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The First Hunt
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Oct 21, 2020 @ 10:47am
May 20, 2021 @ 1:21pm
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The First Hunt

8/1/21 Update: New how-to-play highlighting the final, streamlined rules set. Enjoy!

2/6/21 UPDATE: Updated rules and made a tweak to the movement system that makes it much simpler to track which animals have moved. With this change, Boars can mess up your plans more than ever before! Link to rules:

1 Player
15 Minutes per game
Ages 10+

Backstory: The Elves are renowned for their skill in archery. It is said that they can notch and fire a second arrow before the first finds its target. This skill isn’t genetic though, it is hard-earned through decades of practice. Before an Elf may call themselves a Warrior, they must first prove their skill in the Hunt!

Objective: You are a young Elf setting out to perform a sacred Hunt and prove yourself a worthy archer and Warrior! Each Turn, you will pick your shots before the Elders drive out additional prey. Take down Bucks and feisty Boars while avoiding shooting does or getting knocked over by charging animals!

This is a game I have created to be included with the Elves Faction for Token Terrors. Bad-Ass art by John De Campos. Would love your feedback!