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Jarl's Custom Compositions (Paused)
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Oct 16, 2020 @ 2:39pm
Oct 21, 2020 @ 7:02am
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Jarl's Custom Compositions (Paused)

Due to i've lost interest in arma 3 for now i've decided to pause any furtherly updates for now, i do not know if i will return to updating my mod as of yet in the near future but i tend to come back to old games i love deeply in my heart.


JCC is a Custom Compositions mod for Zeus and Eden, aiming to provide high-quality vanilla compositions. The goal is to also create unique compositions that fill specific gaps.
See our GitHub here[].

  • NATO
  • FIA
  • General
  • IDAP
  • CSAT
  • AAF
  • CTRG
  • Syndikat

What we aim for adding in the next update.
  • Civilian wrecks, buildings etc
  • More Compositions for FIA, Syndikat, NATO, CSAT, AAF, IDAP and Civilian

  • Items not staying in place and drops to the ground upon spawn.


  • Is this mod Abandoned?
    No, i have only paused and taking a break, right now i have NOT decided if i want to Abandoned it or thought about it

  • Will you return to this mod soon?
    I am taking a break from updating my mod right now due to personnel problems.

  • Do you take requests with or without payment?
    Lol, no i dont want your payment for any requests if you think so. Just drop a comment on my trello or in the comments. :)

Feel free to drop a comment on feedback, suggestions i should add in next update. I will 100% take a look at it!

Feel free to check my trello of what i am working on next! Trello checklist[]

Got issues with my mod? Please go ahead and put up a issue on my github here[]

At this time there is quite a few of structures but we will add more over time and make sure they work! Hope you will enjoy what we have so far.

Special thanks to Radium for supporting me and guiding me through it!