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Exodus Prime class Multi-Role Light Cruiser
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Exodus Prime class Multi-Role Light Cruiser

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The Exodus Prime multi-role light cruiser is a flexible, self-sufficient Tier 1 ship designed for exploration, combat, and gathering or transporting resources in dangerous systems. The ship is also designed with some minor modifications in mind for different mission profiles.

by Valiant Maverick, aka valiant7000
Soli Deo Gloria

Features include:
  • Bridge, rift generator, cloaking device, and cyber warfare located on a compact command deck for easy access.
  • Server room with data core space for 12 cards.
  • Multi-purpose Utility Bay a short distance from the bridge: Salvagers, disposals, cargo teleporter, and storage for delivery cargo or mini drones.
  • Full set of mining and manufacturing equipment in a single large bay that can be refit easily for different missions.
  • Large cargo container with a convenient cargo teleporter right next to it.
  • High-performance warp drive: No charge delay to reach warp 9 even with a full cargo (300 crates) of standard or advanced ammo, and minimal delay with rail gun ammo. Batteries will sustain warp for several minutes with this much mass.
  • Two extra large fuel tanks. They are labeled, and the main tank drains before the reserve tank.
  • Full fire suppression system in every room of the ship. Disclaimer: Fire and sprinklers still have some glitches, so I recommend keeping at least one extinguisher on board anyway.
  • Portable battery charging/discharging station.
  • Fully-featured crew deck including a sickbay, quarters with equipment storage, and a lounge with a Librascan.
  • Logicorp-themed boardroom with holotable and consoles - a functional situation room for players to plan their next move.
  • 4x escape pods which can be charged in two pairs with the red power boxes next to them. Off by default to save fuel. Switch them on if going down with the ship isn't your style.
  • Several signs to help you learn your way around the ship.
  • Should the Industrial Bay become irradiated, the Utility Bay can act as an airlock to the crew space. This is not recommended, but it will work.
  • Upgradable - recommended refits include ramscoops for gas mining and a ship editor for establishing small outposts. See the included diagrams.

  • Mass: 195,260
  • Armor: 188,780
  • Shield: 60,000
  • Max speed: 290 m/s
  • Max turn rate: 1.06
  • Cargo capacity: 316 crates, delay-free warp at up to 135,000 cargo mass
  • Sensor strength: 3500
  • Cost: 164.21k iron, 44.73k copper, 52.08k steel, 12.88k silicon, 1.6k brass

  • Perimeter Defense: 8x automated pulse laser, covering all angles. + 2x cyber warfare suite
  • Tactical: 4x torpedo launcher + 4x forward-facing light pulse laser + 2x cyber warfare suite
  • Main Guns: 8x mounted gun + 2x cyber warfare suite
  • EMP + Tactical: 4x torpedo launcher + 4x forward-facing light pulse laser + EMP generator

Recommended modifications: (see diagrams)
  • Ramscoop refit A: Remove the forward extractor from the Industrial bay, and place a type II floor and ceiling ramscoop in front of the large windows. Add walkways to service the upper ramscoop.
  • Ramscoop refit B: In the Utility bay, remove the cargo pad, place Type II floor ramscoop in the front-center of the bay, and replace the cargo teleporter with two cargo pads.
  • Factory refit: Remove the forward extractor from the Industrial Bay and replace it with two assemblers, one above the other. Add walkways to service the upper assembler.
  • Ship editor refit: Remove the board room and other furniture from the board room and add a ship editor terminal.

Logicorp's investors recently began a push to break away from total reliance on Hurles co. and GT for supplies, and on Sentinel Security for defense. Intent on pleasing their stockholders, Logicorp executives tasked R&D with producing a sturdy, versatile starship that could be deployed rapidly in small numbers to bolster supply, defense, logistics, or other roles in contingent situations. Lacking the resources to meet the exacting specifications on a deadline, Logicorp's engineers turned to subcontractors for an answer.

Logicorp identified the Exodus class exploration frigate from Codex Fleetworks as a near match for their requirements. With executives breathing down their necks, they requested a meeting with Codex's owner and chief engineer, Valiant Maverick, who pitched the idea of a light cruiser that closely resembled the Exodus design. The new ship featured an improved layout, upgraded crew spaces, and slightly increased firepower. Logicorp agreed to sponsor the project, which Maverick christened Exodus Prime.

The legacy of the Exodus class was reborn in a whole new ship, designed from the ground up to meet Logicorp's exacting specifications. True to the designation, the Exodus Prime class multi-role light cruiser can fill several roles, even all at once if necessary. The ship features a full range of mining and manufacturing equipment and ample cargo space for a tremendous range of logistical applications. While not a dedicated warship, she is sturdy, and carries enough firepower to embarrass S3's Mk II Reaper. Her broad range of features and moderate price make the Exodus Prime the quintessential multi-role workhorse, as well as an ideal starship for long-range exploration.

While the Logicorp-branded version has yet to see full production, it is rumored that a select few are currently operating on the far frontier. The stock version of the Exodus Prime class is now available directly through Codex Fleetworks, featuring Codex's vibrant red-on-white color scheme.
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SuckFony Nov 23 @ 11:31am 
"This thing is amazing!"
Dieses Schiff ist wirklich super, gut durchdacht, schön anzusehen sehr flexibel und ein absolutes must-have!!! von T1 bis zum frühen T3 kann, und wird einem dieses Schiff wirklich fantastische Dienste leisten. Preislich gesehen für den Einsteiger durchaus etwas "hoch" aber mit 1-2 Tagen auf jeden Fall ein ein tolles Ziel um darauf hin zu arbeiten.

Ich danke dem Erbauern für das teilen dieses wirklich schönen Raumschiffes. Und für die schöne Zeit die ich damit verbringen durfte.

Greetings from Germany ^^ and thank you a lot \(^-^)/ Keep up the good work. I ABSOLUTE <3 IT
valiant7000  [author] Oct 26 @ 11:41am 
I'm glad you guys are enjoying this! There are multiple ways to add ramscoops, so be sure to check out the modding guide I included in the screenshots.
daofcmacg Oct 26 @ 6:18am 
I see you Valiant. You really went all out to launch your new cruiser class. Good work, hard work pays off everytime.
Soulios Atrika Oct 23 @ 2:00pm 
This thing is amazing! i know a thing or two about designing ships, but this, this is elegant, compact, and easy to manage, in other words: the perfect MID tier ISR ship! the one change i made on my custom version is removing the ejector ports in the utility bay and putting in an ramscoop. I would like to see a T3 version of this searies in the future, one with a drone hangar included.