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Time to Die (Campaign)
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Oct 14 @ 6:20pm
Oct 24 @ 2:52pm
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Time to Die (Campaign)

In 1 collection by Kyle the Walrus
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After narrowly escaping from yet another Infected horde, four desperate Southern Survivors decide to search for a secret government laboratory hidden in the mountains. Little do they know, the technological marvels they're stumbling into could have everlasting consequences for the entire human race...

Disclaimer & FAQ
Time to Die is a campaign-exclusive add-on that may have compatibility issues with other mods. If you're experiencing crashes or other problems, please try disabling some of your add-ons (including other campaigns) and restarting Left 4 Dead 2.

For more information, please click the following links:

- Time to Die FAQ[pastebin.com]

- Known Issues list[pastebin.com]

- My PayPal (donations appreciated!)[paypal.me]

4-Map Campaign
Experience a full-length campaign that whisks you away to numerous exotic locales throughout history: the Old West, a space station, a medieval castle, and more!

Time to Die is a debut campaign made entirely by one person (that's me!) over the course of 11 months. The difficulty and average completion time is on par with what you'd expect from an official Valve campaign, but with an extra layer of weirdness added on top.

Last Stand Weapons, Skins & More
Every new weapon added in The Last Stand Update has at least one scripted spawn for players to find, Counter-Strike weapons included. Several weapon skins from The Last Stand also make an appearance, along with textures and unused dialogue from the update.

Custom Survivor Conversations
Do you ever think it's awkward when you play a custom campaign and the survivors never talk to each other? Time to Die has got you covered, with over a dozen new conversations made by remixing survivor dialogue into natural-sounding exchanges.

Survivors will call out directions as they traverse the paradoxical timescape, they'll make plans in every safe room, and if you like exploring, you might hear some petty squabbles that make you laugh.

And More!
Time to Die also features custom graffiti, bizarre easter eggs, nonlethal platforming, font-related humor, and secrets galore.

Let me know what easter eggs you find in the comments! One of these days I'll make a video showcase, but until then, it's up to you to find them all...

Special Thanks
Hi, Kyle here. I don't have many people to thank since this campaign was a solo effort, but I'd like to start by thanking my wife for being a constant source of emotional support since I started this crazy venture on Nov. 1, 2019.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to the Last Stand Update Team and Valve for allowing me to make this campaign in the first place. More directly, thanks to Jaiz, Lt. Rocky, Teacyn, and Serene for providing feedback in the comments that helped me fix a few issues in the 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 patches.

Finally, thanks in advance to every player who downloads this campaign -- that's you, hopefully!

If you'd like to help support me in these trying times, please consider dropping me a dollar on my PayPal.[paypal.me]

Oh, and I guess I should leave this here, too. I'm not spoiling why, though...

Certain Sound Effects: © Konami Digital Entertainment. "Time to Die" is a non-profit fan work covered under Fair Use.
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Kyle the Walrus
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Qwazzy Nov 22 @ 4:45pm 
Really enjoyed this campaign. Lots of interesting scenery to explore as you progress, and the remixed survivor dialogue fit in perfect. The only oddity was the finale being a little anticlimactic in that the hordes were fairly small, resulting in a few moments of just standing around with nothing to shoot. But I was also playing with mods so I can't be sure if that was intended. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and I see myself coming back to this for another round soon for sure.
아카이브 Nov 22 @ 10:47am 
喜欢吃苦瓜吗 Nov 22 @ 8:15am 
very nice !非常好玩的地图,有点恐怖因素,强烈推荐游玩:steammocking:
万念难平 Nov 21 @ 10:26am 
辣鸡不吃辣 Nov 21 @ 6:16am 
Paul Pott Nov 21 @ 1:39am 
Very entertaining campaign! Interesting scenario. And, luckily, no bugs or errors. So thank You for the job!
syahmi2002.sa Nov 19 @ 7:38pm 
Very nice campaign. I haven't faced any issues yet in my playthroughs. Tons of pop culture references which I don't wanna mention here for spoilers. Here's my solo gameplay with bots (with Left 4 Bots mod):

josh_87 Nov 19 @ 5:16pm 
buena bro :steamsunny:
NyaanoForce Nov 18 @ 7:36pm 
To quote Coach: "This is some crazy shit."

Kudos to the creator this is one of the most interesting Single Player custom campaigns yet! Some of the locations are damn creepy af and I dont know if it was intended but I was jump-scared by a damn Jockey after opening one of the doors.
Rainee Nov 18 @ 2:36pm 
map good