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Useful UI MOD Collection(实用界面MOD合集)
This Collection only contains UI mods and they are all compatible with each other.
NOTE: The "Harmony in Diversity" contains gameplay content and being added to make it shown on that item's page.

Using this set of UI mods will hugely boost the game experience.

Items (48)
Radial Measuring Tool
Created by Zur13
Feel tired selecting the best location for your next city? Still trying to count what cities are in 6 tiles wonder effect radius?

The best brand new tool for visual city location estimation and various radius related bonuses measurements is here for yo...
Better World Rankings (UI)
Created by infixo
New version 1.3 as of 8.06 - Cultural dominance.

More information in the World Rankings screen.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, [url=
Better Civilization Icons Lite
Created by janboruta
This mod replaces a number of civilization and city-state icons with more historically accurate variations, while preserving a more vanilla feel compared to the main BCI mod. Some vanilla icons have been tweaked or emboldened for a fresher look.

Custom Notifications
Created by qqqbbb
With this mod you get notifications when city borders expand, when city population grows, when your trade deal expires, when religion you founded becomes dominant in a city and when your religion stops being dominant.

After starting a game, click notifi...
Extended Diplomacy Ribbon
Created by Aristos




Do you want to up ...
Quick Start (Linux, Mac, Windows)
Created by Odin Vex
You have seen the intro logos and have accepted the EULA a before. This mod takes you straight to the main menu. It also works with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

*** I guess it needed saying for some people: Mods are disabled by ...
Better Loading Screen (UI)
Created by infixo
Works with May 2020 Patch (New Frontier).

Displays detailed information about uniques on the loading screen. No more annoying laconic "unique unit".

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, [url=
Better Religion Window (UI)
Created by infixo
New version 1.2 as of 9.08 - Total followers, Korean and Polish localization.

Enhanced Religion Window. Helps managing religious campaigns.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, [url=https://steamcommunit...
Enhanced Mod Manager
Created by FinalFreak16
Enhanced Mod Manager

This mod overhauls the mod manager screen primarily by splitting the single default mod list into two. Now mods are displayed either on the left (disabled) or right (enabled) making it easy to see which mods are acti...
Colorized Historic Moments
Created by MiniRagnarok
Replaces the historic moment art with colorized art.
+250 moments have been colorized!

The mod can be enabled or disabled without corrupting your save.

Colorized Fog Of War

Better Report Screen (UI)
Created by infixo
New version 6.1.2 as of 19.05 - support for Monopolies and Corporations Mode!

More information in the Report Screen. New tabs: units, deals, policies, minors.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, all official Scenarios[/u...
Better Trade Screen
Created by astog
The goal of this mod is to improve the trade screens in Civilization VI and help manage and monitor running trade routes.

NOTE CQUI AND HBUI USERS: This mod is already included in them, and may cause issues if you also use ...
Unique District Icons
Created by Leugi
Replaces the icons for all vanilla, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm and New Frontier Unique Districts ingame.


The Diplomatic Quarter icon of the mod was made before Firaxis made its own icon, and personally I f...
Better Deal Window
Created by Gliding
***Compatibility confirmed with all updates to date (Sep 2022)***

  • Deal history panel, listing previous deals with the selected civilization, from the current gameplay session. Any ongoing multi-turn deals found from yo
Policy Change Reminder
Created by FinalFreak16
Policy Change Reminder
Ever suddenly realise its been 50 turns since you can remember changing your civilization policy cards? Or maybe you like to keep the current policies active for the rest of the turn but then forget to change them be...
Real Great People (UI)
Created by infixo
New version 4.0 as of 22.11 - Updated for Babylon Pack and added Linux support.

Adds pictures of the real Great People to the game. Improved Great People window.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, Hero Mode, [url=https://s...
Extended Policy Cards
Created by Aristos




Better Builder Charges Tracking
Created by wltk
This mod can help displaying Builder's current build charges on the side of unit flag for easier tracking, so you don't have to select each Builder to check.

P.S. Thanks for your interest! I also ...
Detailed Map Tacks
Created by wltk
Are you tired of calculating adjacency bonuses for your districts?

This mod can help you plan the placement of your districts by calculating the potential yields and adjacency bonuses on...
Quick Deals
Created by wltk
Are you tired of asking each AI's price for your items to see who pays the most?
This mod provides you an interface to see all AI's offers for the items you want to trade, in sorted order...
Better Espionage Screen
Created by astog
This is my third UI mod (after Better Trade Screen and More Lenses). The main purpose is similar to the other two, to add Quality of Life features and improve the Civilization VI UI. Here the Espionage Screens are overhauled t...
Better City States (UI)
Created by infixo
New version 1.2 as of 14.06 - Grouping by types.

Enhanced City States screen.

This mod integrates and improves the screen from the Concise UI (which I've always cons...
Greatest Cities
Created by Technoluddite
The World's Greatest Cities now, and at the end of each era

Updated 2021-10-02
New: Translations
(see all changes)

Earlier Civ games had a lis...
Enhanced Camera
Created by DahakaMVl
Increases camera zoom ranges and adjust tilt and fog curves.

