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Drongos Spooks and Anomalies
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Oct 19, 2020 @ 7:34am
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Drongos Spooks and Anomalies

This mod adds a variety of highly-configurable AI spooks (12 types) and anomalies (4 types) to Arma 3. Five spook types are also playable. SP and MP compatible. Easy setup and tweaking with modules. Includes population modules, a mission-generator module and silver ammunition for fighting spooks. There is a readme and a demo mission in the mod folder.

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Not what they seem by monk1junk1 (makes the Wendigo look better)
Devourer's Necrophage Mutants (more horror units)

NOTE: Not compatible with Blood Lust.

  • Wendigo, Vampire, Shadowman, Hatman, Rake, Mindflayer (based on the "controller" from STALKER), 411 (based on Missing 411), Abomination, Snatcher, Thrall, Crazy and Cursed Idol
  • Playable Wendigos, Vampires, Rakes, 411s and Snatchers
  • Tested in SP and MP
  • Varied AI behaviour: Idle, Hunt, Lurk, Sleep, Stalk and Flee
  • Special attacks and sound effects for each spook
  • Anomalies (Zapper, Leech, Launchpad and Trapdoor)
  • Cognitohazards
  • Population modules (spook, anomaly, man, ambient spooks/anomalies)
  • Mission generator module (Kill, Purge, Recover, Investigate, Destroy Idol, Rescue)
  • Armour reduces melee damage
  • Easy module-based setup and tweaking
  • Silver bullets for the Vermin SMG, .45 ACP, P07, 9mm SMGs and MX rifles
  • Custom machine-pistols (based on P07 and .45 ACP)
  • Custom automatic shotgun (based on Promet)
  • Spooks are vulnerable to headshots
  • Spooks can be made vulnerable to certain ammo types
  • Spooks can regen health
  • Vampires can be set to die in sunlight
  • Before dawn, vampires will seek a building to sleep in
  • After dusk, vampires will awake from their slumber and hunt again
  • If Not What They Seem is installed, the wendigo will use the deer mask from that mod
  • DeltaX Operator, specops trained for anti-spook warfare
  • Ambient Animals module
  • ACE medical support

Atmospheric demo mission by VedKay
Another mission by VedKay

  • Wendigo: This creature resembles a humanoid deer. It is fast and tough. When close to an enemy, it will attack by leaping at them.
  • Shadowman: These beings are completely black. They can teleport and attack with psychic blasts.
  • Hatman: A shadowman with a hat.
  • Vampires: Fast and tough, they leap into and out of combat. Can attack with melee and leaps.
  • Mindflayer: Slow but deadly psychic creatures. Their powers allow them to attack from a distance. Then can mind-control targets and turn them into thralls.
  • 411: Near-invisible ambush predator. Turn your back on it when close and it can pounce and kill in a single hit. Your best defence is your eyes.
  • Rake: These creatures are completely white. They move hunched over and attack with melee.
  • Abomination: Shrouded in a cloud of black, these creatures launch powerful stab attacks from long range.
  • Snatcher: These semi-visible creatures can change their texture to match their environment. They can teleport their target hundreds of meters away to isolate them.
  • Crazy: A basic zombie type creature
  • Cursed Idol: An active version of the Cursed Idol object. They require heavy weapons to kill and perform powerful melee attacks.

These are static points of danger with aural or visual cues. There update period and range of effect can be set in the Core module.
  • Launchpad: Throws victim a random distance.
  • Leech: Drains stamina, may also knock victim down and drain health.
  • Trapdoor: Teleports victim up to 1000m away.
  • Zapper: Calls down lightning on the victim.

Attack: FIRE
Grab/throw: THROW
Jump up: LEAN LEFT
Night vision: BINOCULARS
Hunt vision: NVGs

  • The modules can be found under Systems > Drongo's Spooks and Anomalies.
  • The spooks can be found under Civilians > Drongo's Spooks and Anomalies.
  • Place a Drongo's Spooks * Core * module.
  • Place a Drongo's Spooks module for each of the types you will use.
  • Set the options in the core and type modules.
  • Place the AI units.

NOTE: The units are not playable. Also note that the units will switch to side RENEGADE/ENEMY shortly after spawning. They will not attack each other.

  • Place a Mission Generator module
  • Edit desired types and amount of missions
  • AO radius is the radius from the module that a mission area can be created
  • Mission radius is the circular mission area within which tasks will be created (within the AO radius)
  • If "Center Modules" is set to TRUE, Spawner modules for spooks, men and anomalies will be centered on the Mission Generator module before starting spawns (set these module's radius to the AO radius for best results)

Objects synced to this module will become "cognitohazards". Units in range can suffer the effects detailed in the module. Visual hazards require units to have line of sight to the hazard, aural hazards do not. Protective equipment can be designated with these arrays (the helmet on Delta X units is included by default):


Scripting/config: Drongo
Textures: VedKay
Testing: Warlocc
Eyes: Chops

Big thanks to all my Patrons and supporters.

My Patreon[]

Arma and Dayz Public License Share Alike (ADPL-SA)
If you need an exception to this license, contact me.

My artillery mod was stolen, edited and re-released in violation of the license by BlackAlpha of Here is a video showing my original work and his stolen edit:

Please share this video and let the community know.

Fixed: Minor script issues

Added: Option to disable player damage systemChat
Added: Auto-detection of Webknight's Zombies and Creatures
Added: Auto-detection of DevourerKing's Necrophage Mutants
Fixed: Wendigo failing to attack
Changed: Infected units turning to Crazies are now completely healed at turning
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UEemperor Nov 27 @ 5:42am 
Absolutely killer mod. Thank you for continuing to work on this!
✯General Green. W ✔ Nov 26 @ 8:14pm 
Great job, one of the best on here for sure.:steamthumbsup:
UselessFodder Nov 26 @ 6:47pm 
Thanks for three years of updates and bugfixes, Drongo!
Drongo  [author] Nov 26 @ 6:40pm 
Small update, just bugfixes.
PHANTOM Nov 24 @ 2:55am 
Take your time.
Great stuff :-D
Drongo  [author] Nov 24 @ 2:51am 
I fixed this bug months ago... and forgot the release the update. Thank you for reminding me, I will release the update in the next day or two. I have also been working on a kind of Xcom clone using this mod and some other monster/alien mods. It has a light strategic layer of research, upgrades, recruiting etc and then short squad-sized engagements. I'll try to release that soon too.
PHANTOM Nov 24 @ 2:19am 
Hello :-)
Is it normal for the Wendigo to sometimes stand still, and not attack?
Sometimes when I spawn them they don't attack.
Drongo  [author] Nov 14 @ 3:05am 
Place a detector module, make sure you have a detector in your GPS slot.
Atlas Nov 13 @ 11:00am 
Im a little confused on how to use the anomaly detector
Drongo  [author] Oct 25 @ 6:15am 
The hive mind is part of the Necroplague mod I think.