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[WOTC] Aliens: Colonial Marines Armor
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Oct 11, 2020 @ 5:52pm
Dec 21, 2020 @ 4:30pm
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[WOTC] Aliens: Colonial Marines Armor


This humble mod adds all (okay, most) of the armor customization options from Aliens: Colonial Marines, and also expands on the original selections. As a result, the following is available for both genders:

M3 Helmets in 7 different color variations including the 5 armor patterns from the game (with physics for the chin straps and armor plates on the back)

M3 Helmet customization options, such as goggles, cards, or cigarettes

Head Mounted Sight variants, including a helmet mounted version

M3 Pattern Armor, with options for individual arms, combined arms, torsos with and without shoulder straps (in case you're still using the old version of Character Pool Uniforms), as well as many color variations that include the 5 armor patterns from the game and the 4 clothing patterns. Shoulder straps used in conjunction with the strapless variations of the torsos will allow you to customize your marine's strap loadouts, from pouches, grenades, ammo, or knives.
Additionally includes your choice of shoulder lamp for each torso.

Torso decals, belts, and leg gear can also be customized as in the original game.

M56 Combat Harness with options for shoulder lamps for each torso, as well as color variations including the 4 clothing patterns from the game.

Total customization options are too vast for me to really go into completely. Definitely check it out for yourselves! There are a TON of options, and the customization is even better when you mix in parts from other mods to allow you to truly create some unique looking marines!


I'll be honest, I have no freaking idea. The listed requirements are my best guess.


Models are owned by Gearbox, rights for anything related to Alien and Aliens are owned by 20th Century Studios, Inc (I'm guessing this does extend to A:CM now, if not they're still owned by Fox).

Thanks to the following individuals, who in some way helped me learn a thing or two about modding as I worked on this project:

SBGC Jammer
Ninja Nub
Sputnik Monroe

While all of these individuals did not necessarily help with this particular Armor Mod, they did help in some way with future mods that are a part of this larger project. Without them, this mod would not have come about. More on that later™!


Thanks to Sputnik Monroe for editing the config so this mod will no longer require unrestricted customization. I 100% smoothbrain’d on that.

UPDATE 12/21/2020:

Fixed some mesh issues, added a couple of additional options, fixed config issues that would result in people being unable to equip helmets without selecting one of the M3 torsos first.
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Aiendreas Mar 27 @ 11:35am 
Looks blue to me too. What would I change to change the color? I was looking at the mod through the tools but Im not sure what to look for.
Doc_Holliday Feb 19 @ 5:03pm 
Is there a way to turn off the torso decals? The only way to get rid of them is to not select it from the start, but I just upgraded to Warden Armor and the game randomized my armor and now it gave it the torso decal that is clipping through the armor and making it look horrible.
dmc32 Feb 3 @ 10:31am 
Excellent mod, seamless fits no gaps, can't see thru the other side of the torso, well done, even though its 2 years old, look forward to more mods.
Artyom Saveli Dec 27, 2021 @ 1:53pm 
There a way to apply the looks to T2/T3 armors?
He Who Laughs Dec 23, 2021 @ 11:01am 
Yeah that's how it looks on my end too, I guess from my perspective it looks quite blue when I'd prefer it to be black, and for the worn look I'd just have it slightly grey instead of the blue. Anyways, great mod otherwise Kartoffel, just consider this as constructive criticism. If you do consider updating the mod to remove the blue tone, it would be appreciated.
Kartoffel  [author] Dec 23, 2021 @ 10:33am 
This is how it looks on my end, to me this looks like a faded and worn black. Is this the cobalt blue texture you're talking about? On my screen it's not very heavily tinted blue.

He Who Laughs Dec 22, 2021 @ 8:51pm 
I can see it in the mod's screenshot examples too, that is blue, not black.
He Who Laughs Dec 22, 2021 @ 8:50pm 
Same here on the cobalt blue texture issue for the smartgunner armor.
Kartoffel  [author] Dec 12, 2021 @ 11:11am 
I wonder if that's some sort of bug on your end, this is the first I'm hearing of something like that happening and I haven't updated anything about the textures in forever. What are your graphics settings?
Desert Punk Dec 12, 2021 @ 9:31am 
yup, it's like they're heavily tinted to display a cobalt blue texture on the smartgunner armors. I can still see other details in affected armor texture, but everything is bluescaled. don't know why of all armors it would pick that specific texture on that specific piece, but it affects both male and female versions of the model