  • Significantly increases zoom ranges at min and max
  • Adjusts tilt curves to have a more perpendicular camera angle in the middle and flatter at the mo
Envoy Quest List
Created by Stack Man
Adds a screen that organizes and lists available City-State quests, available from a new launch bar button in the top left portion of the screen.

Compatible with Unique District Icons.
Tsunami Waves: Lite Version
Created by p0kiehl

Tsunami Waves: Lite Version increases the size of waves in the ocean! This is a toned-down version of Tsunami Waves.

This mod does NOT affect saved games, so you can turn it on ...
Notification Log
Created by FinalFreak16
Notification Log

Formally known as Combat and Gossip Log.

This mod adds a notification log to the World Tracker. Moving all gossip and combat pop-ups notifications to the log panel. The most recent gossip entries and combat results fr...
Prettier Lakes
Created by p0kiehl
Prettier Lakes
Prettier Lakes enhances the flat, boring water texture of Lakes, Oases, and a few Natural Wonders to be prettier!

What's Changed?
The following water textures are updated:
Simplified Gossip
Created by FinalFreak16
Simplified Gossip
This mod simplifies the gossip history log in the leader diplomacy view.

Unnecessary flavour text is removed and messages are shortened. Each message also has its own icon to categorise each entry and make it easier to...
Detailed Appeal Lens
Created by D
Show the exact appeal of each tiles based on the original Appeal Lens.

Thanks Leugi for the Appeal Icon from Appeal, Loyalty and Prestige (Diplo VP) Font Icons.

Miguel's SuperTimer
Created by MiguelDirty
This plugin let's you monitor the real-time spent on a Game of Civ, adding a simple on-mouseover icon in the upper-right corner....
Simplified Combat Reports
Created by FinalFreak16
Simplified Combat Reports

Formally known as Improved Combat Reports.

This is an Add-On mod for Notification Log.

Modifies the combat reports for quicker r...
City Sprawl Graphics
Created by Hiraeth
Big thank you to JNR for fixing the mod so it actually works on the workshop.

Messes around with CityGenerators.artdef to make (more) buildings appear on the outskirts of districts.

Real *Stylish* Great People
Created by Plati
Replacer of 'Real Great People' mod made by Infixo. While excellent mod, I felt like the icons for great people often were poorly made - blurry, badly cropped or just being poorly ...
Map Search Extension
Created by Zur13
Extends build-in map search panel with search area selection and quick search term selection panels.

Now you don't need to use keyboard to search and combine most common search terms.

Great Works Viewer
Created by peter.spjuth
Improves the Great Works view by:
Sort by building type to get similar works close to each other.
Expand view to your screen size.
Filter on work slot type.
Themeing helper.

Thanks to eudamonia and Concise UI for the Themeing helper....
Hillier Hills (Colder Tundra Edition)
Created by Deliverator23
Hillier Hills combined with Leugi's Colder Tundra!

Environment Skin: Sid Meier's Civilization V
Vegetation Variety

Hillier Hills - this mod includes the new Hills heightmap
More Lenses
Created by astog
The goal of this mod is to add more lenses to the game, that help with empire management and in general quality of life improvements.

ATTENTION CQUI AND HBUI USERS: If you have CQUI or HBUI, you don't need to download this....
Larger MODinUse Area
Created by D
While more and more MODs are used in Civ6, the MODinUse Area become not enough to show the MOD list, here we bring the Larger MODinUse Area, which makes it much larger, so that it will be easier to screenshot and share between peoples.

Warming: P...
Great Person Recruited Notification
Created by Yokuyin
Display a notification when any great person is recruited by another player. Clicking the notification opens the Great Person window.

Compatible with existing save games and multiplayer games.

Known Bugs
* None at the moment...
Tech Civic Progress Plus
Created by D
If you think it's useful, please click LIKE to let more people see it.

  1. Shows precise tech and civic progress in the tool tip of items on Tech and Civic Tree.
  2. (Plus Version added) Show estimated tech and civic progres
Thrones and Palaces
Created by Technoluddite
A Palace fit for a King
Your people are so impressed with your rule that they have offered to make improvements to the Palace or Throne Room!

Updated 2021-11-27
New: Localisation Fixes
Civ6 Plus: Harmony in Diversity v1.3 (1.3.2)
Created by D
Harmony in Diversity (HD) is a large-scale mod that made systematic improvements over Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. You would experience a brand new game where civilizations would develop in a more natural and historical way. Our...
Mods Title Localization
Created by D
This mod provides way to localize mod titles based on Enhanced Mod Manager.
You can have unified style for mods in the same category (e.g. World Wonders).

Currently it has 300+ Mod titles localized in Chinese. Other languages and other mods are welcome...
Auto Record Goody Huts
Created by wltk
Auto record your goody hut rewards with a map tack.

I noticed that some streamers like placing map tacks to track what they get from the goody huts, for their viewers and their own purposes. Therefore I made t...
City Canal Rework
Created by Rdner
Removes the canal graphic in coastal cities. Coastal city centers often show canal graphics where it's sometimes undesirable and out of place. This mod removes the canal and only shows it when necessary.

Necessary Exemptions
Occasionally the ca...
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