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Oct 23, 2020 @ 4:29am
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This is an updated version of MedicalAttention kindly allowed to be modified and repacked by original author Lucian. I take no credit whatsoever for his work. You can find his original mod page here: MedicalAttention.
This updated version works with DayZ 1.10, fixes a few issues and adds a few new config options. Should Lucian ever want to return to working on his mod, I will gladly hand my small changes back over to him.

If you want a 'light' version that includes only the tiredness and drunkenness mechanics, no arm fractures, medical conditions, protective gear configuration or zones, look at MedicalAttentionUpdated-Core (which is a dependency of this mod, but can also be used standalone).


Depending on if you are using Namalsk Survival or not, you need to subscribe to MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Namalsk or MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Vanilla (do not use both!).

If you want to use MedicalAttentionUpdated with Namalsk Survival, you need these mods:
- Namalsk Survival
- MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Namalsk
- MedicalAttentionUpdated-Core
- MedicalAttentionUpdated

Otherwise, you need these mods:
- MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Vanilla
- MedicalAttentionUpdated-Core
- MedicalAttentionUpdated

Below you'll find the original mod description which has only been lightly edited to better reflect the current state of the mod and the game, including links to useful guides for server owners and players.

For your survival focused or hardcore DayZ experience, look no further than the MedicalAttention mod.

Challenge your players...challenge yourself....manage health, injury, and a sneaky little biohazard zone, like never before.
Tiredness, drunkenness, cholera, salmonella, wound infection, cold/flu, hemolytic reactions, blood afflictions, and indeed quarantine all present unique challenges and immersion for players of this mod. Also, zombies offer an increased threat of infection so extra care needs to be taken not to be hit by them, or you will likely catch a disease.
Disease and ailments (often with delayed onset) and increasing severity of illness, will require careful attention and treatment to maintain your characters health and vitality. Blurry eyes, sleepy eyes, vomiting, fluid loss, blood loss, and unconsciousness are all symptoms of these conditions, and will aid you in diagnosis so pay careful attention. Regular diligence to food, fluid and disease progression is required, and utilizing blood testing kits, saline bags, tetracycline, vitamins, charcoal, sleep, and blood transfusions will help conquer these conditions.


Server owner and admin recommendations
Make blood test kits more plentiful and reduce the spawn of vitamins, antibiotics and saline bags for a more challenging experience.
Make the hunt for NBC suit parts a challenge, consider where they spawn, hospitals/clinics for example, and reduce their number.
As advised, you are unable to eat/drink with a gas mask on. This mechanic can be extended to full face helmets and other mouth covering clothing.

READ FULL CONFIG GUIDE HERE (for server owners)

A big shout out to the DayZ team, past and present, for the vanilla medical system!!!
Thank you Community-Online-Tools.
Special thanks to @Spud, @WillZ from DDU[].
Special thanks to @Ezz.
Special thanks to @N!c from
Thank you @Ultrahyper.
Thank you @Streatman from IntenZ[].
Thank you @Dumpgrah from New Dawn[].
Thank you also @♥♥♥♥, @LEX, @Swoop, @3ntropia for your support.

COPYRIGHT 2019-2020 lucianpin.
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'Peterson 23 hours ago 
Hey, amazing mod, i have a question, How i can create a secundary rad zone?
LΛVΛ  [author] Feb 27 @ 6:05am 
The unknown toxine is the only new "disease" that is added.
PapaMaDFr Feb 27 @ 12:46am 
Are these diseases replacing vanilla diseases? Or is it additional to what you can already get in dayz?
Majestyk Feb 25 @ 5:57pm 
Здравствуйте, возможно ли, что у вас есть три мода...
MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Namalsk .
которые от вас объединить в один мод? Было бы здорово, если бы это было возможно, и они сделали бы это.
Andrewsteel Feb 24 @ 9:25am 
hi, sorry i've this problem

Time: 13:12:41
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 97A15D1F
Allocator: system
graphics: No
resolution: 160x120x32
Mods: @MedicalAttentionUpdated-DepHelper-Vanilla
Version 1.11.153728
Fault address: 97A15D1F 00:97A15D1F Unknown module
file: dayzOffline
world: chernarusplus
Prev. code bytes: CC 48 89 5C 24 10 57 48 83 EC 20 33 FF 48 8B D9
Fault code bytes: 89 79 44 89 79 50 C7 41 20 FF FF 7F 7F C7 41 24
LΛVΛ  [author] Feb 21 @ 8:02am 
Drinks are just item classes, not liquid containers. Also you cannot disinfect rags with Vodka. When you get that error, either your client or server is not updated and has old files.
ac_val650 Feb 21 @ 7:13am 
Hello. I don't understand what is the difference between "AlcoholicDrinkClass" and "AlcoholicLiquid" ...
I also did not understand how you can make it so that I could disinfect rags with vodka. Tell me, please.
And does the mod work? a couple of weeks ago I had to turn it off because I do not go to the server - error "Client contains PBO which is not part of server data: ...\!Workshop\@MedicalAttentionUpdate"
sars Feb 20 @ 2:38am 
ate a lot of raw animal meat with dirty hands but did not get sick with anything, tell me where this can be fixed.
Cmdr. Bubbles Feb 17 @ 8:06am 
Can somebody tell me how long you need to sleep and how to do it? I have a bed and can clikc on sleep but nothing fills up and when i get up im still tired.
OldGhostTV Feb 16 @ 3:51pm 
hi, does the display no longer exist in the HUD? So where you could see how long you have before you have to sleep.