Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Oct 23, 2020 @ 3:20pm
Jan 11 @ 2:38am
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Welcome to Cheese Cube V5 The Definition of Insanity. Good Luck. Nothing to say really. Lots of Evil in this one download, not sure you should really open pandora's box as you cannot close it. Only play this if you are ready for full on madness! Enjoy! :)

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Hardcore Mode
- Lose All Points at start
- Less points per shootable
- Deathmachine Replaces with Limited Ammo Magnum
- Zombies Have More Health
- Zombies Run Faster
- Zombies Spawn Faster
- More Zombies Spawn in Total
- 2 Hit System (4 with Jugg)
- Less Perk Rewards
- Water Moves Faster

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  • A LOT of Lines of Bespoke Custom Code
  • Custom Shootable with Perkaholic Reward
  • Custom Personalised Weapons
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Round Sounds
  • Custom Music System
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Perks
  • Custom Easy Mode Activator
  • Custom Hardcore Mode Activator
  • BO4 Carpenter
  • BO4 Max Ammo
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Ghost Weapons
  • Advanced Warfare Weapons
  • Infinite Warfare Weapons
  • Crazy Hit Sounds
  • Extra Perks No Limit
  • Power on from start

If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.

Leaderboard - Solo HARDCORE
  • 00:41:07 MrT_Plays
  • 00:47:06 Colors of Magic
  • 00:51:44 Scrappy
  • 01:03:59 TheDawnFox

Leaderboard - Coop HARDCORE
  • 00:56:14 IceGrenade, TheDawnFox
  • 01:06:05 Drabc02, Yung Gravy
  • 01:22:39 !Zosma!Kiddara!E

Leaderboard - Solo
  • Won @ Round 33 IISteveII

Leaderboard - Coop
  • Won @ Round 24 Ascended Zombie, LVTH Holofya, callofdutyrepo
  • Won @ Round 27 Kakyoin, Eqqsquizitine Bu, MistahMoo
  • Won @ Round 30 Jett, Lily, Pako
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IceGrenade: All Mapping, Voice Lines, Porting, All Scripting, Audio Editor, Easter Egg, FX, Graphics, Custom Zombie Models and more
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PshZombies: Fast zombie anims
ZeRoY & Ardivee: Difficulty Setting & Voxes & Scripting Support
UGX: Buyable Ending
If I missed you please let me know and I will add you right away!

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ammeroo Jul 24 @ 7:48am 
i had 7 seizures playing this map
Hitomi May 2 @ 6:42am 
fuck you
Zombie Pyre Apr 28 @ 9:08pm 
fuck you
Gallon Apr 28 @ 7:27pm 
i beat it and have never felt more defeated
NCR Trooper Jan 28 @ 9:31pm 
Only play this if you like parkour, otherwise this map sucks
kushizzle Jan 27 @ 5:59pm 
bruh fuck this
kushizzle Jan 27 @ 2:31pm 
oh no

now i am gonna have to play this

you're not even giving me a choice with that thumbnail

you cheeki breeki bandit lmao
Yohane Jan 15 @ 8:56am 
Finally beat V3,V4, and V5, and I ain't gonna lie.
This is the weakest one, it feels more like it's just parkour with zombies thrown in than an actual difficult zombie survival. Instead of getting downed from being overwhelmed by the zombies like the previous ones, the downs just come from failing the parkour and respawning on top of the zombies.
Also, unlike the maze in V3 where you get absolutely flooded with zombies, the zombie spawn rate feels too slow, especially since the maze is too big and the zombies are spawning so far away from the buyable ending room. Getting the ending in this map had 1 of us just killing the zombies while the other 3 sat AFK (one literally taking a break to walk the dog and came back while we were still gathering points) since it was taking so long unlike the others where everyone had to work together.
Besides that though, I've had a lot of fun playing these aids maps. I hope V6 is total cancer too.
sketchywav Jan 8 @ 7:59pm 
homies are pressed ab a map that openly tells you that it is insanity
Jaaaaahmal Jan 3 @ 2:08pm 
why are some of you people so angry? he made this for us to play and we didnt have to pay a buck, yall gotta check on yourselves
amazing map , thank you