Dupes were turned away due to a lack of space (the aim is to keep this number as low as possible), the daily income and the average occupancy rate (while trying to maximize those).

Following these simple steps should generally get you easily out of the first milestones of each map, because fitting the shop capacity to the attendance is the key to reaching the objective, and will always yield honorable results.

Once you get acquainted to this base principle, you’ll naturally start to build your own much deeper strategies… which brings us to the following question:

Is there a single solution for each level?
Not at all! Apart from the tutorial, Erewhon and Funicularium, which are the levels where you learn how to play the game, there are always multiple solutions for each level. The objectives are generally far behind the optimal result and that’s why, starting from Hamelin, you can compete in leaderboards for the best score!

First, keep in mind that you should fit the shop capacity to the attendance, but then take some liberty with this principle and play a bit riskier to unfold the best strategies. The optimal solution always requires finding the right balance between competing and sometimes opposing winning tactics. Plan the order in which you’ll place the shops: prioritize shops with the highest attendance or the one closest to the entrances; manage your available money: sometimes placing a cheap - even if overcrowded - shop might be the only way to get the right amount to start with, while sometimes saving for the expensive perfect fit will be the best bet in the long run; also take benefit of the shop characteristics: very slow shops, even when they don’t perfectly fit the attendance, can have some very interesting effects like taking the load off - or totally clog! - some points of the Map.

What is the Map of the Moment?
On a regular rolling basis, we'll be releasing a new Map of the Moment, which is a revamped version of a map where we'll be shaking things up by shifting aspects and adding fun areas that will influence nearby shops and Dupes, like:
Loan : Dupes won’t be charged immediately when they leave a shop but instead they will repay a small amount at regular intervals until they have reimbursed twice the price. Careful though, if they leave the map prior to complete reimbursement, the money will be lost!
Brainwash : As you may have noticed, the Dupes refuse to enter a shop identical to one they’ve already visited. Then rejoice, for in the Brainwashing areas, Dupes won’t memorize shops they are visiting, and even forget all the shops they have visited before!
Sales : Dupes will walk faster and stay significantly less time inside the affected shops, at the cost of a minimal rebate.

Maps of the Moment are objective-free and are intended as fun, unique Maps to compete against your friends with in the leaderboards. They also allow us to experiment with new changes : new influencers are likely to emerge, as well as perhaps not always granting the Dupes an infinite indebtment capacity!
Maps of the Moment will give your normal Rip Them Off gameplay experience a bit of a twist, so keep an eye out for them!
Technical questions
I’m having a bug, who should I contact?
Send us an email to, with a description of the problem and what you were doing when the problem occurred. Please also send us the configuration of the device you’re playing on and your OS version. If possible, a screenshot of the game showing the problem would help! If you’re on computer, please also include your log file :
  • on Windows: Go to (Windows+R)
    "%APPDATA%/../LocalLow/Lozange Lab/Rip Them Off"
    and send us the file “Player.log”
  • on Mac: in the Finder top toolbar click on 'go', then 'go to folder', and paste in
    “~/Library/Logs/Lozange Lab/Rip Them Off”
    and send us the file “Player.log”
  • on Linux look for
    “~/.config/unity3d/Lozange Lab/Rip Them Off/”
    and send us the file “Player.log”

I’m getting a new device soon, do I have to start over again?
Absolutely not! We support Steam Cloud on Steam and iCloud on iOS so you’ll recover your save game at the same point on your brand new device.
Various questions
In which languages is it available?
The game is fully translated in:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Do you use personal information?
We do not collect your personal information, apart from your Steam/GameCenter username in the leaderboards. Please consult our privacy policy[].

Do you have a Discord server where we can chat about the game?
Yes! Please join us at:

The soundtrack is great, where can I buy it?
The soundtrack is available on Steam:

Will you release Rip Them Off on [Insert a new platform name here]?
Being a small team we had to limit ourselves and for now we’re focusing on Steam and iOS. But we may consider some other platforms in the future! Be sure to follow us on social media and Discord using the links below for all the updates!

I like links! What are all the game’s links?

Where can I follow the studio on socials?