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Post Apocalyptia
Created by AsterixChaos
When did the world end? No one remembers, but the war kept on going. Post Apocalyptia is a sprawling, intense map with something for everyone. Wide, high vistas are sure to please any sniper. Engineers have complicated, tall buildings to work on and ar...
Big City
Created by Edern
Big City is a map which takes place in... a city ! There are many things like buildings, trees, a port, a ship, planes and even a submarine ! It's quite simple but it's very fun to play ! 7 gamemodes are availible :

- Team deathmatch : Spawns of the t...
Supersize House
Created by Legalrick2
Supersize House is a map where a normal house is enlarged!!! Each block is a tiny segmant of an item or peice of furniture. All of the gamemodes apart from VIP and Territory Control are availibe. If you want to leave a suggestion or a report, feel free to!...
Sniper City
Created by Tiyenti
It's kind of funny how even after all this time I still haven't bothered to add a description to this map....
Supersize Yard
Created by Legalrick2
Supersize Yard is a map where a normal sized yard is enlarged!!! This is the sequal to my other map: Supersize House. All gamemodes are avalible. If you would like to leave a suggestion or feedback, please do, we may work on the map with it.

The map cur...
City of Ra
Created by Tastynugz
Many centuries ago there was a peacefull city with a large amount of population and reputation among the countries.
Suddenly the city was left and noone knows why... Rumors have been told that the city is now haunted and the blood that people had b...
Better Jump
Play this map with these options:

- remove all classes but sniper

- disable all blocks and constructs

- give blocks 200 % live

- weapon dmg 50 %

- only knifes

Have Fun!...
Pirates Cove
Created by Darkknight
Pirates Cove

A big map with islands pitate ships and GOLD!...
Created by Snalnoy loX
Underground Wars
Created by Cpt. Useless
NOTE: CTF/ClassicCTF is currently not playable (the Intel spawns on top for some reasons)...
Zombieland Matrix Glitch
Created by Cpt. Useless
Zombieland Matrix Glitch - Halloween Map for Zombie Mode

This place once was a very beautiful grassland...
But one day, the matrix glitched out and zombies appeared out of it and spread all over this land!

Survive the apocalypse but mind the Matrix!...
Final Destination
Created by Tiyenti
This map is based off of the Final Destination stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Don't destroy the supports holding the map up, or everything will crash and burn and you'll just have a horrible day.

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