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Blastcore Murr Edition
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Oct 14, 2020 @ 11:11am
Jun 23 @ 2:52pm
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Blastcore Murr Edition

Blastcore Murr Edition:
A resource intensive but modern, polished and immersive Blastcore build with lots of error fixes and regular updates.
Features tweaked additional effects from various mods as well as many original ones.
No other mods are required and it should work well with CUP, RHS, ACE, PiR etc. (I use them)

Inspired by Squad's vfx style. All the effects you wished you had from real combat videos can now be yours!
Videos are horrible quality-wise and way outdated. Just see them in game.

  • CBA settings support for some effects! (Credit: ThomasAngel)
  • Weather dependent effects (Credit: ThomasAngel)
  • Enhanced bullet impact effects for various materials
  • Modern metal spark effects (Goko Ballistic Impact)
  • Fast blast refraction (Refraction Blast Wave Effect)
  • Shockwave dust effects
  • Lingering dust effects for explosions
  • Stone debris from ground explosions (HopeCore)
  • Fires and sparks
  • Heat haze effects for weapons fire and missile flames
  • Large caliber weapon and rpg fire dust kick-ups
  • Visual fragmentation effects
  • Additional vehicle destruction effects. (Arma FXP)
  • Extended vehicle destruction smokes
  • Custom made and functional smoke grenades
  • Consistent effects for all ammunition both vanilla and mods
  • Many more small and big improvements to existing effects and new ones
  • Feature complete and almost all effects have been edited or recreated from scratch at this point
  • No errors popping up in-game or at start
  • No missing or glitching effects (at least not with your help)
Basically I've thrown in a bunch of awesome mods or their features together and tweaked them to play nice with each other.
I have also written and added many effects from scratch as well. At this point, 70% of the mod is my original work.

Arma FXP:
Blastcore Edited (Standalone):
Blastcore Visuals r.1.2:
Goko Ballistic Impact:
Refraction Blast Wave Effect:

ThomasAngel: CBA settings implementation, all scripting work, many bug fixes and guiding me through some modding features. He's awesome!

If any of the mod authors wishes to contact me regarding distributing my edits and build, you are more than welcome. I do not take credit for your work. This mod is mostly an extensive edit. (Maybe not so much at this point though, ahahah)

  • You should disable all other Blastcore or ArmaFXP related mods in order to avoid conflicts.
  • If you are using Real Engine by amartyn, you need to delete real_sfx_blast_refract.pbo in order to use my version of blast refraction.
  • Using the Goko Ballistic Impact would partially conflict but no big issues will arise. At worst my edits to the spark effect would get overwritten.
  • ACE cook-off module can rarely cause effects spam for autocannon ammo on air vehicles. I've tried to minimize the performance impact and visual disparity however if that happens, it can still look a bit weird and performance will suffer.

  • Should be bug-free now! (Thanks to all who gave feedback!)
  • Performance may degrade in explosion-heavy environments for a few seconds. I've tried to keep it on a reasonable level but increasing the particle count was a must to achieve fidelity in some cases. It is recommended to use "Ultra +3" in objects (video settings) to avoid particles disappearing when max count is reached. You may try "standard" or "low" in particles if you are struggling. However, it should not be really bad in most cases since I do not use any permanent particles.
  • If you are running small scale operations feel free to use "high" in particles. However if you are running large scale operations with artillery support you will be better-off with "standard"!
  • If there are any broken/buggy effects or errors please provide the effect type and related information and I'll look into it. (Weapon/ammo type or vehicle. Screenshots are also nice along with information)

To Do:
  • I'm mostly done with the mod at the moment. I am looking to buy "SOG Prairie Fire" at one point and ensure that is compatible as well.
  • Maybe optimize some effects through CBA and give some performance options.

Version with amplified blast wave effects:
Adjust through CBA Settings

Version with blast wave effects removed:
Adjust through CBA Settings

Version with small caliber gun heat haze removed:
Toggle through CBA Settings

Version without load order lines:

Version with vanilla smoke grenade effects:

Please note that these versions may not be always up-to-date as the main version.

Since many aspects of this mod are not mine, you may need additional permissions. However, as far as my permission is concerned, you may edit, distribute and publish the contents of this mod as you desire as long as you give proper credit to original creators, myself included.

Here are the non-binarized files of the mod as of 20/01/22, including a small guide for tinkerers:
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[FHW] Gearfield Oct 28 @ 4:20am 
Hey Liebertini,
we run the mod client-side. But be aware, that the AI might be able to see through the effects if you do not run the mod on the server as well.
VVxrp Oct 24 @ 3:35pm 
I'm getting the same error as Diet Diabeetus, which is:

When I open the game I get the error:
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And ingame when I get an explosion I get:
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[FHW] Gearfield Oct 16 @ 10:01am 
Perfect, thank you for the quick reply.
ThomasAngel  [author] Oct 16 @ 2:44am 
@Gearfield Thanks for reporting, I was able to reproduce the issue so we can get it fixed
[FHW] Gearfield Oct 15 @ 12:02pm 
Since the last update we get the following errors in the .rpt:

20:26:08 Error in expression <(humidity interpolate [0.2,0.20001,1,0]) >
20:26:08 Error position: <humidity interpolate [0.2,0.20001,1,0]) >
20:26:08 Error Undefined variable in expression: humidity
20:26:08 Error Undefined variable in expression: directionx
20:26:08 Error in expression <15*directionY>
20:26:08 Error position: <directionY>
20:26:08 Error Undefined variable in expression: directiony
20:26:08 Error in expression <15*directionZ>
20:26:08 Error position: <directionZ>
20:26:08 Error Undefined variable in expression: directionz
20:26:08 Error during compilation of bin/config.bin/CfgCloudlets/LauSparkBack.moveVelocity
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