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* Ember Spirit Safelane glory *
By icG
Hello and thank you for choosing my Ember build. This build is made for a safelane Ember where, combined with a good support (CM/AA/SS/WD etc) you can totally win the lane and later the game. Remember, Ember is not a hard carry/ lategame carry as Void or AM, you need some practice and to play very carefully with him. Your damage comes from your burst spells and later in the game, you will be a good fighter and defender with your W spell.
On lane, try to isolate the enemy hero before using Q, or kill 3 creeps from the wave to be sure that you ensnare him(don't forget it's a random 2 target disable).
Use your W when you are sure you will get the kill when chasing an enemy hero, because if you don't you will lose momentum and will return to the starting point before using the spell and the enemy will flee.
E spell is your free radiance and extra 500 hp on lane. It melts the enemy heroes and in most cases you kill get the kill before they manage to get the 500 magic damage. Don't be overconfident and don't fight 2 or more heroes early game if you are not sure you will get the kill, because if they manage to remove your shield you are easy target.
Use your R spell to initiate, usually try to use all 3 at once for extra damage, as you don't have enough manapool to chase. You can also place one on lane then go to base in 45 seconds for health/mana, then return with D.

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