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ZluskeN Tweaks
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Oct 23, 2020 @ 8:05am
Feb 12 @ 1:13pm
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ZluskeN Tweaks

This is a collection of little tweaks and stuff I made for myself. Now the world can have them too!


- AI Default Combat mode can be changed, default is "Hold Fire, Engage at will" (can be changed i settings)

- You can now disable thermal optics for all vehicles in mission (Can be turned off in settings)

- Dynamic soundtrack with added songs courtesy opf Dark Fantasy Studio

- The player will start with his primary weapon unloaded. I've found it is a useful (and realistic!) way to avoid ND's in spawn areas (Can be turned off in settings)

- Units now automatically switches to handgun when they runs out of ammo and there are enemies nearby (Can be turned off in settings)

- The camera will shake if there is tracked armor nearby, intensity is dynamic based on distance, weight and number on tanks

- If Laxemann's awesome Immersive maps mod is loaded squad members will spawn without maps. Squad leaders will have them and be able to put them on the ground to show them to his soldiers. (Can be turned off in settings)

- If GRAD Trenches is used, soldiers will start with shovels (can be turned off in settings)

- If the Global Mobilization DLC is loaded their machinegun animation is unlocked and automatically applied to all weapons with an inertia value above 0.8 (configurable in settings)

- Machinegunners now start with DZN Tripods (if they can mount them)

- Players will now be placed in spectator mode when they have been unconscious for some time (configurable, 0 to disable)

- You can now squat like a true slav. There is a configurable keybind for it

- You can now drop you weapon on the ground with a simple keypress

- Two little "Cheat" functions I made for fun:
1. The player can give himself a random weapon from the pool of configured weapons in the game. This is different from the Random function in virtual arsenal in that the weapon actually has attachments that make sense.
(There is a keybind for it, and you can enable it in settings)

2. The player can create a virtual arsenal with a keypress. This arsenal is restricted to the weapons of his current faction. If Ace is loaded, the Ace Arsenal is used instead. (There is a keybind for it, and you can enable it in settings)