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[KD] Halloween Monster Mash
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Oct 13, 2020 @ 7:43pm
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[KD] Halloween Monster Mash

It's that time of the year again where the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Something is stirring in the darkness and creeping out of the shadows as All Hallows Eve grows near.

This mod helps your colony get into the Halloween spirit by adding masks for your colonists to dress up in and decorations to make your bases spooky. Oh it has candy and Halloween treats too.

Happy Halloween!!!

This mod adds masks, decorations, and candy. None of the items added in this mod require any research. They should all be available with at the start of the game.


Masks can be crafted at a crafting spot, tailor bench, and electric tailor bench.

They all require 30 cloth.

All of the masks have the same stats of the hood added in Vanilla Apparel Expanded.

All of the decorations added can be found under the Misc tab.

They all require 5 wood.

They all have a beauty of 1.

Candy, like chocolate, will add recreation.

Coffin Bars:
Adds .25 recreation (chocolate provides .1)
4 Chocolate 4 Sugar

Bloodshot Cake Pops:
Adds .15 recreation
4 Unfertilized eggs 4 Sugar

Brain Cakes:
Adds .15 recreation
4 Milk 4 Sugar

Murder Buns:
Adds .15 recreation
40 Flour 4 Sugar

Spider Bites:
Adds .10 recreation
25 Fruit 4 Sugar

Candy Corn:
Adds .05 recreation
40 Corn 4 Sugar

Do you need to research anything?

Where can I find the decorations?
Under the Misc tab

Do the candies and treats spoil?

Do the candies and treats satisfy royals?
They should

Where did you get the apparel, weapons, and other stuff in the previews?
I use a lot of mods from the Vanilla Expanded series like Props, Apparel, Expanded, and Books expanded. For fences I use Architect Expanded - Fences by Niz. Go check them out!

Is this CE compatible? (Probably, I honestly don't know)

Thanks again to the Vanilla Expanded Series team. Your feedback and work is always appreciated!
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The_Gammaray [TTV] Sep 23, 2021 @ 6:50am 
Please update to 1.3!!
カフェオレ Oct 16, 2020 @ 5:38am 
I really love this Design !:lunar2020hearteyesrabbit:
Nowano Oct 15, 2020 @ 7:23pm 
trick or human kidney.
Inked. Oct 14, 2020 @ 7:10am 
it was a graveyard smash!
Thacory Oct 14, 2020 @ 4:59am 
You are creating impressive high quality mods for Vanilla Expanded! Keep it up!
Lylah Lubov Oct 14, 2020 @ 4:55am 
This is great!
pgames-food Oct 13, 2020 @ 11:55pm 
ooh im so hungry i could murder one of those coffin bars :)
Sarg Bjornson Oct 13, 2020 @ 11:07pm 
Nice work!